How To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

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As you guys know, I have been working from home for a few months now. I am absolutely loving it but there are some things I have to be careful about because I want to stay healthy. I feel like it’s easier to be unhealthy at when working at home. That’s why I decided to share some tips on how to stay healthy while working from home. I hope this helps anyone else working from home or hoping to work from home.

Working from home definitely has its perks- you can take care of your work while taking care of your kids, you don’t have to worry about commuting, etc. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to stay healthy while working from home. Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy while working from home:

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1) Get Up And Move Around Every Few Hours

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should be glued to your chair for hours. In fact, it’s essential to get up and move around every few hours to keep your body healthy.

One way to stay active while working from home is to take breaks for short walks around your neighbourhood. This will help you get some fresh air and sunshine and give you a chance to stretch your legs and get your heart rate up. If you have kids, take them with you on your walk and turn them into a family activity!

Another way to stay active while working from home is to set up a makeshift gym in your living room or basement. This can be as simple as putting a yoga mat down on the floor and doing some basic stretches or bodyweight exercises (which is what I do). You can also use resistance bands or dumbbells to add some variety to your workout. And, if you have kids, they can join in on the fun too!

2) Get A Standing Desk

If you’re working from home for an extended period, it’s essential to invest in a standing desk. A Standing Desk will allow you to stand up while you work, which is much better for your posture and overall health.

There are various standing desks on the market, so take some time to find one that fits your needs and budget. You can also make your own standing desk by placing a bookshelf or table against a wall and using it as a makeshift desk.

3) Eat Healthy Foods And Stay Hydrated

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you should let your healthy eating habits slide. In fact, it’s even more important to eat healthy foods and stay hydrated when you’re working from home because you’re more likely to reach for unhealthy snacks when they’re within easy reach.

To make sure that you’re eating healthy, make sure to stock your kitchen with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks. And always have a water bottle handy to stay hydrated throughout the day. This is what I have the hardest time with, I feel like I’m always slightly dehydrated but I’m working on drinking more water.

It is also essential to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods and drinks while you’re working. This can include things like candy, cake, cookies, chips, and soda. Not only are these foods unhealthy, but they can also lead to a sugar crash that will make it harder for you to focus on your work.

Working from home has its perks, but it is essential to stay healthy while doing so. By following these tips, you can ensure that you stay active, eat right, and hydrate. This will help you stay healthy and productive while working from home.


I hope you found these tips on how to stay healthy while working from home beneficial. Do you work from home? Are you considering working from home? If you do work from home, what are some things you do to stay healthy? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts or simply stop by and say hi!

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88 thoughts on “How To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

  1. This is a great post, Pooja! I’m with you on staying hydrated, it’s so easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and forget.
    Thank you for sharing!

      1. It’s weird how hard it is to stay hydrated.. you’d think something so essential would be easier to maintain.
        Best of luck and have a great weekend!❤️

        1. I know and honestly it’s weird how my body hates water when it’s literally keeping me alive lol. Thanks and have a great weekend too! ❤️

          1. Lol. I feel that hard. The sad part is just how much our bodies aren’t getting from things we don’t realize are essential for good health.
            And it was a productive one, thank you!

  2. The hardest thing for me is to force myself to take a break. I have a stand up desk but standing still doesn’t give me enough exercise. Also, my feet start to go numb when I stand for too long. Walking or dancing around for ten minutes solves the numbness which is probably a circulation problem, but still I often neglect to do it. It’s hard to balance all the things we want to do with all the things we should do. Have yet to find the perfect formula but it’s still worth trying to achieve. 🙂

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. When you work from home it seems like you work all day sometimes. Taking walking breaks would be better for you then. It’s definitely worth trying to make your work life more comfortable.

  3. Love “Get A Standing Desk”. That’s great. Everybody should do some exercise regularly. I know, I know, but….I should keep up with my exercising, but I just can’t do it as regularly as I wish… And stay healthy becomes so much easy when I’ve reduced my meat intake. I’ve really found that my craving has decreased at least half…

    1. That’s wonderful. I have been doing yoga daily for a few years now and it’s been great. I even have a little yoga area in my office lol.

