The Lovestruck Fool

Forever Mine

Slowly the walls come down

That a thousand traumas built

When you hold me tight

Nothing else seems to matter anymore

With you I am finally happy

All the pain just melts

As I stare into your eyes

Drowning a more times than I can count

In the blue that looks back at me

I breathe you in

Knowing that life broke me a million times

But it was all worth it

Because you are my reward

And I get to spend forever

In your arms

“The Lovestruck Fool” was inspired by absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes a poem just comes to you and not everything has to mean something.

However, writing “The Lovestruck Fool” did get me thinking about something. And that was love. As you probably know if you’ve read any of my other posts, I’m not a big believer in love. In my opinion, that whole “true love” thing isn’t real. Love does exist but it’s not for everyone. And that’s okay. I have loved before and I’m sure I’ll love again. But I’m not really someone who falls head over heels. And I doubt I ever will be.

I rarely write poems like this one. But I think with the wedding and everything my mind may have subconsciously been thinking about love.

I have a very simple yet complicated to ask my readers today. Do you believe in true love? Like soulmates and “the one”- that whole spiel. Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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94 thoughts on “The Lovestruck Fool

  1. I would say that I do believe in love, but I have been so burned! I still believe that wonderful love is out there. I have seen it in a couple of my friends’ marriages. However, sometimes love is more about companionship and respect. I know that isn’t a popular thought, but love comes in all shapes and sizes.

    1. I completely agree with you and that’s what I think of love too. I think the whole “falling head over heels” is more of an initial reaction not true love. I think love is build through respect and care.

  2. I believe in love, but not “true love” and “soulmates” and “happy ever after” and all that. I believe you can love multiple people at once & there’s no perfect person for me out there, just good (potentially great) matches. There’s a difference.

    1. That’s how I feel too. I really can’t imagine that there is just one person out there for everyone. I don’t think it’s that simple.

  3. I believe in love and I believe in “true love.” What I don’t believe in is fairytale love – that is the honeymoon phase lol Everyone has their flaws and no human being is perfect. It’s easier to love someone if we are able to accept them for who they are.

    1. Lol agreed, I think real love takes time and it only works when both people are constantly present in the relationship trying to make it work. And yes a big part of it is letting go of some things and accepting the other for who they are.

  4. As you may remember, Pooja, I am three-times divorced and will never marry again, even at my age. It’s not worth the brain damage a divorce causes, or the financial losses. Never again. That pretty much sums up my perspective…

    1. I understand, after three divorces I don’t think marriage is worth it again. I’m not a big believer of marriage myself. I just don’t think it’s for everyone.

  5. I believe in love, true strong love. I don’t believe you have one soul mate and that is it. I just feel like you can have a good strong loving relationship with more than one person, if that makes sense?

  6. Good poem, inspired by the wedding aura or whatever. The way you can produce poetry is remarkable, and we’ll soon having your maiden poetry collection in the book from.
    As regards love, it do exists but can be in any form instead of being in some specific form. A soul mate sort of thing does sound good at a certain age but when you grow old, you begin to look at the things/relationships from an entirely different perspective. Where emotional romanticism does not appeal you much. At that stage, love is more about mutual understanding, care and respect than some silly antics. This sort of (mature) love lasts longer than infatuation.

    1. Thanks so much and yes hopefully by the end of the year.
      Yes, I know what you mean. I think that real love takes time to form and needs both people to work on it.

  7. I believe that true love does exist but probably for very short time. Our life is too much filled up with mundane housework and routine lackluster details. Also we work too hard. I mean a lot of things need time…

    1. Yeah, I agree. A lot of us just don’t have time for love anymore. And with the world as expensive as it is right now, work comes first.

  8. Do I believe in true love as in knowing you were meant to be together forever when you just met. No not anymore. When I was young, I wandered when I would meet the one, I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Now though after killing my chances at the fairy tale ending because I was shy and never talked about my feelings, I don’t need a quote unquote relationship. I just want to meet people with similar interest that can teach me things I never knew before and broaden my thinking. It’s funny how the shy kid who kept his feelings locked up tight now wants to open up and share everything. One reason he learned the importance of mental health and how talking about what you’re going through can help you deal with it. The problem is the people closest to you get used to you not sharing and eventually it becomes too late to start.

    Pooj I literally started with the question do I believe in true love, and this is what came out.

    1. I understand your feelings really well. I also grew up the shy kid who eventually wanted to open up. And that’s what made me start this blog actually. When I was young I was sure I would find my true love. But then I assumed I would already be married by now lol. I like just being around people whose company I enjoy now. I think that works for a lot of people better than a relationship.

  9. That was beautiful! Yes, I believe in love, but not as a storm of emotions like in movies or songs. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 expresses it the way I see it 🥰

  10. Lovely poem, Pooja.
    Yes, I do believe in true love but I also think it’s not for everyone.
    I hope I am in that list for whom this true love exists! 😅

  11. Let the time speak what love is…there are both parties , some felt bliss and other felt malice.
    Right now, its enough if you just can humm some songs and our heart can smile.

