Have A Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! It is officially Halloween. I know a lot of you already celebrated over the weekend but I wanted to make a Halloween post anyway. I love Halloween and have loved it even more recently. I have always been a very big fan of horror movies and all things spooky. I remember sharing ghost stories and other scary stories I had read or watched videos about with friends in high school. And I started really celebrating Halloween when I moved to Canada because it was not a big thing in Kenya yet. It’s much more popular now.

A number of you asked me who I was going to be dressing up as and some of you even guessed correctly! I was considering dressing up as a semi-successful blogger called Pooja but I was like I play that role everyday. So, I decided to go as someone significantly cooler- Maddy from Euphoria! For those of you who have seen Euphoria, you will know her character is absolutely iconic as is she. I love her look and I just happened to have a similar top so I was like okay perfect! She is such a vibe and I love her energy! Here is my finished look (please ignore my hair it did not go as planned lol):

My Halloween Look!
Maddy From Euphoria

What do you think? What are you dressing up as this Halloween if you’re dressing up? Let me know in the comments below! And have a very Happy Halloween but please remember to stay safe!

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70 thoughts on “Have A Happy Halloween!

  1. Never seen Euphoria so the picture comparison helped. Based on that I think you have done well. Looking fierce 🙂 Hopefully people from Kenya will soon celebrate Halloween in all its glory …

  2. Hey your hair holds curls! I’m jealous lol. Mine is nearly pin straight. We didn’t do anything last night, I’ve come down with some stress/anxiety-related stomach issues so I’ve been feeling really tfatigued and dizzy, which is not fun! Best/worst halloween outfit was the time I dressed up as a female pirate. My mates insisted that female pirates don’t exist (alright, so it turned out that they were right) and they spent the whole night calling me a wench instead, because who even needs enemies? Lol

    1. It’s because my natural hair is pretty curly. Actually it had proper curls but I tried to curl it more but that just straightened it a little lol! Sorry to hear that, I get stomach issues when my anxiety is high too. Lol I took a class on piracy and if it makes you feel better female pirates did exist they just pretended to be male 😂

      1. Ahh, that makes sense, mine has a slight wave but it’s nothing to write home about lol. Haha I used to try and crimp mine but within a few hours it was more like a loose Z, my hair is so heavy. It sucks, I find certain foods make it worse too. I’m on a clear liquid diet at the moment because solid food seems to cause bloating and cramps, it’s just not worth the pain. Aww damnit, I did piracy wrong! Haha. Ahh well, now I know!

  3. You look so gorgeous! Happy Halloween. I celebrated Halloween a couple of years ago with some friends, but that was it. Though it’s becoming popular, since it was Diwali, I didn’t want to go with the dark festival this year. And ahhh I had almost guessed it but nevermind. Enjoy your day 😀

    1. Thanks so much! Oh I see, yeah I have heard it’s become more popular in India these days as well. You were the closest to getting it!

  4. You look amazing! I very rarely do something on Halloween and almost never dress up but I do enjoy watching horror movies and eating loads of sweets! This year I watched a movie called “Wounds” on Netflix but I didn’t like it that much…

    1. Thanks so much and I do the same usually and just watch horror movies lol! I haven’t seen wounds but I am looking forward to watching Halloween Ends.

  5. I haven’t watched Euphoria, but you made it sound rather intriguing. And I love both of your looks, as Pooja or as Maddy. I was too tired to do anything for Halloween. LOL. I didn’t do anything. I will make sure I do something next year.

    1. Thank you. Yeah Euphoria is really interesting. Maddy is a bit of a narcissist. Actually she is a lot of a narcissist lol. So you may enjoy analysing her character.

    1. Yuppp we are very superstitious here but it has become more popular than before which is fun!
      Thank you and yes you do it’s such a good show 🤗

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