One Sentence Story #3

On The Brink Of Collapse

One Sentence Story:

And little by little she peeled away everything she hated about herself until there was nothing left but skin and bones.

Why this one sentence story? Well, there is a very simple explanation. I have run out of cough syrup and can’t get more till tomorrow. So I am making the best of the slight kick I have from the spoonful I drank last night.

Actually, if you know me and have been following this blog, you know that I love horror movies. And books. Honestly, anything horror is my cup of tea. Except ghosts. I’m terrified of them and ghost movies freak me out in a bad way. I’m way too superstitious to watch ghost/paranormal stuff without freaking out and not sleeping for a few months. But that’s besides the point.

The point of this ramble is that I love pyshco movies and a lot of them have to do with skin. Like my favourite classic “Silence Of The Lambs.” And that’s where the peeled part of this story originated from. It was originally more disturbing but then I remember not all my Lifesfinewhiners are fans of that so I toned it down. Are you curious about the original one sentence story I wrote? You should be. It was fantastic. That is if you’re a fan of horror. If not, you’d probably hate it lol.

Are you a fan of horror or psychological thrillers? What’s your favourite genre? Let me know in the comments below and do leave your own related or unrelated one sentence story! Or simply stop by and say hi!

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99 thoughts on “One Sentence Story #3

  1. I was totally into horror movies for a long time. But they have all kind of taken a back seat with my psychosis symptoms getting worse the past few years. Sometimes how their shot, or the overlapping of voices gets to me and I have to take pretty long breaks from watching them. It can be a little too close to what I deal with in real life at times, so it tends to not be as entertaining as it could be. I still love dark comedy and sci-fi things, like a lot. I have one exception. I’ll always love Stephen King books and movies!

    1. Wow, that’s stressful. I couldn’t watch the Joker because some parts of it made me really frustrated and stressed out. It’s not a horror, but it’s psychologically stressful that I couldn’t even enjoy it at all. I didn’t even get that far in.

      I barely watch movies like I used to—even kids movies—because they stress me up.😣

      1. Yeah, it can be hard at times. Especially when I’m stressed out about something. And I can totally see that. Movies that are intense like that can totally be too much for me at times too.. I have to be in a certain mood.. I for sure watch tv/stream shows a lot more than movies. Smaller plot lines are easier for me to digest. They’re not condensed like movies are.

        1. I can only watch YouTube videos for art and read Wikipedia articles or similar. I spend half of my time writing really crappy stories about my ocs on my phone.

          1. That’s understandable, honestly! I watch a lot of animal videos on Reddit.. it’s good for that. I write a lot on my phone too – it’s really handy that way! ✨

    2. Oh I see, that makes sense. A lot of things can be triggering in horror movies. I absolutely love dark comedies too. They’re definitely my cup of tea. I love some of Stephen King’s books and movies but some are too freaky for me lol.

      1. Seriously they can be! And Stephen King has a way of telling stories that I like.. some of his stuff is a little freaky, you’re right!!

  2. I won’t say I like horror/psychological genre, but I don’t hate it either.
    It has to be scary, in order to be fun.
    I have few movies in my watchlist on Netflix, I will see when I feel like it to watch them.
    I’m watching Lucifer these days, it’s murder/mystery/crime/comedy show. 😀
    I totally love OSS, a cool idea.

        1. I really liked Hannibal and Bates Motel (they’re both psycho thrillers) but not sure if they are available on Netflix. And if you enjoy Korean shows I would recommend Let’s Eat. It’s a murder mystery.

  3. I’m not a fan of horror movies and ghosts definitely freak me out. But I keep telling myself, ghosts cannot hurt you. They can only freak you out, if you let them.

  4. Creeeeeeepy! I do like “Silence of the Lambs,” but not generally a fan of horror. It’s just that that movie came out when I was in highschool, and I watched it with my friends, so it has all of those good memories! Oh Clarice!

  5. Loved your one sentence story. I won’t even attempt to write one … I need more practice with that. And no, no horror. 😱 Thanks for toning it down. 🙂 I’m into romance (you might have caught on from my short fiction pieces).

  6. You brave girl. I was so afraid of “Silence of Lamb” that I left after watching 15 minutes of it and wasted the movie ticket. LOL. I think your one sentence story is taking on a surreal air or some other kind of modern aesthetic style…

  7. That’s not my favorite genre but i enjoy horror and psychological thrillers. My favorite genre(s) are romance, crime and mystery. I really love it when the cool looking dude turns out to be the villain in the end.😄

  8. Writing another play like “Pagliacci,” a common trope everyone thought, he found the answer to rage and good ratings which was to hire his mistress as prop master, let her supply very long sharp knives, supply a real gun, and knowing the answer, he let the world’s most renown serial killer come up on stage to shoot his competitor and gut his wife like a fish, to behead the doctor in the house who came up on stage, letting the audience laugh at the illusion of fiction they imagined until the bombs under the chairs went off slaughtering just a handful of people who failed to clap.

  9. I like psychological thrillers more and older horror. A lot of the newer so called “horror” movies are flat and predictable.

    I love your story!

    1. Yeah new horror movies are often very predictable and I don’t really even find them that scary. Two I’ve enjoyed are “X” and “Fresh.” They are less popular but pretty good.

  10. When I awoke covered in blood, I smiled because I could still smell her perfume in the air, and the taste of her makeup lingered on my tongue like a fine seasoning.

    Keeping the silence of the lamb vibe going 😉 Anything horror for me, but I have a low opinion of torture porn, I respect the visual effects but to me that’s the only redeeming value it has.

  11. Reading your article made me laugh out loud, literally. I cannot stop laughing. I watched Silence of the Lambs when I was in high school, and I saw it again years later. Some horror shows and movies frighten me too, but I have to tell myself it isn’t real. I do like the 80’s horror movies though, and some of the newer shows. Thanks for sharing. Hope you get to feeling very well soon.

  12. I enjoy both genre’s but horror is my favorite. And yes Silence of the lambs is an awesome movie. Do you like Hannibal and The Red Dragon too because they stem off of each other.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen both and liked them although Silence Of The Lambs remains my favourite. I don’t know if you have read the books for all three but they’re great too. I preferred the book version of Hannibal to the movie.

  13. I kinda like sci fi horror or occasionally romance but has to have some dark element 🙂 I think we are on the same wavelength in movie genre though and nice sentence, paints a pretty demonic image

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