A New Start

A new start

A new beginning

Hope all around

Not yet tainted

By reality

“A New Start” is a poem that has sort of been in my head for a while but was not really ready to show itself till now. I don’t know about you guys but I love new beginnings. The feeling of starting over, a fresh start from zero is just so appealing to me. That’s why I like traveling so much because it feels like something new in a new place. It is also why I love moving so much. If it were up to me I would never stay in one place. I would love to be in a new city every month. Maybe someday I’ll make enough money to actually do that. Fingers crossed!

This poem was also partly inspired by an episode of Arrested Development that I recently saw which featured this numberplate:

ANUSTART: The 23 Best Props from Arrested Development Season 4 (SPOILERS) Episodes 1-7 — The Airship
Source: http://airshipdaily.com/blog/anustart-the-23-best-props-from-arrested-development-season-4

If you read that the same way I did we can be friends… Anyway, I love Arrested Development (minus the later seasons) and I wanted to share this image with you. It’s never not funny to me no matter how many times I watch that show!

The video is a bit blurry but not too bad. Hopefully you can see it. Here’s to a new start for all of us!

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95 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. A new start in life is always appealing, since we humans get bored of sameness or stagnation. We want change, hence starting all over again, gives us motivation.
    Doing the same things again and again or staying at the same place for years after years tantamounts to “repetitive inactivity”. And we can’t bear it for long. Hence, we love to start all over to satisfy our adventurous spirit.

      1. Occasionally I see stuff like that out in the world and wondered if someone at the agency should have told them (just to be sure they knew how it might be interpreted.)

          1. Oh yeah, I know. I like that show. But you can (depending on which state you’re in) get funny non-number license plates in the U.S. I have seen some pretty interesting ones out on the road.

              1. Recently I saw one of these circulating on social media. “NCST MOM” – The intended meaning was “North Carolina St. Mom.” But if you sound it out…

                Personally I’ve seen stuff like “IM2SXY” (from the song) and jokes about the car name. If someone drives an Infinity, the plate could say “Beyond” (Buzz Lightyear.)

  2. A sweet little poem
    With a great pic as cover.
    Really suits the theme.
    I like new starts, but not like moving too much to new places. I don’t know why, but yeah.
    However, I’m open to travelling to places with someone special in future.
    I don’t remember if I’ve watched this season or not. It’s been ages since I watch Arrested development.
    I’m sure I haven’t watched the one made my netflix.

    1. Thanks so much. I know what you mean, moving is definitely not for everyone.
      This season is season 4 and it’s made by Yahoo. It’s not that great but not bad either.

  3. I wish I had the perfect words to supercharge your new start in such a way you’d already be posting about how grand it is with pictures that make us a bit envious. You have one life, so- make every moment count.

  4.     A new start is a lark like a fishing trip: bait fish on a line to catch huge ocean hope-fish, those swimming all around, not yet caught in reality.
        I’m fishing for a new start for my conlang (constructed language), but I’m thinking maybe I should go for a dramatic central conceit* of a fictional story and just call it a lost language, because people might think that restoring a lost language is a noble pursuit but constructing a language is just stupid and of little value. (Linguists especially think it has no purpose or value especially after the Esperanto fiasco which was supposed to be a world language. The closest thing to a world language is English. (more people in the country of India speak English than do Americans speak English)

    *”In drama and other art forms, the central conceit of a work of fiction is the underlying fictitious assumption which must be accepted by the audience with suspension of disbelief so the plot may be seen as plausible.” –en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_conceit

  5. Omg! I’m actually watching Arrested Development right now! I had never seen it and heard it was really funny. I wanted something along the lines of Shameless and The Office!

  6. Love the power “A new start”. They are strong words,. I also love travelling a lot. I would love to visit several countries every month if I had the capacity.

    1. Love the poem rather* not power 😅😅. Why is it that I cannot edit those words for correction. WordPress need to find a solution to that or add more features.

  7. Thank you once again for liking an article on my blog. Thank you for correcting me in the past, it teaches me humility. How have you been? I’ve had a sore throat recently. It teaches me to repent.

  8. I too love the feeling of new start. It feels like such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

    I totally agree about traveling too. I can’t wait til I have the opportunity to travel more often. 🙌🏾

    Nice poem, btw! 💓

  9. You picture looks so beautiful. It seems to say something about reality, just like the poem. I tried to watch “Arrested Development”, but couldn’t get into it for some reason. I heard of good reviews about it, but … Sometimes it takes time to get into a show and I didn’t have the patience to do that at the time.

  10. New beginnings can be good. A lot of my new beginnings began because something bad happened. When I became disabled is an example, divorce, stuff like that. Going back to college was scary at first, but I learned to enjoy it. Now I’m starting a new job which is scary and exciting. Traveling is always fun, even when I travel to a place I’ve already been. Life has many new beginnings in it but I think the good ones outweigh the bad ones.

  11. I love new starts too. But I’ve had to learn how to follow through having made one. Part of me wants to remain constantly mobile and the other wants to grow things. That’s a difficult thing to balance! Your poem captures the dream so well!

    1. I’m the same way, I want to grow but a small part of me hates change. I usually am able to shut it up but sometimes it does stop me from doing certain things.

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