This Will Be My Last Post

This will be my last post ever. I just feel like WordPress isn’t working for me anymore and I don’t enjoy blogging as much as I used to…

Kidding! Did I get you?

So, now that all the festivities for the wedding have officially started, I have decided to take a few days off blogging till the wedding ends. Of course, I’ll still try to be active on your blogs but don’t hold it against me if I disappear for a bit. Hopefully, I can post on Saturday or Sunday depending on how the afterparty goes, lol. It’s going to be kind of weird not being online all these days since WordPress has become such a big part of my life. But I have to put real life first sometimes.

So like I maybe mentioned on my last post, some family members including my family threw a dinner party for my cousin last night. It was quite fun although I just ended up mostly interacting with my cousins (not the one getting married) for most of the night. The food was so delicious but oily so I didn’t love that. But it tasted so good I can’t even be mad lol. Anyway, I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll be eating a lot of oily stuff this week. I’ll just try to eat extra healthy next week. After the dinner, my cousins and I went to the bar next door and played darts! Here’s a video of my try which I was super excited about because I had been missing before that lol! Sorry for the crappy quality, the lighting wasn’t great.

Anyway, this is it for a bit. I’ll miss you guys but hope to post again very soon. Bye!

Video gif. Woman slides away as if she's being wiped away off screen. Text is a long drawn out, "Bye."

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155 thoughts on “This Will Be My Last Post

  1. Quite the strategy, you got people’s attention. Now you can’t try that one again, at least not for a long while . Enjoy the wedding!

  2. Ahhh, you got me when I saw that notification, I was shocked 🥺 I was nooo what happened, I’m new here but I’ve already gotten used to seeing you pop up on my feed. ❤️ Anyway, enjoy yourself at the wedding, and enjoy the yummy food hehe! hope you can have some nice memories from it all <3

  3. Yes, you got me. Anyway, how long is the wedding going to take? Which city and country is it taking place in? Do you have to participate in any special way, other than eating all the yummy food?

    1. Haha nice. The wedding will last three days, it’s in Nairobi Kenya. And yes, I’m a bridesmaid too which means I’ll be up on stage during the wedding. Other than that I’m just there for the yummy food lol.

  4. Nice try!!
    Did not work.
    Because I know about your love for blogging.
    You can never leave blogging. It’s like you worked so hard for 25+ k why would you leave it now, nah not fooling me. 😝
    Well as you won’t be posting for a while, that means I’ll be reading some of the classics of yours. Because, now I really love reading your blogs on a regular basis. LIFESFINEWHINE is become a newspaper kind of thing, I need it daily 😂.
    You enjoy your wedding, I mean your cousins wedding. Don’t forget to share pics.
    Keep smiling like that ☺️

    1. Haha dang, I thought I would get you.
      Lol that’s funny, I feel like I have a fan now. Kidding. Enjoy the old posts and yes, will share all the pics! 😊

      1. Now way such things will work with me.
        I’ve heard it endless times that you love what you do. Even when you are busy (like now), you still find time for your passion.
        Who’s telling you that I’m not a fan??
        Not kidding!
        I’m a fan. I absolutely adore your work. Learning a lot from you. 👸🏻🙇🏻‍♂️

  5. I could save face and say you didn’t fool me for a second but the truth is I wasn’t sire if you were serious or not. I believed a little bit more that you were serious than you weren’t.

  6. You did have me fooled until I read further. I was like, what happened? Take all the time you need. We will miss you too. Have fun. See ya when you get back. I just finished chapter five. On to chapter six. Have a fun week.

  7. Enjoy yourself with all the festivities. Have fun with your cousins as such gatherings have become quite few in numbers.
    And there is no harm in throwing the caution to wind, and relish the oily food once in a while. Have a great week, Pooja. We’ll definitely miss you on WP.

  8. You got me at first, but I figured out you were joking before I opened the post. But you really got me! Good luck with your break, and have fun!

  9. Oh gosh don’t do that Pooja 😂 No worries, have fun with the festivities! Also a random question, did you get that email from WP about the Jetpack app? And have you switched to it?

      1. I was thinking something like, “Oh no! Wow! I just started getting into her blog and now she’s leaving” 😂 I love how your personality comes out through your writings. You’re so funny! Keep shining that beauty Pooj! ❤️🌹

          1. 😂 Definitely no apologizes necessary for that lovely sense of humor of yours! 💖 (FYI, although it’s been a while since I’ve watched any, I used to get a huge laugh out of watching prank channels on YouTube 😂) You’re very welcome! 💕 Now it’s time for me to go check out your newest post.

  10. Wow, you scared me with your first sentence, and then you piqued my interest about your cousin’s wedding. Are we going to see some pictures? At least your picture as a maid of honor or some similar titles in an Indian tradition. Have fun and have a break from WP. I totally agree with you. WP is worth coming in and worth taking a break from.

    1. Yes, I will definitely be sharing as many pictures as I can. Since some of them have family members I can’t share them but I will try to share those of mine alone.

  11. You definitely got me ahah! Enjoy all the wedding stuff (and food), though I guess that by the time I’m writing this it will probably be over and you have resumed your regular posting!

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