Funny Introvert Memes

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Funny Introvert Memes

Recently I have been going through older posts trying to improve my on-page SEO. I’m pleased to say it’s working and it even helped increase my DA. But that’s not the point. I have been reading through some of the posts and have decided to delete some of them. It’s just that they are no longer the vibe I am going for with Lifesfinewhine. I still love these posts but a lot of them were written when I didn’t have a direction for this blog and was just writing random things. These posts no longer fit Lifesfinewhine and although I cherish them as part of my journey it’s time to let them go.

Another reason is that some of those posts were written when I was much younger. I was an angsty teen and some of the things I wrote aren’t what I stand for now. I’ve moved past that time in my life and I don’t really want any reminders of some of those moments. So if you notice some posts have disappeared that is why. You probably won’t notice though they’re all the way from 2015/2016.

Back to this post, the reason I decided to make this post was because I was going through older posts and realised I used to share memes a lot. They’re always fun and I thought I would do another post sharing funny introvert memes. I haven’t don’t one of these in literally years so I thought this would be a fun change. I decided to share some funny introvert memes today since I am such an introvert most of the time and I just found these memes so relatable. Hopefully you guys will too (if you’re an introvert too). Let me know if you enjoyed them in the comments below.

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47 Funny Introvert Memes To Keep You Laughing (By Yourself) - Happier Human

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88 thoughts on “Funny Introvert Memes

  1. Bahaha yes, I feel so much louder/confident online than I do IRL! My personality is the same (people always seem so spooked when they meet me in person to find out I’m the SAME person except IRL I’m very introverted, and online I’m very extroverted aka. loud and opinionated!)

    Also, the koala is my spirit animal so I give the koala meme 10/10!

  2. Haha, the first picture is really cute and it really describes an introvert. Sometimes one hears the host saying, “mingle, mingle” to try to get people mingle, but I guess sometimes a party needs a lot of social butterflies.

  3. I like the koala one. Although now with phones, it’s easier to just pick up your phone and start playing with it to avoid talking with people. (This did become awkward when a friend saw me staring intently at my phone during an afternoon kid’s party and thought I was feeling alone but I was actually checking work emails because there was an active project at the time.)

    1. Yeah I do that too and use my phone if I want to avoid talking to people. However, that’s the downside of us being on our phone all the time.

      1. I think phones are good and bad. I use my phone to do some professional development if I’m waiting around so I read an article. Also, with a phone I can check my work email while I’m out so I’m not rushing back when there’s nothing urgent to reply to. (I work with a team that’s around the world so there’s emails coming in at all times of the day.)

        1. Yeah phones have their pros and cons. I also like that I can check up on my clients and emails when I am not at home. I don’t have to be on a computer to get work done.

  4. As an introvert, I can relate to them, especially that party meme. Firstly, I avoid going to social events, but if I have to go, I take someone with me whom I know mostly a friend, and stick to them throughout the event. It’s like a confidence booster.

  5. I’m an ambivert.
    At gym, I don’t like talking to anyone. Except someone approached me, I smile and greet. Outside Gym, I talk to some people. But, haven’t made any friends. I feel like, in 2016 I had more positive environment around me(at gym) in comparison to now.
    I have very few friends in real life, but real ones. 😀
    Why this sound like I’m talking to a therapist? 😛
    Your blogs changes my mood always. Great share buddy.

    1. Haha I can be your part-time therapist. Sorry to hear the gym isn’t as positive but I can relate. I think I used to be more outgoing lol. However, now I’m a proper introvert who only talks to selective people 😂

      1. Ok Dr Phenomenal
        I feel like I don’t have ability to make friends.
        I think I’m boring and have nothing interesting to talk about.
        At Gym, people think that I’m snobbish, as I don’t talk to anyone. All the trainers, stopped talking to me instantly. 🤷🏻‍♂️

        1. I think you’re quite interesting but I know how you feel. I am similar in person. People usually don’t talk to me either lol 😂

      1. I’m actually off out tonight but what I’d rather be doing is putting my pyjamas on, the fire, grabbing a hot chocolate and some nice food and staying in all warm and cosy alone

  6. Very relatable. I am, and always will be a total introvert. In some settings I have to project extrovert to appear professional but am in my element being a skeleton on my sofa alone … My personality type from tests is also introvert. Totally get the need to weed out some posts from time to time. I am definitely tempted to improve some of those more experimental YouTube’s I made years ago …

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