  4. Great tips here, moving frequently is something which is very easy to overlook especially when you have targets to meet or are really engaged in something at your computer. I guess you could develop a routine of getting up at a set time 🙂

  5. I think those are good ideas. Selected ones can be very helpful in staying healthy if used judiciously. I had a standing desk once but I sat on top of it and it fell over with a crash, but it did help me wake up to the sounds of birds. If I get up early the beach birds are very loud chasing each other or maybe they’re announcing food finds. It makes me hungry, but most of them are too small to eat, and shooting the larger ones is not allowed. So I should do a meditation first, but I watch the TV news instead: someone was pushed onto the subway tracks in Manhattan, New York City. Maybe I’ll send one of the birds to commute into the city: I once saw a pigeon get onto a subway car at one of the stops that is above ground in Far Rockaway chasing some food that was dropped on the floor — it could take that train all the way into Manhattan to 34th street if it wanted to. But there’s a group in the morning who have learned to take it to the next stop where it’s closer to the ocean. So I suppose their commuting consists of foraging in the shopping area and then flying up the stairs to the subway and taking it to the beach. Seems like good exercise. I’d try it except that I can’t fly. I exercise by lifting my coffee cup to my mouth, but it doesn’t burn enough calories.

  6. Another great post, as usual! When I was working in office and had to sit the whole day, I really looked forward to taking those little walks. A standing desk is also really helpful. I remember when my brother first got one, I was so shocked to see it 😂

  7. I was working from home during lockdown. And here’s what I still keep at my home desk – dry fruits and nuts as healthy snack option, a water bottle, and I put an alarm to remind myself to take a break after 1.5 hours to stretch for 5 minutes. It helped me relax my eyes and relieve tight muscles. However, I had to resist making coffee most of the time. Unhealthy Diet and habits increase mental and physical stress.

    1. I absolutely agree, having healthy habits helps a lot. I take a break every hour and I keep similar healthy snacks. Thanks for sharing. Are you back to working outside your home?

      1. Yes, I have started teaching classes at my friend’s dance studio. But the work is slow as few people are coming to learn dance nowadays. Other performance projects are lined up for the next year.

  8. Agree with all of this! I love the Pomodoro Method because I can take breaks! Plus, it helps to get liquids when I take breaks and I can judge how hydrated I am by how much I am bursting for the loo on my next break! It’s amazing how your body tells you what you need!

  9. Good tips! Other things to pay attention to:

    1) Ergonomics: In the office many companies go to great lengths to make sure that work stations are ergonomically set up to reduce repetitive movement and poor posture issues . At home we often we use whatever furniture we have, not paying particular attention to our posture etc.

    2) Eye exercises: I learned years ago that working on the computer can cause eye strain if we’re sitting too long staring at the screen, so getting up to look out a window (distance viewing) helps our eye muscles so they’re not always using a set focal distance. I had even heard to doing eye exercises to help reduce strain.

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Hi Pooja, Great tips. I agree that it’s good to get moving throughout the day. I actually get up and do something even if it’s only for ten minutes every hour. You want to keep the blood in your body moving so you don’t acquire clots.

  11. Yes that is the best way to stay healthy. Even in the workplace some of those ideas can be used like not sitting in one place too long and finding a good reason to move around. Hard to do in a boardroom though.

  12. Great tips! Even though I can walk to the office, I prefer working from home because I don’t have to wear uncomfortable clothes or make up the whole day ahah! But as you say I move way less (and snack much more) when I don’t go to the office! I also used to lay out my yoga mat next to my desk at home and do some exercises but I got lazy and now all I do is stretch… But I am trying to be more mindful about my snacking habits so I guess it balances out ahah!

    1. Thank you! Lol that’s one of the perks from working from home. I’m always in comfy clothes and I love it. Yeah I have a yoga mat in my office too and I try to do yoga daily but sometimes it’s easy to get lazy lol. I don’t snack much but I do get dehydrated a lot lol.

  13. I don’t work from home but I “learn” from home due to University strikes . It’s really hard to get my eyes off the screen and stretch but I’ll work on it. Thank you 😊❤️

    1. My bestie did that too for a few years because Kenyan unis are always on strike too. It’s hard to get up but I would recommend taking a break every hour 💕

  14. More good advice, thank you Pooja! I made a point of using the time, previously spent on a morning commute, for making a really healthy bowl of breakfast. A positive start to the day , seeing and tasting the benefits of home working!

  15. Those tips are perfect. I have been working a lot from home and spend hours at my desk. I drink a lot of water and stretch a couple times per day. It seems to help. I have to admit that I have been eating a lot of chocolate, Halloween does that.

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