World Mental Health Day

I usually post a quote one Mondays. However, I was too busy with life to make one today and I also have some other things to share. As some of you may know, today is World Mental Health Day. To those who have been subscribers for a while now you will know why this day is important to me. Like millions of people all around the world I also suffer from some mental health issues. I have depression and anxiety.

We definitely do not talk about mental health enough and as openly as we should. So many people avoid talking about mental health and mental health problems. It is such a taboo topic that people are literally afraid to seek help. This is what kills so many people everyday.

It is absolutely okay to have a mental health problem. And it is absolutely okay to seek professional health for it. Like your other organs, your brain too is an organ that can sometimes malfunction. Seeking help from a professional is the best way to get better. Get a diagnosis and you can deal with the illness or illnesses accordingly. In the 21st century we have so many options. We have medications, natural medications, natural lifestyle changes and more.

Mental Health Posts

For World Mental Health Day, I want to share some posts that fellow bloggers made about mental health. A fellow blogger, Deepthy from myrandomspecificthoughts was doing a collaboration post with multiple bloggers for World Mental Health Day. I was asked to join the post and happily did so. My paragraph talks about how mental illnesses do not discriminate. Please check out this post and read all the incredible things everyone has shared about mental health. You can view it by clicking here.

Another blogger, Devang, who I am sure many of you know also made a post about World Mental Health Day. He shared some amazing quotes. Do check them out by clicking here.

If you would like to read more about my mental health journey, how I have gotten better and more click here.

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95 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day

  1. I’m having a rough day today and your blog post came at a good time. Tbh I didn’t know that mental health day was today, October 10 but I do now!

    I wrote an article about mental health and it was published today, but it’s not on my blog yet. I’m thinking about uploading it later this week. I’m behind in everything… chronic fatigue is really getting to me ☹️

    1. Happy to hear that. Yeah it’s mental health day but I don’t think a lot of people know about it!

      Sorry to hear that and I’ll keep checking to see when it’s up 😬

      1. WP is acting up again. I go to like something on the WP app and on the desktop it says I didn’t like it. So I don’t know what’s up with that! 😒

        It will probably be a few days before I publish it. I appreciate your support, Pooja! 😀

        1. Oh no, that sucks. Mine is acting up too and I can’t see certain posts on my Reader. So annoying. Hope they fix it soon. A lot of people have that issue with the likes though. Someone else told me the same thing was happening to them.

          You’re very welcome! 😊

  2. Pooja. Thanks for this reminder and all your efforts regarding mental health. The more information and conversation, the quicker we can eradicate the unjustifiable stigma that accompanies the normalcy of emotional dysfunction.

  3. Younger me did not know what mental health or eating disorders were, I’m so happy that we have an entire day dedicated to it today and even on a daily basis, it is talked about without any shame associated with it. I hope we keep making good progress in the future!

  4. The major problem involved with it, people are scared of this topic.
    They don’t want to talk about it, they lack knowledge about it and they consider they person having mental/emotional imbalance as crazy.
    I personally know many people who joke about it. The seriousness of this topic is never understood. People are afraid to go to psychiatrist, as they are afraid of the society. People who are facing emotional imbalance don’t want to address this because they are fed that psychiatrist/psychologist are doctors for the crazies.
    If I talk about myself, I am afraid to write on this topic. I refrain from it because, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. This topic requires care and affection and someone with high intellect like yours can write something beautiful about it. The reason why I adore your work because they connect with the audience.
    Yours blogs are like a ray of light, as they always guide.
    I love how you have talked about this openly and I believe we need more open conversation like this one.
    Also, thanks for mentioning me 🙂

    1. You’re literally one of the nicest people, like the woman who made this blog. I’m glad you wrote that. 💕

    2. Yes, I absolutely agree. Too many people are afraid to openly talk about mental health. I think people talk about mental health in a way that you wouldn’t about physical health. If you wouldn’t joke about cancer in a certain way don’t joke about depression either.

      I’m sorry to hear you are afraid to write on this topic. Personally, I think you should because every article written helps. Even if it’s just your own thoughts and not something professional.

          1. I totally forgot to mention. I absolutely loved the cover pic.
            The colours and the elements looks really nice.
            Somehow, I’m not satisfied with mine, but this is a great learning thing 😁

                  1. I usually change them according to my site colour. I feel this makes images exclusive to my site. I like how you use specific images for certain posts. That’s something special, and it reminds people that they read the blog at lifesfinewhine 🙂
                    I got image making idea after seeing your cover pics, haha. I think I need a separate blog about “things you learn when you become Lifesfinewhiner”

  5. Hey, Pooja I wrote an article about mental health as I also suffered from it and I overcame it.
    Yes, we are indeed scared of telling others about our mental health but if we tell others they may give us a solution to overcome it which happened in my case.
    Thanks for the blog😊

    1. I’m glad you wrote about it. If more people talk about mental health hopefully the stigma will eventually go away. Sometimes we need help from other and that’s okay. Thanks.

