Tips For New Bloggers

Tips For New Bloggers

A lot of questions I get about blogging often comes from new bloggers. I totally understand why. When you are a new blogger, you do not really know much about blogging or WordPress. A lot of us feel confused when we first start out and I remember feeling extremely nervous as well.

That is probably why my tips for new bloggers posts are always quite popular. I wanted to share a more updated version of the post since things have changed on WordPress and I personally have learnt new information about blogging.

I hope this post is helpful both for new bloggers and older bloggers alike. I think these are just good practices in general when it comes to blogging. That being said, lets get to the advice:


I think it’s important to do your research whether you are a new blogger or you have been blogging for a while. And not just with blogging. I think if you want to be successful at something always do you research. Know what you are involving yourself in and learn how to be successful at it.

When it comes to blogging, research can really make or break your blog. WordPress is a wonderful platform but it is not the easiest platform to use. There are constant updates, changes in the block editor, changes in the layout, changes in the algorithm and more. It is definitely a good idea to keep up to date with this information.

Research will also help you get a better idea of how to use all the features WordPress offers and how to use these well. Features like tags, categories and images do not seem too important but they actually are. They can really help you grow your site because they can make your posts SEO friendly. However, if used incorrectly they can also lower your SEO score. Things like SEO are also something you need to research about because it really helps with traffic. And you do not want to do what I am currently doing and go back and make like a thousand older posts (literally) SEO friendly because you did not when you first published them.

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As they say, patience is a virtue. Patience is so important when it comes to blogging. Blogging is more longterm and that is something you should understand when you start blogging. I know a lot of the articles and videos on the internet will try to make you believe that blogging is easy and a good way to make a quick buck. They are very wrong and lying through their teeth.

Yes, blogging is a great way to make either an extra income or even your entire income. But it is not quick and easy. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time. It took me years before I got to a place where I was working full-time as a blogger.

Unless you are super lucky, it is very unlikely that your blog will take off overnight. It is a process that takes more time than that. However, I will add that your hard work will not go unrewarded. If you put time and effort into blogging your blog does have the potential to grow and gain traffic and followers.

If you feel like you want to grow your blog but are not able to spend as much time perfecting it consider hiring a blog manager. It’s one of the services I offer on Lifesfinewhine. Read more about it by clicking here.

Get To Know Other Bloggers

WordPress is a very interactive community. In fact, interaction may be the biggest part of it. I know that my favourite part of WordPress is reading other content, meeting new bloggers and making new blogging friends. Interacting is a great way to be a part of this amazing community and grow your site.

WordPress is a wonderful platform and I would encourage all new bloggers to explore it. Read other blogs especially if their niche is similar to yours because you will probably enjoy it more and get to learn about how to write successful posts for your niche. It will also help you meet likeminded bloggers.

I have been lucky enough to meet so many incredible people on this platform. It’s been so wonderful because this is one of the most wholesome communities on the internet. If you are a new blogger I would advice you to take advantage of it and meet as many new bloggers as you can. Get out there and make some new blogging buddies!

Be Nice And Be Safe

This is a pretty friendly community and in some ways we are like a family. We are also pretty loyal to one another. So you really do not want to rub people the wrong way. Try to be polite when leaving comments and try to be respectful towards other bloggers. If you don’t like something or someone, well that is what the block button is for. If someone leaves a not so nice comment on one of your posts just delete them because it is not worth arguing with people. Trust me, been there and done that. Don’t let negativity ruin a very positive experience for you.

The last tip I wanted to give was to be safe. Just like with everything else on the internet, you should try to be careful when it comes to blogging. Although WordPress is a great platform you still need to be really careful because there are always a few scammers and creeps. If someone gives you a bad feeling just avoid them. Never share personal information with people you meet online. And I can not emphasise this enough, do not join an MLM. Seriously, those things are pyramid schemes and I have seen a number of recruiters on WordPress.


I hope these tips for new bloggers were helpful to you. Blogging is not easy but it is quite fulfilling especially if it becomes something you are passionate about. It is a great way to improve your writing (or other) skills, meet new people and expand your knowledge. If you are a new blogger, enjoy yourself, create content you love and have fun!

Do you agree with these tips? What tips would you give new bloggers? Let me know in the comments below!

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92 thoughts on “Tips For New Bloggers

  1. I agree that the blogging community is friendly….for the most part 😏 Sadly, I’ve encountered some passive aggressiveness from a couple of bloggers, but otherwise it’s been a positive experience on WP. I can count the number or rude people on one hand. What I mean by passive aggressiveness is that they will downright ignore you, delete your comments as if you never existed or had a voice, etc. Yes, the delete and block button are there to be used when necessary but proceed with caution. Every action has consequences. It is impossible to get away from the people you don’t like in the blogging community, and I think this is due to the already established tight-knit community. I don’t want to say that the blogging community is cliquey but it can be sometimes.

    As for MLMs, don’t join one. Just don’t. Take it from someone who learned this the hard way. Now I can smell MLMs from a mile away. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is! 👻

      1. MLM = multi-level marketing, mostly work-from-home pyramid scheme things. It would be impossible for me to explain what it is in this reply. Google does a much better job at explaining what it is.

    1. Yeah I’ve definitely gotten a bit of passive aggressive behavior too but for the most part people have been lovely especially compared to other platforms. True everyone is everywhere. It’s like living in a small town lol.

