Grasping Onto Nothing

Grasping at Nothing: A Poem

Grasping onto nothing

I can no longer hold on

My grip loosens

Every time you open your mouth

Grasping onto nothing

I have no more reason

To hold on

To this life

Grasping on to nothing

I can no longer remember

The last time

I had hope

Grasping At Nothing: A Poem

My SEO plugin is telling me to write a little more about this poem to get my word count up. What is this poem about? Nothing really. I’m still on cough syrup and loving the poetry that its helping me create. Was this bout of the flu a blessing in disguise? My therapists advised me to look at things in a more optimistic way. Apparently I’m a chronic pessimist. She tells me to think about the positives. I’m trying.

This poem isn’t me being depressed. Or wanting to give up. Because I don’t want to give up. There are still too many people left in the world I want to annoy. That counts as optimistic, right? Right. That’s about as optimistic as Lifesfinewhine is going to get. Are you guys enjoying this explanation with no actual explanation? I am very much enjoying it, you know how much I like to ramble and whine. And the cough syrup makes me particularly whiney, Ask literally anyone I know. Or any of my neighbours because I’m pretty (okay, very extremely) loud and the walls are kind of thin.

How is your week going so far? Do let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you or simply stop by and say hi!

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97 thoughts on “Grasping Onto Nothing

  1. Interesting poem!!
    You recover well… Being sick is very annoying, I hope you recover well and then whine further.
    Take good care, have a peaceful time.

  2. Pooja, get well soon. Days are as usual or unusual. Sometimes life demands me to take deviations or mostly it’s flowing like a river. I always love to swim against the tide sometimes the circumstances locks me. So inshort days going as normal🙂😊

  3. That’s so funny about having to annoy other people – it’s so true 🤣
    I hope you’re feeling better and better by the day! 💚

  4. Give me hope and all the positive thoughts will flourish on they’re own. Instead of telling me to pretend, how about telling the world to treat me better? How many therapists actively help you find hope outside their bubble? The poem is done when the poet is.

  5. To be this sick and still be able to put out a writing is very tenacious. And I love that!!! Get better soon! And keep on fighting that nasty flu with everything that you’ve got. 💪

  6. Get well soon.

    I really like this poetry. I have a draw to write poetry like that, but sometimes I don’t like when people respond to in an irritating way or acting like I’m asking them for help—they can’t even help me.

    Also, your comment about there’s more people to annoy is hilarious because it’s relatable, but I never would think of you as annoying.

    Have a nice one.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s annoying when someone tries to fix your problems when they obviously can’t. Lol I’m very annoying if you live with me or near me. Have a nice day too.

      1. It’s the fact that people will try to fix my problems and get mad at me for having problems and stressing me out when I didn’t ask them for anything but to listen to me rant.

        I get you, I’m extremely annoying and very different in real life and I manage to inconvenience everyone who comes into my path.😂

        1. Yeah I know what you mean. People try to do that with my depression/anxiety and it’s super annoying.

          Haha I’m like that too but I’ve made my peace with it 😂

  7. As they say, grasping onto the last straw that broke the camels back saves the camel from falling into quick sand after it puts its nose under the tent. But grasping is an art. The advice from a therapist is like Latin: it depends on how you interpret it. Optimists say “Carpe Diem” which is commonly translated as “Seize the day,” but actually it means “Finger the day.” This fits well with your annoyance theory. I’m glad you like your cough syrup poem. I usually wind up erasing my wine poems, and they’re dark. I suppose I could try cough syrup.

  8. Whine away, my dear, but remember, that life is all in how you look at it. If you see bad and depressing, then it will be. If you see hope and life, then it will be.

  9. Wish you a wonderful recovery with more poetic outbursts. I too have tried to adopt your strategy of when you are down, write about it; when you are blocked, write about your block. That really helps to keep one going. And since this is the Thanksgiving week, I’ve been more relaxed than usual. I didn’t care about politics before, but right now with politics going haywire, I’ve started to pay attention and it can be fun…

    1. Thank api so much. Yes, writing no matter what helps a lot. I’ve always cared about politics as a historian and this is definitely an interesting time to start paying extra attention to it.

  10. Great poems. Sometimes the dark ones are fun. In my case I don’t always know where they come from or what I meant until after I’ve written and published and thought about it for a while.

  11. To quote the movie Airplane, it looks like you picked the wrong week to quit cough syrup! Lol. After struggling with being both optimistic and pessimistic, I landed on realistic. I feel like that’s the way to be because it’s easy to be in denial if you are either an optimist or a pessimist. Since my accident, I don’t tolerate toxic positivity anymore

  12. Wonderful and so amazing dear it seems that your thoughts are fully appropriate for your feelings. And I hope that your mood is good now and all your problems are gone and if they are there then also do take care of yourself and never feel that you are alone. Stay Happy and Take care of yourself!💕🤗

  13. Really a very wonderful and so amazing blog dear Pooja. Your posts are so amazing.
    I’m glad that I found it and followed you. So happy to have a company of yours👍💕😉🤗

  14. I did enjoy your explanation, Pooja!
    And I’m relieved to hear that you’re not planning to give up.
    So we shouldn’t take the poems too literally?

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