WordPress Needs To Be Stopped

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Firstly, I know I’ve been bad and didn’t post yesterday but I had too much going on. Life happens. And as an entrepreneur/business woman (if the Kardashians can call themselves entrepreneurs and business women so can I!) I have to put my businesses and clients first sometimes. Lol, anyway back to this post and why WordPress needs to be stopped in my opinion.

Oh wait, before we get to that. My site may look different again. I went back to my old theme but customised it a little more! I liked my new theme but my old theme was just perfect.

Why WordPress Needs To Be Stopped

Anyway, back to WordPress and why WordPress needs to be stopped. Well, recently you have probably been noticing WordPress continuously changing things left right and centre. Yes, a couple of these changes are positive. For example, I like that you can search for specific followers on your following list now. But most of the changes (in my opinion) are pretty unnecessary and some of them make WordPress much less user friendly than they used to be. I don’t understand why WordPress does not consult their users and especially those of us who use this platform on a daily basis.

The main thing that really pissed me off recently is how they have clearly partnered up with people and keep pushing these specific things on us. Like for example, the only form of payment accepted anymore on most plans is Stripe. And for some paid plans it’s Stripe and PayPal. Now, Stripe doesn’t offer its services in the entire continent of Africa which means African bloggers like myself end up having to pay a hefty price and upgrade or not be able to use certain features. And PayPal is also unavailable to most African countries so the upgrade may not even solve the issue. Where does that leave most African bloggers? With much fewer features than other bloggers.

I don’t understand why WordPress wouldn’t take everyone into account since so many African bloggers use this platform. It’s fine if you want to offer Stripe’s services but why not have alternatives for those who are unable to use these services. I’m sure there must be something they can offer if they really wanted to.

I remember when I first started using WordPress and what made it a wonderful platform was that you could find bloggers from all around the world. It was a platform for everyone. And now it seems like they are just choosing to focus on a specific market which really sucks so much. This platform has always been so lovely and inclusive and it’s sad to see it going in the opposite direction.


WordPress has a history of ignoring their users even when they pay steep prices for basic upgrades. There are so many things WordPress could change for the better. Like adding an edit and delete option on comments made on other blogs. More specific and detailed stats etc. Better customer care and better trained Happiness Engineers etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore WordPress and my Lifesfinewhiners. But everyday I see bloggers quit blogging not because they don’t enjoy blogging but because this platform is continuously screwing its users. Over the last year or so, it’s felt like WordPress is very slowly but surely dying. It’s becoming a shell of what it once was. And if they don’t step up and do something about it, WordPress will eventually be a dead platform. Sure, there will always be people using it but you know what I mean. It will have lost what it once had and become a shell of what it was. Just another platform doing anything for money. Much like Facebook and more recently Instagram.

What do you think of WordPress’s constant recent changes? Let me know in the comments below.

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197 thoughts on “WordPress Needs To Be Stopped

  1. I share your opinions as well. WordPress isn’t like it used to be. There are more problems than ever. The plans are expensive, which is unfair for bloggers. WordPress makes more than enough from ads, and they are charging you extra because you want a piece of the pie. Now, they are using payment methods that are available in selected countries. Change is good, but the types of changes need to reflect readers’ and bloggers’ needs and opinions

    1. Yes, the plans have become so much more expensive than when I started out. I think it’s a pretty unfair price for the features and memory that is offered. You’re right, change can go both ways. They should take into account the thoughts of those that actually use their platform. They may have thousands of users but how many of those are actually active anymore.

      1. They need to apply more consideration when making all these changes. Bloggers are becoming more and more inactive, most likely because of the prices, features, and lack of user friendly vibe that they were once used to.

  2. You’re right on this one! Only stripe account is accepted for payment. I can use PayPal since it’s accepted where I’m living. But I think I could do better on WordPress if there was not too much restrictions for countries that are not on the list of Stripe account.

  3. You make some very good points. Companies pick and choose who can excel–stifling others deemed less worthy. (Or so it would seem).

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, but it’s also like they’re not giving everyone a chance to excel depending on the country even if they have potential.

  4. I agree!! The plans are much more expensive, and I didn’t realize they had upgraded to this payment method that is excluding of whole countries. WordPress seems to have become much more business/corporate minded of late and at the expense of others — I wonder if there’s a way to fight back (besides emailing customer service)?