      Yup MLM’s are awful and should not be legal. Luckily I’ve always avoided them but I know people that have lost a lot of money cos of them 😭

      1. Coming from someone who grew up in a small town, yes, it is very much like that!

        I think it’s a very good thing that you were able to avoid MLMs. I lost over $2,000+ to one MLM called Max International. I joined during university, and the girl who recruited me was someone I was friends with in high school. MLMs not only burn a hole in your wallet but they also ruin friendships.

        1. I’m sorry you lost so much money. There are people who lose their whole life savings. It’s so sad. MLM’s shouldn’t even be legal.

          1. They’re under a vague “legal” umbrella, but I agree that MLMs are schemes. It is truly unfortunate that people lose their entire life savings over them.

            1. Yeah it’s also because they know people in the government and get those people to support them. It really is so sad. There is a documentary about it on Netflix. So many people lose everything they have in MLM’s.

  2. I always look forward to reading your posts, but I noticed i don’t usually get emails of your contents often. That said, I noticed that my posts ranks well on bing, duckduckgo, and yahoo, but not on Google. What can i do about this?

    1. Thanks so much. Sorry to hear you’re not getting all the emails I’ll have to look into why that’s happening. Since Bing and other search engines other than Google have less content your own content will rank higher than it does on Google. A good way to solve this issue is to make your posts more SEO friendly. Make your on-page SEO score really high so Google pushes your content and ranks it higher.

    1. Yeah research helps so much. MLM’s are multi level marketing “businesses” where you sell products for a commission and recruit others. It’s pretty much a pyramid scheme where only the people at the top actually make money.

  3. These are great tips for new bloggers. Research is definitely one of the biggest steps for any blogging endeavor. I’m still mastering the art myself, but I’ll definitely have to keep in mind to leave more tags and categorize my posts. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much. Research is really important. You’re welcome and just remember not to use too many tags and categories or you’ll confuse the algorithm!

  4. Well, I love all your posts but these ones are personally my favorite because everytime you post about blogging advice it really helps me in my blogs.
    Research is definitely very important because you can’t provide wrong information to your readers.
    And patients is a key to be successful in any field not only blogging. So, yes we should be patient.
    Overall, loved this post.
    Well shared ☺

  5. Your blogging tips seem to come at the right time. They always encourage me to keep creating and improving. A special mention for your last tip- it is like an awakening for me. Thank you 😊

  6. Blogging takes time and patience. Write about what comes natural to you. Have fun, and do your research. Thanks for sharing this information. I have been blogging for a long time now, but it is always good to learn something new about what you’re doing. Writing isn’t as easy as it looks. Have a great week.

  7. I really love and appreciate such blogs of yours. Who am I kidding, I love all your work. The major reason why I enjoy your work is I take something with me everytime. You also know, how much I’ve learnt from your blogs and I try to implement them in my blogs.
    I always read old blogs of yours(this may sound creepy) to learn from them. A lot of my blogs and ideas are inspired from your work.
    One more thing that you can add here is, “Learn from other blogger”. I think it’s no shame in doing that. As you have written/talked about so many topics, it’s very helpful to get inspired from them.
    I really think, if you weren’t here on Wp, my journey would have been very tough.

    1. Thanks so much. You are always so supportive and I really appreciate that. Yeah true, you can often learn from other bloggers. They can teach you a lot about blogging. Glad my posts have helped you 😊

          1. Again?? You need to start wearing protective gloves. 😅
            My week is so far so good.
            I’m staying healthy and focusing on my workout, that’s all I have to share.
            Take care buddy 😊

  8. Hmm, I always thought everyone on WordPress was so nice. I’ve never come across the trolls and hopefully I would never. “Blogging is Quick and Easy” – An absolute LIE🙅🏾‍♀️❌

  9. Yeah the blogging community is definitely a wonderful place to be! So far I’ve had an 100% positive experience! ☺️ I never did much research in the beginning but I definitely need to now!

  10. Wonderful tips for new bloggers such as myself. I absolutely agree that WP has a very wonderful community and it’s very fascinating reading other like minded posts which also is a great way to learn new things and doing your research is a must to help grow your blog

  11. Great points and I agree, I’ve met some great people through my blog – especially in the earlier years pre-social media. Now, not so much. My blogging took many years of the hard slog of writing and responding to comments. It’s slow but rewarding.

  12. It’s nice that you’re writing these advice posts for new bloggers. Because when I started a month ago, reading posts from experienced bloggers helped me alot.

    About the community, well I’m just starting out but I hope to be more active and develop good friendships on here🤎

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah these sort of posts were helpful when I started out so I decided to share some of my own.

      That’s great, this community is awesome.

  13. I should take care of many things, for example SEO, or tags, etc., but I just can’t put my mind to it. I don’t know why. I have time to watch videos, in which people gorge themselves to near death, but I don’t have time to do some much needed research.

    1. Yes, those things are difficult and a bit boring lol. But they do help a lot. I waste time the same way. I have a very bad mukbang addiction lol.

  14. Thanks for the post! I’ve been using WordPress for a while building websites and WooCommerce stores on it. I only used the whole platform via Jetpack just to keep track of stats and check whether my website is down. Turns out there’s a whole social network of bloggers in here; and you don’t need to use Google to find them. Kinda dope!

  15. Thanks for this. I’m slowly going back after almost a year of not blogging and I trying to adjust at the new things in wordpress. I’m happy that there’s a daily prompt now. I haven’t tried it, though. Hope to be back in the blogging community soon. 🙂 thanks for these tips! Great read for new and old bloggers!

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