  6. Hey Pooja I too posted a blog on mental health long back as I suffered from mental health.
    Yes you are right we are scared of telling others about mental health but if we tell them they may give us a solution for overcoming it which happened in my case.
    Thanks for the blog.

  7. Thank you for writing the post and spreading awareness about mental health. It’s crucial that we talk about mental health and discuss its importance.

  8. Thanks Pooja, for sharing your thoughts on the mental health issue. Indeed, it is considered a taboo topic and people usually shy away from discussing it even with their close family members let alone friends.
    However, if a person like you is discussing mental health issues in your blog, then it will definitely help raise awareness and will encourage others to stop treating it as a taboo subject. People having mental health problems must be encouraged to speak up and seek medical advice. Concealing the issue may have drastic consequences.
    Some weeks ago, I had blogged about “15 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain/Mental Health.”

    I hope this will also help on the Mental Health Day.

    1. I agree, mental health is definitely something we need to talk about more openly. Thanks for sharing the post, I’m sure people will find it helpful.

  9. I tend to not hold back on my content because I know that I’m sure someone can sympathize and understand what I’m going through and I like to be myself.

    I am aware, much to people’s annoyance, that I’m mentally ill and I know how it affects me, but I still do what I want to do. My blog is one of my biggest outlets and lets me feel like I’m safe. I know people can see it and I know it represents me, but it makes me happy to know I can just roll everything off of my shoulders for a second.

    1. Hi Feets, I wanted to check out your blog but I can’t click on your name. I was wondering why I am unable to click on it and wanted to let you know that some people might not be able to find it. What is the name of your blog?

      1. I’m not sure why that always happens because I can’t click on other people.

        My blog name is named “What did you bring to the potluck?” Thanks.

    2. I’m glad you’re honest. Sometimes we need to be honest even if it makes us vulnerable. I am sure people out there may be able to relate.

      I feel the same way about blogging. It’s my outlet and the whole reason I started blogging was my mental health. It helped me when I was at my lowest.

      1. It’s helping me for the most part, but that’s also because I’m forcing myself not to care about stats and get my work out. Instagram has traumatized me to constantly want to post and post higher quality content. I like how I can edit my posts and completely change them. It makes me feel a lot less anxious.

        1. Yeah social media often makes us push out content on a regular basis even when it’s not possible. That’s why I took a break from it for a few months and now I only post when I feel like. Even if that means losing some followers.

  10. People don’t speak about mental health, but I think everyone went through a mentally hard phase in his life. Everyone is Fu***ed up in one way or another! The effect of the psychological state on the quality of life is enormous. Thanks, Pooja, for this post.

  11. One of my daughter’s friends from college thought people who received treatment for mental health were weak. He didn’t seek help when he needed it. Nobody in his life knew he was suffering. He’s no longer with us.

  12. I’ve had mental health issues with my disability and my daughter has issues too. She is finally talking to someone now and I think it will help. I saw a neuropsychologist for a while after my accident too. It helped a lot. It’s perfectly acceptable to seek help.

  13. The problem with where I am, as in, this part of the world, is that mental health isn’t really seen as something serious. That’s why I didn’t even know it was mental health day until I saw October 10 trending on google. Anyways, I really hope we’re all fine, because just like physical illnesses, mental illnesses are real.

  14. I’m happy you were able to shed some light on World Mental Health day. There’s a lot of appreciation and value out towards representation. Also, did you know the color for mental health is green? Thank you for the message.

  15. Very good post Pooja. Everyone who posted on her blog has really felt the affects of mental illness. It’s actually reassuring to know that so many people do understand the fight some of us have on our hands when it comes to mental illness.

  16. Thanks for reminding everyone that mental health is very important.
    I noticed that I can’t withstand something toxic that would stress me out mentally and physically.

  17. Great posts! I’m glad more and more people are talking about mental health to destigmatise mental issues because they are so common! It also makes all of us just a bit more “human” and it is really what the world needs at the moment. So thanks for speaking up about it!

  18. I totally agree with you that it doesn’t discriminate, although I think among immigrants, the rate is higher than 1 in 8. Probably 1 in 2. Or probably everybody has a little bit of mild depression, while some are more serious than others.

  19. I am seeing this post late but searched “mental health” on WP and this was the first one that came up. Great post and I agree that we need to break this taboo and talk about it more. From workplaces, to with family members and friends. So many suffer in silence and don’t reach out for fear of exclusion or indifference.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, a lot of people are too afraid to seek help because of the taboo around mental health. Breaking that would help many.

  20. Heyy. I’m actually writing an article on mental health and would it be okay if I take few of your words for it? It’ll get published on Deccan Chronicle and I need few bloggers who will be interested in sharing their thoughts with me about how blogging made you come forward and face your fears and problems..

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