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martin luther king jr quote about equality

Todays quote of the day is by Martin Luther King Jr since it’s Martin Luther King Jr day. I’ve had the privilege of learning a lot about him and other activists from this period of time. If that’s something you’ve never read about I would really recommend rectifying that.

What’s Up With Me?

I promised you guys that I would keep you in the loop with my cousin sisters wedding and so here is a picture from the bridal shower I attended on Saturday.

It looked really lovely since the decorations were great. But unfortunately, the dress code was pink and white dresses only. Now you guys know me pretty well, and I hope by now you know that I would rather die than own a pink or white dress. That’s not my style. I don’t even wear pink or white that much at all. And if I do it’s always with black or darker colours. I feel like dark colours just make me look so much better. So, I ended up wearing a pink-ish (peach) skirt and white top. I wasn’t going to buy a dress for a bridal shower that I would never wear again.

To be honest, the bridal shower invite was a little odd to me. I always thought it was more of a friends thing. I didn’t realise cousins were invited too.

Anyway, I hated the outfit. It sucked. I looked like a frump. BUT, the lighting was great. So much natural light, the pics would have been great had I not looked like the cousin version of a duff. DUFC?

Did you enjoy this weeks quote? Have you done anything fun or new recently? What are your plans for the week? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts! Or simply stop by and say hi!

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85 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #77

  1. I think you look beautiful in those colors, Pooja! Martin Luther King was a great man, imagine what he could have done if he were alive today. God bless him and his family.

  2. Dress codes for a bridal shower….who knew. You don’t look frumpy at all and you photograph beautifully. Showers, as a rule, are to be showered with gifts so you invite anyone you think will bring one. My week is the same as all of them….but that’s good for me.

  3. If that’s the outfit, you look good in it. The pink goes well with your skin tone. Don’t be angry at me for saying so 😂 I’m not great at events like funerals or weddings (IDK why I always mentally lump those two together). I didn’t know you had to dress up for a bridal shower, either. I thought those were somewhat informal pre-wedding parties. Learn something new every day on Lifesfinewhine!

    1. Thanks so much. That’s just the best pic I could find lol. I definitely didn’t like the way the outfit was just because the fitting wasn’t great.
      I think they’re usually like parties but this one was a bit more formal. Still fun though!

  4. I think your photo looks great even though you don’t like the colors. My personal pet peeve is why planners need to have lots of pink on them. I wish they would make planners with other color schemes.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah overuse of the colour pink or blue can be really annoying. This wasn’t bad though since most things were rose gold not really pink.

  5. You look good in peach. I don’t know much about the other fruit-named colors. I decided to keep a RGB code list for colors after the set of sample fruits I had on the shelf kept rotting, or I ate them before I memorized what the colors looked like. It depends on the season so my peaches don’t always look peachy.
        PEACHY KEEN. mainly US, informal — excellent.
    I don’t know; there seems to be some disagreement on meaning and usage. I only heard it once a few years ago on the radio used with sarcasm. It might be old-fashioned like some customs are.
        “Pretty In Pink” (a romantic comedy) was a movie with some controversy because the original ending(never shown) was changed. Molly Ringwald originally got the lower-class guy. But in the movie that was issued, she wins over the upper-class guy. The lower-class guy was just her friend and she rejects him.
        I wonder if injustice in movies and fashion matters.

    1. Yikes, I didn’t know the internet actually keeps track of these things, but I see that the hex code for peach is #FFE5B4.

    2. Thanks. I love Pretty In Pink. I watched it as a teenager but I remember loving it. I’ve heard peachy keen but only like once in a movie.

      I think injustice in movies and fashion matters but no one really cares lol.

  6. Dear PG i think bridal showers are to cherish the singlehood , to have better closures for all those years where we enjoyed our sole individuality and to make better embarkation into the new ventures of Couple things. Friends and offcourse friends in family (siblings) can make these things more real. Enjoy!!!

  7. I’ve read about Martin Luther King Jr. During my school days but would love to read more about him when i get time.
    Trust me, you’re looking very pretty, white really suits you😍💕

  8. The outfit looked great on you. It kind of matches with the decorations in front of you. I don’t really know much about Martin Luther King Jr, but I liked the quote, and I’ll make sure to learn more about him

          1. Ok, I just realized that I am comfortable with all the colours… Blue being my favourite and orange being my least favorite!
            I hope that’s better of an answer😋😂
            Omg.. I never knew that I actually like all colours😅😂

  9. This is an unrelated ? to your post picture-do you ever have someone come through and like spam like a bunch of your posts out of no where? Like you can see they aren’t even reading them, liking like 15 in the same minute?

    1. Yeah that happens to me every couple of days and it’s super annoying. Like someone will like so many posts all of a sudden in like under a minute. I usually just ignore them and if it happens too often I block them. I don’t like people who do stuff like that for attention, if you want someone attention actually read their post and comment.

  10. That quote is on point. Of course, cousins go to bridal showers. Anyone who’s close to the bride is fair game, and no you did not look like a frump! Pooja you are a beautiful young lady, and you need to tell yourself that every day. Speak it until you believe it because you truly are 💕.

    1. Thanks so much, I didn’t consider myself close to the bride at all so I was surprised when she invited my sister and I. But maybe it was for the best because it was a nice bridal shower.
      Thanks, I generally am fine with how I look but I just felt like I was not pulling off that outfit lol. It looked way worse when I stood 😅

    1. He’s a really interesting figure and a big part of the equal rights movement. I would definitely recommend learning more about him.
      Thank you 🙂

  11. You look so lovely. Even though you don’t like pink, you look wonderful in the picture and underneath Dr. King’s quote. And the quote is my favorite one. People tend to think that the fighting for equality is sporadic, scatter, and unrelated, but they are all related…

  12. You look nice. Don’t put yourself down like that. Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man. He was nonviolent. In some of the old clips they show every year, in some of them you can see him smiling. I wonder what things would be like if he were still living. He did so much, and he will always be remembered for what he did and stood for. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks. Yes, he was a really incredible person who believed in pacifism. I think that’s the best way to make a point while bringing people together.

  13. Yes that was a good quote. MLK was a very influential man that many will remember. As for your outfit, I love pinks and peaches, and I think that you pulled the outfit of good. You look very pretty. As for what I have been doing this week, I’ve been trying to finish the first chapter of a new story for my Substack platform. For some reason getting my brain to accept how I have written the first chapter has been a struggle. I’m just not sure if I have created a good starting point with it. But anyway, enjoy the rest of your week.

  14. Very nice quote. I never liked this dress code thing. Why bound someone to wear something he or she may not like? That clothes should be worn in which we feel comfortable.

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