  12.     It’s an odd thing in English that whatever it is, there is no word for it. There is that one word “Love,” but obviously that doesn’t express it in a narrow sense because if ‘I love ice cream, and I love sex,’ the word is kinda general. So I said to my linguist friend, “Coin a Word for Me.”
        She said that the word “Love” is dumb.
        I said, “Yes, it is. Once a gem, the word’s been scrubbed like a pejorative stone in a teary creek, an old river gone shallow. Oh let us coin, my lucidove,our ever word, because we’ve a tender ‘ove of us effusive, an edgyove, a ludelove, a kissove missive: folded paper plane that soars, but gems can be dreamed of again. Remember,” I said, “in the journeyove dream I awoke happy, enveloped in you under’ove covers, enraptured in the blankets of home with you of you, our embrace, the brightness of us with us. We are the morning together, together lovidove, because an awakening is here to be for real at home. This peaceful passion satisfaction day is not dreaming but being in the lightness of us with us. We are warm, being the morning sun, like banners waving playfully above the river of ‘ove, extremely rippling, like a streaming child to the river. Ripples of the day, we stream like banners waving playfully above a gentle brook, child to the stream. Yes, the child’s babble joyful enough to be a gurgle in a float-along morning.”
        And I had said, “We splash along, embraced by immersion and the kiss of the day, fantastic, better than a dream, my lucidove.”
        Then, she had said, “Wake up and smell the coffee. Get out of bed. Linguists must go to work.”

  13. I’m a believer. I do believe in true love, soulmates and made for each other thing. I find being in love to be a very beautiful feeling, but to be practical, it’s not a fairy tale. It’s full of pain and struggles. It’s not for everyone. Also, it’s not the most important thing. There are some other things that matters more.
    Great poem, pooja! Loved it💕

  14. Lovely poem, and I think true love as in one person can’t really exist and if it did a very small percentage of the 7 billion people would ever even meet their one. But I do believe in love to mean a real devotion to someone or something. In that respect I have loved before 🙂

    1. Yeah I don’t think there’s just one person out there for someone. We meet many people along the way and eventually may meet someone we can make it work with.

  15. I do believe in love.
    I wonder what’s true love is.
    I’ve experienced something like it before, I thought it was true. But then that love was one sided more. As I never received same feelings from the person.
    If I had received any, I might be with her then 😛
    She’s married, and have a child now 😝
    But, after all these years I’ve realised, it was never a true love from my side either, because now I’m open and available for someone else. 😅
    Usually, people take love for granted
    It hurts when we don’t receive similar energy 😬

  16. I believe in true love and soulmates. But sometimes, I think true love and soulmates aren’t always romantic. I also think it’s not for everyone, and the ones who get to experience it are quite lucky.
    The poem made me go ‘awwn!’

  17. I have been blessed to marry my high school sweetheart who is my soul mate. Is it movie kinda love, no. It is best friend kinda love. I know others who are just as blessed as well as those who are still searching.

  18. Thank you for sharing your poetry. I do believe in true love, soulmates, and all that. I didn’t really though until I met my sweety.

  19. All I can give is my personal experience, and I’m just one human of billions. So with that perspective in mind, I’ll say from my personal experience, that I have experienced “true love” before. I’ve debated back and forth throughout my years whether it was truly possible or not. And then later, I ended up finding out in the most unexpected type of way that it does exist. But, of course, it’s not exactly like the fairytales. But it’s something comparable to it. To be “seen,” and accepted completely within the entirety of your being from the inside and outside by another human being, is a feeling that I can’t even describe even if I tried. When you have it, you just “know.” It literally changes you fundamentally as a person. And I’m BEYOND grateful to be able to have experienced that. BUT, it’s very fleeting as everything else is in life. And it’s not always that perfect fairytale version of happy ever after either.

    That experience partly taught me some of the bigger picture of the reality of love. Love is many different types of things, and at many different levels. Love has even more levels to me beyond the “true love” that I experienced. Love is truly built to last if we cultivate it to last. It comes from out of men and women to be shared with the rest of humanity. Part of that is understanding that Men and Women truly do need each other. We cannot survive without each other. Political or ideological framework can never stand in the way of that very truth. We were created and tasked by God to build up and flourish life on this land we call earth. And we were created to do that TOGETHER. Sharing that power with each other requires us to choose to love someone so much, that all of the flaws about that person cannot hold up or stand in the way of such love. There is a balance there to be found. Society is always shaped by how men and women treat each other. When we don’t treat each other right, society collapses. When we treat each other right, it flourishes.

    1. “Love is truly built to last if we cultivate it to last.” I very much agree with this. I think for love to become deeper/more meaningful we need to work on it and cherish it. Both people in a relationship need to constantly work on it. If one gives up it doesn’t work anymore.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with you Pooj! Both genders have to do it. And it’s a tragedy to me that most of us struggle to do that in most of our modern relationships today. Both men and women love each other so much. And were meant for each other. As you said, “If one gives up it doesn’t work anymore.” That’s why men and women need to stop giving up on each other.

  20. Beautiful poetry. Yes, I believe in “true love,” however maybe not in the same way as others. I think we can have many great, true loves. Friends can be our true loves. Our capacity and need for companionship leaves room for all types of love and connection.

  21. Nice poem. As for love, I believe that there is someone special out there for each of us but it doesn’t mean that the relationship won’t take work. I don’t believe that when you find that someone to love that it will be perfect because it won’t be. Nobody is perfect. Because of my mental illnesses I can be a challenge at times even though I’m a nice person. I have been in a few long relationships but they don’t seem to last. I’ll be 57 and am not looking but maybe I’ll meet someone again in the future but it’s hard to say.

    1. Yes, I agree. You always have to keep working at the relationship no matter who you’re with. It can definitely get more complicated if you have mental health problems. But of course, you never know you may meet the right person soon.

  22. Great poem! I like the comments discussing differing perspectives on love, too. For me, it’s less a feeling and more a choice to put someone else ahead of myself. The choice is harder when the feeling that accompanies that choice is extreme irritation rather than euphoria. lol

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I was happy with the lively discussion in the comments. Lol I get your frustration because I usually feel the irritation rather than the euphoria lol 😅

  23. I did used to think that there was such a thing as a soulmate but now I tend to think that there are just better humans than others that we mesh well with. And that if there were soulmates they wouldn’t hurt us, but usually we find out while once perfect they turned out to be flawed like everyone else.

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