The Reminiscent Musings Of An Impassioned Soul

Uncertainty wrecks my soul

Breathing grows shaky

As our souls combine

The uncertainty is replaced

By love and passion

The likes of which

Have never been experienced before

For a brief moment

The worries disappear

And all that’s left

Is pure and unadulterated


“The Reminiscent Musings Of An Impassioned Soul” may be the best and worst title my brain has come up with thus far. I love that it sounds like something you would read in an actual book and not on the blog of a sulky Zillennial. But at the same time it just sounds so incredibly obnoxious, does it not? I mean who am I to create a title like that? Or is that just me… Let me know what your thoughts on the title are. For whatever reason, the comment section of my poetry posts have recently become a debate about the title since I am either unsatisfied with the title or on too much cough syrup to care. Either way, your thoughts on the matter are always amusing.

What is ‘The Reminiscent Musings Of An Impassioned Soul” about? Mostly the dumb stuff I watch on television. Anyway, this poem is fictitious and was inspired by many sleepless nights. I want to thank insomnia, my anxiety and a lack of enough vitamin D for this lovely poem.

Schitt's Creek gif. Dan Levy as David wears a black and gray top. He smiles and glances to the side. Text, "Thank you so much."

What did you think of “The Reminiscent Musings Of An Impassioned Soul?” Let me know in the comments below if you liked it because like most poets I am incredibly vain. I’m totally kidding please don’t blacklist me poets of WordPress…

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44 thoughts on “The Reminiscent Musings Of An Impassioned Soul

  1. And uncertainty is a shadow that follows us everywhere. I know the feeling. With all the different uncertainties in the world today, it is amazing that we have always pulled ourselves through… I guess learning to deal with uncertainties and learning to make the best decisions to make oneself happy is really important. It is hard…

  2. It’s a fantastic title for all your fantastic reads 🤍your reads are filled with all types of emotions and your humor is the the icing on the top. A lovely read once again Pooja… The thank you so much image is too cute 😁thanks for these wonderful pieces 🤗

  3. I really liked the title, it was kind of attracting to me.
    You want to compete with yourself every time, hence you are not satisfied most of the time (which is great, though).

  4. You’re really getting into this romantic stuff aren’t you, Pooja. Love it. This side of your creativity is definitely contending with your horror writings. Go cough syrup, I say! 🙂

  5. I like the title. It’s… exotic (if that’s the word to use) and unique. Unlike your other poem titles. I didn’t even know this was a poem until I saw the contents (forgive me, I’m still learning your posting schedule 😅), and I think the title suits it well

  6. It’s hard to know but you could look for a way to summarize or hint at your basic themes. As a beginning, I suppose it’s best to guess at a few tentative starts and keep scrambling them until you like something.
    ~Ecstasy Wrecks My Soul for a Moment with You~
    ~Ecstasy Will Wreck My Soul in a Moment with You~
    ~You Are My Brief Moment of Happiness~
    ~You Were My Happiest Hurricane of Love~
    ~Give Me My Brief Moment Again, My Love~
    ~You Are Passion, I Am Happiness, For a Moment Combined~
    ~ and etc. …

    (???) So choose something ???
    So something from: “brief moment,” “worries disappear,” “happiness,” “love and passion,” “shaky,” or some euphemism for orgasm — some polite way to hint at it.

  7. I love the title! I often go by the “who cares what the WordPress bunch prefers anyway” logic lol people will follow because they enjoy your personality (assuming the best case scenario) and people will judge and unfollow for the most ridiculous reasons. Better to do what we want on our blogs 🙂

    1. Thanks! Lol that’s the best attitude to have as a writer. There will always be someone out there who doesn’t like your work or is offended by it. It’s best to tune them out.

  8. I found your title intriguing. It sounds mysterious and made me want to read your poem. One thing with poetry, I noticed that I have to read and reread it sometimes to make sense of them. Nice work.

  9. Don’t tell me you’re now a Schitt’s Creek supernerd! I’m normally not obsessed with shows, but I’m obsessed with it! My best friend and I are always sending each other memes, and my email list will have Schitt’s Creek memes too

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