Six Word Story #187

Six Word Story:

A ritzy blog, Lifesfinewhine is not.

Today’s Word:


1: Ritzy is used to describe things that are fancy or stylish in ways that one might consider impressive or showy.

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I know I promised you guys a blogging advice post but I wasn’t up to it today either. Those posts are longer and I tend to need a lot of time to research them and put them together. So unfortunately, there will be no blogging advice post today. I’m still having a little bit of trouble sleeping well. However, there is not much I can do about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to share one next week. Till then, if you are looking to read a blogging advice post, feel free to click here and read some of my older posts.

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81 thoughts on “Six Word Story #187

      1. I can understand that feeling. I too at times feel lost and wish I didn’t have to deal with life anymore. But there is always someone in my life that gives me that little push to keep going. I hope that you know that you have people who care about you and want you to keep going. Take care Pooja.

  1. No worries about the blogging advice, you need to take care of yourself first. Those mini post are also refreshing and entertaining. Some are personal and hold an important message such as the fat shaming and following (most recently)

    Stuck to find a ritzy story.

  2. Why is ritzy ditzy gal alone?

    I thought “ritzy” was attached to the 1920’s – 1940’s and old movies. I haven’t heard it lately. I suppose it’s hard to use because ritzy and ditzy are both mostly pejorative, but I suppose both can have or did have elements of fun almost like children dressing up haughty or silly. If the play stays light, it can be amusing, but taken too seriously can be dark. I guess it’s a matter of whether there is an abuse of power… I wanted to do ritzy billionaire girl but it doesn’t fit in six words. And the rhyme opportunity of ritzy- ditzy is too tempting not to use in such short circumstances. Ritzy is more like Caesar maybe:

    Ritzy woman came, saw, and conquered

    1. Haha I like that last one and I like the ritzy ditzy rhyme. I’ve not really heard ritzy being used recently but I have heard ritz being used a couple of times.

  3. Hi, how are you doing today? Love the post. I like your six-word posts and your advice posts. I understand how much research it requires because some of my posts require plenty of research too. How is your sleep now? I’m behind on reading blogs because I’ve been having daily migraines for the past 2 weeks, so I can’t go on the phone a lot. I do all my reading and writing on the phone. I love learning new words and ritzy is definitely a new word for me. I’m going alphabetically reading blogs. I no longer save them. I just reached your blog. However, since I follow more than 300 bloggers, I can only read 3 blog posts per blogger. I wish I had the time and nonheadaches to read everyone’s blogs on time but this is life. Glad to hear from you. I have a migraine as I’m typing this comment.

    1. I’m good, how are you? Thanks so much. My sleep isn’t great but it’s better now. thanks for asking. I’m sorry about your migraines. Try drinking more water because sometimes they can reduce migraines if it’s caused by dehydration. I totally understand, and thanks for stopping by despite the migraines.

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