    1. Yes, it’s very disappointing. I don’t think we can really fight back much since we don’t have a lot of other options. It’s just sad to see this platform become so money minded.

  5. I agree on what you mention wordpress could change for the better. I’ve been thinking about how good it would be to have those changes, too. I feel sorry for those paying because it’s so wrong. I can’t really complain when it’s a freebie for me. Good post.

    1. Yeah, I hope eventually they make some good changes too. I pay a steep price for the Business Plan so I feel like I’ve earned the right to complain lol 😅

  6. Don’t even get me started on how I feel about them right now. My blog still issn’t receiving the amount of likes and views it once was and it’s been about a week now. UUGGGHHHHH!

  7. I didn’t notice those changes on WordPress (most of them), but I am definitely not an active blogger like you are! However, the main problem you mention is definitely an awful one. As you say, one of the best things about blogging on WordPress is being able to connect with bloggers all around the world, and on each and every continent.

    1. Yes, I think it’s more noticeable to bloggers like me who blog daily. And absolutely it sucks when companies are exclusive. I don’t understand why there are no options for African (and some Europeans depending on their country) bloggers.

  8. So many good points Pooja! Yes if the Kardashians can call themselves business women then we can too. Ha! I have not heard of Stripe. Yes WP is too expensive for what we get. I do plan on leaving when something better comes along. On that note, do you have a newsletter? It’s helpful to have a newsletter that way with all the bumps in the road you still have a list of followers emails and you can get in touch with them via newsletter. Yes it would be nice to be able to delete comments on other’s posts. Something better will come along.

    1. Thank you! I do technically have a newsletter but never publish. I do have that list luckily.
      Yes, I am really waiting for something better to come along. If you find a good alternative to WP, do let me know.

  9. I agree with all you said here. I started on WP in 2012 and was ecstatic with the platform, choices of styles geared to individual need and the broad exposure. I don’t pay for a premium plan because we simply can’t afford it. But I do pay to keep my site identity. I have begun two blogs there due to outgrowing my photo ‘allotment’ space and am now on Blogger which, although less sophisticated, allows me much more freedom to do things. As for the Happiness Engineers, not a one of them has ever made me happy. 😞 They are quippy, disconnected and treat non technical people like idiots. What’s the point of paying fees for premium service when your first option for help is an endless list of automated responses and chats by other people with similar issues. Not helpful AT all!

    1. Yes, I joined around the same time as you and it was a great platform to be on. There were so many things offered to us even on the free plan. Now, even with a paid plan what you are offered is very limited. And yes, the Happiness Engineers have always been so unhelpful. I have had one or two positive experiences very long ago but other than that none of them have been helpful.

    1. Yes, I think all methods of payment should be allowed. I don’t love PayPal either but right now it’s the only thing I have that they accept.

  10. Hey! I’m from the U.S. and I also find it annoying that the only two companies they allow you to receive payments from are paypal and stripe. If I were to start selling things- which I plan to do at some point-, I’d rather open a business account with a real bank than paypal and Stripe. I’ve been looking into Patreon as an option to start selling books and other things. Is Patreon offered in Africa?

    1. Yes, I believe Patreon is available worldwide but I don’t know if you can embed it to your WordPress. Yes, it sucks that they limit you to just two methods of payment. I would rather connect a real bank account too and I told the Happiness Engineers that but apparently it’s not an option to receive payment.

  11. The only reason I’m still with WordPress is inertia + I’m reluctant to give up my followers and those I follow. I came to WordPress about 10 yrs ago, from Yahoo, who, believe it or not, were once very good, but did a similar slide into dysfunctionality. Does anyone know where those who are leaving [I’ve noticed quite a few of those I follow have disappeared] are going?

    1. Yeah, I’m staying for similar reasons. I think a lot of people have decided to join Medium since they pay content creators better than WordAds.

  12. Check out the ‘Delete Post’ plugin by business entourage on the WordPress plugins page, it allows only the author of the post to click a ‘delete post’ button on the front end and it works great! And for an upgraded version, all users on a blog who make a comment can delete a comment only they made, making it more social.

  13. A grim outlook is painted here! It is an unfair world. It must sometimes feel like even those with privilege, who are able to blog with the advantages you are referring to that are controlled by the WordPress design, are not as well off as they may seem.

    1. Yeah, to be honest I feel like not one is doing great on WordPress since the platform isn’t great. And often ignores creators.

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