A Crucial Life Key

A Crucial Life Key: Small Things Determine The Bigger Things

We are sometimes quick to dismiss events and actions by labelling them as “small”, not understanding that they have the potential to multiply into bigger things. In other instances, they also influence how we deal with the more
significant things. Small things determine bigger things. Grasping this transformative concept could quite literally change your life. This concept will be discussed both on a personal level, and in relation to
other people.

On a personal level

Whether you’re going to be successful or not in big things can be seen by how you handle the smaller ones. One good example of this is commitment. There are small commitments that we make to ourselves daily. These can be anything from “I am going to drink 7 glasses of water today” to “I am finally going to change that lightbulb tomorrow”.

If you can’t keep such a small commitment that you made to yourself, how do you expect to keep a bigger commitment like “I am going to save up enough money to put a deposit on a home”? If you allow distractions to get in your way and are resultantly unable to change that lightbulb, you’re going to allow distractions in your life that will result in you not saving up that money. “Let me go to the mall first” in relation to the lightbulb plan will become “well, my friends invited me to this vacation, so I’ll stop saving for a while”, in relation to the home plan.

You have to train yourself to become committed to your plans, starting with minor plans. Trust is gained, even when it’s you trusting yourself. If you know that you changed the lightbulb when you promised yourself to, you will trust that you can do bigger things. Continuing to keep your promises to yourself will create so much trust that you’ll eventually know that you are capable of big things, such as saving enough money for the deposit as in our example. You’ve committed before, and you can do it again. But if you always go against your own word, you’ll have no prior experience to lean on when things get blurry; like when saving money for the deposit doesn’t seem like such a flashy idea anymore, because of the vacation.

In relation to other people

People always seem so surprised when someone hurts them in a big way. The truth is that if you sit back and objectively look at their past behaviour, they may have done things that you dismissed as “small”. Because you
ignored those things, they grew into even bigger betrayals, and that’s when the “surprise” comes in. People are always revealing themselves. You just have to sit back and observe. Granted, some betrayals really are shocking.
But others? One might argue that you could have seen them coming.

Example: Mike’s friend takes $5 from his wallet without permission. Mike finds out and dismisses this as something “small” because “$5 is not a lot of money, and he’s my friend”. In another instance, the same friend takes $10, but Mike doesn’t want to freak out about such a “small” amount.

Suddenly, he’s shocked and surprised when he finds out that his missing $100 was in fact taken by this friend. Now he cares, and now he feels betrayed, because this new situation involves a larger sum of money. This friend’s past behaviour, which included taking small amounts of money from Mike without his permission, should have indicated that he was capable of taking much more.

This could apply in multiple areas of life and also work inversely, in a positive way. Small acts of kindness from the people around you could be an indicator that when you really need them, they’ll be there for you. Small things
determine the bigger things.

It’s about the principle, not the act

We sometimes get trapped in the mindset of concentrating on the act itself, instead of the principles that are being revealed by the act. Paying attention to the principles that overlay the actions around us will give us a prediction of how things are going to play out in future. These predictions are helpful in several areas of life. As seen above, they could help not only in our personal lives, but also in our interactions with other people. Small things determine the bigger things. We need to look at the principles around the smaller things in order to have an idea of how the future will look. And we can manipulate the future and stack the odds in our favour, simply by understanding this concept.

Concluding remarks

From today onwards, I hope you pay attention to the principle in your actions and in the actions of those around you. It’s not about the size of the action, but rather, what it represents. That, is a crucial life key.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. I hope it finds application in your lives. And thank you to Lifesfinewhine for giving me the opportunity to share my content with you all.

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66 thoughts on “A Crucial Life Key

  1. Hey a great blog.
    While reading I was wondering, so Pooja shared something new and different and this is very encouraging. The writing style was surely very different. So finally realised this is a guest blog and I would love to read further from Ruva.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    So this is when you actually post your blogs, haha interesting 😀.
    It seems like I’m the first comment and like. 😛

    1. Hey, a well written blog Ruva.
      Small things do matter. Sometimes we neglect small things and then when they become big, we cry. I love the topic of this blog. You need to share more like this, because you write really well. I would love to visit your site and read more of your work. Best wishes and don’t forget to smile.

  2. This is a very informative blog post. I’m bad at navigating things in relation to others and get hurt quite easily. I’m often blind to the cracks and shrug them off, because they’re my friends right? I can trust them, right? I like how you stated how it’s important to observe and view things from an objective lens. This is very good advice. Often, I find myself viewing things subjectively and take things too personally…. From an objective lens, things seem a lot more clearer.

  3. Thank you for reading, and I’m happy that you found the blog post helpful ❤️ You’re absolutely right, things are clearer when looked at from an objective point of view.

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to share my content on this amazing blog ☺️ If you enjoyed this post, I look forward to seeing you on my blog, Advice from Ruva. Please do subscribe at the bottom of any page. Thank you! ❤️

  5. I like the advice on here. Thank you for sharing and thank you to the writer. I need to remember this advice. I’ve bookmarked it. 😩👍

  6. Being mindful is very important these days, especially when interpretations and misunderstandings happen easily and quickly. Have you ever read Atmoic Habits? Great post!

  7. Loved this post. Someone once told me “how we do one thing is how we do everything” that really stuck with me and I use it to remind myself all the time to act with integrity and purpose. I will check out your blog Ruvarashe.

  8. Very well said. I completely agree with you that small things determine the bigger things.

    “It’s not about the size of the action, but rather, what it represents.”

    It’s so true.

  9. I have to say my observation is often not so good. Sometimes I can be so over sensitive to some really small things, while at other times I can be so ignorant to significant small occurrences that can bode good or bad for bigger issues. I have to say growing up under two narcissistic parents has completely warped my sense of balance and normalcy. One really has to be very discerning, I mean being sensitive but not oversensitive, being forgiving but not to the point of letting everybody take advantage of you. Sometimes, especially in relationships, it is a question of testing, hinting, and watching the response… Overall, life is a mess and life is mad–but still we have to find a way in it.

  10. Good post. That friend reminds me of a friend I used to have. Broke stuff of mine -always had an excuse. Said mean things and passed it off as ‘it’s to help you be a better person.’ One day I added up all the little things and ended the friendship and now life is better minus that friend.

  11. Just like Devang, I was also wondering that this was so different from your usual style, Pooja and then when I reached the end of the post, I understood that it was a guest post. This was a very insightful post. Even the smallest of actions can have a huge consequence. Beautifully written, Ruva. Your post made me reflect a lot about the small events in my life too that I had overlooked.

  12. I tell my boys it’s the small habits and discipline that set the stage for the person you turn out to be. If you are careless and sloppy in your personal life from the get-go, then don’t be surprised if you find yourself as an adult with a “messy” life.

  13. Indeed, small things are very important, and as you mentioned, the intention is crucial and can’t be ignored. If we were to simply focus on each small, doable step instead of getting overwhelmed and then either procrastinating or ignoring what needs to be done, imagine how much we could improve our lives?

    A truth that many of the great minds have left us with wonderful quotes to think about!


  14. People always seem so surprised when someone hurts them in a big way. The truth is that if you sit back and objectively look at their past behaviour, they may have done things that you dismissed as “small”.

    This right here is so on point!!!!!!!!

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