What I Eat In A Day (Sick Day Edition)

What I Eat In A Day

I decided to write another “What I Eat In A Day” post today because I feel like I haven’t done one of those in a while. And I also thought it would be a bit unique because I could share some of the meals I ate while being sick. Usually when I’m sick I don’t feel like eating much so I try to make things I really love eating. So here are all the meals I had on the day I was most sick.


I skipped breakfast. I’m not a breakfast person at all even when I’m well. However, I did have some organic lemon grass tea my mother made for all of us. It has a bunch of stuff that’s great for your immunity like ginger. And it tastes pretty good. The only downside is that it makes you pee a lot. I’m drinking some right now… I forgot to snap a picture of it but it just looks like regular tea. Nothing special.


Vegan Dwen-Jang Jjigae Recipe

For lunch, I made myself some “DWEN-JANG JJIGAE.” It’s a Korean stew made from fermented soybean paste. I love that Korean stews are usually very simple to make and so incredibly flavourful. Korean food in general is my go-to whenever I’m sick. Anyway, the stew was absolutely delicious and weirdly enough I had every single ingredient I needed in the house! I love eating warm stews and soups when I’m sick. They just make me feel so much better. I used this exact recipe.


Vegan Korean Ramen

For dinner, I wanted to eat something soupy and warm again but I was saving the stew for the next day. I love eating Dwen-Jang Jjigae the next day when everything is marinated and delicious. So I made myself some vegan ramen and added a Korean pepper on top. It was obviously super yum because you can never go wrong with ramen.


Hope you guys enjoyed this little “What I Eat In A Day” post. I didn’t have the energy to post anything else since I’m still recovering. But I am feeling much better now, thank you everyone for your kind wishes.

What do you eat when you’re sick? How are you feeling? What are your plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing from you! Or simply stop by and say hi.

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69 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day (Sick Day Edition)

    1. That’s fair. The only reason I cooked myself is because oily/greasy foods were making me nauseous. Otherwise I would be shoving some fries into my mouth.

  1. I love hot soups when I am sick, sometimes with a sandwich on the side. If I have tummy issues, applesauce is my go to. This will settle your stomach and I find it very healing. This was an old remedy passed down from my grandma. If I’m tired of eating applesauce, and I think I can handle gf toast, I will make that and put some homemade apple butter on it. It’s just applesauce with a few extra spices that has cooked in the crockpot for hours. Yummy!

  2. They say that breakfast is the most important meal. I never skip it. If I skip it, I’ll feel very dizzy until I have food. So I can’t skip breakfast 😂
    I love to have soups and black tea when I’m feeling sick too. I hope you’re feeling better now. Take care

    1. Haha I’m the opposite, I rarely ever have breakfast and even if I do it’s usually brunch 😂
      Yeah soupy foods are best when you’re sick. I’m better now, thank you so much.

      1. I’m super hungry when I wake up. So I have no option 😂🤣
        I do settle for brunch when I’m having a lazy morning. I’m glad to know that you’re feeling better

  3. when I fall sick, I mostly like to have soup or conjee (rice porridge) with full of veggies. Hope you’re doing well pooja. Stay safe and recover soon

  4. Momma Tan was sweating a lot in the DWEN-JANG JJIGAE video you referenced. It looked like she prepared her mouth first by eating some plain rice because she was expecting it to be super hot and spicy. Then she put some soup and stew on a corner of the rice bowl and ate a little at a time making faces because of the super hot spices it looked like. And she showed us that she was sweating a lot. I suppose that when you’re sick, hot spice dancing with the mouth is the only kind of dancing that you’d want to do. I hope you feel better and don’t stew too much.

  5. You take good care Pooja 🙂
    I was also under the weather but I am better now.
    I think when we get too sick, we don’t like eating anything. Even favourite food doesn’t taste good during that. You have shared some incredibly healthy food, it will give proper nourishment and energy. I hope you recover soon. Best wishes 🍜

  6. You just reminded me that I have a bottle of fermented soybean paste in the fridge that I haven’t used for a year or so. LOL. And that ramen dish is my favorite. And sometimes I have such a craving for it…

    1. Luckily soybean paste rarely goes bad. I absolutely love the flavour. Yes, ramen is so delicious especially with some peppers. You should make some for yourself today lol.

  7. Hello, I usually don’t change my diet much when I am sick but reduce vegetables and increase carbs a bit to keep my stomach settled. I can confirm I don’t have ingredients for Korean stew stockpiled, but it sounds like you are well catered for soothing soups and stews 🙂 Interesting post as always, thanks

  8. Usually if I’m sick either a cold I have a cup soup. It makes me feel full but it’s also not too heavy. I should get some cup soups in again with winter being here.

    1. Yeah soup is a go-to when someone is sick. Definitely keep some soup in your pantry because cold weather is when people get sick the most.

      1. Oh Pooja, comments like that encourage my sarcastic side you know? 😂 I just done a grocery shoo and I forgot to add some, annoyingly. I meant to though.

  9. Spices are an excellent choice for respiratory problems! I normally opt for that too to help clear things for a while. One thing I realized is that my choice of food when I am sick is very much dependent on what is going on! With this cracked rib, I have been practically binge-eating high protein meals! For instance, I am drinking cow’s milk, which I don’t normally do. And I would have craved meat if it weren’t for the fact I live somewhere where the meat is crap. If I was still in Alberta or even travelling through Montana, different matter. Their meat is better quality!

    1. Hmm that’s so interesting. I never thought of craving different food depending on what’s going on with you. I guess you’re craving protein because your body may need it more since it’s healing. Yes, be careful with animal products. Some are really bad quality.

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