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Quote Of The DayHope you enjoyed this weeks quote of the day and hope it inspires your to chase some dreams.

What’s Up With Me?

I had a really great weekend and started watching The White Lotus. I really like it so far. It’s pretty popular right now from what I’ve seen online so that’s why I decided to watch it. I like the story at the moment but let’s see how I feel about it after season 1. I’ve also been watching the most hated Velma. Not going to lie, I like it. Is it the greatest show ever? Of course not. But it’s entertaining and silly and great to watch when you just want to relax your brain for a while. I feel like all the hate is kind of uncalled for.

To be honest, I just find being alive really exhausting sometimes. Like, being an adult is just so disappointing. Although I didn’t really enjoy being a kid or a teenager that much either. Life in general is just so not worth it. All those downs just to have occasional ups. Over time, it starts to feel like the downs last forever and the ups are just fleeting moments. Sorry about the depressing post (the quote is quite uplifting and the irony of that is not lost on me). Just keeping it real with my Lifesfinewhine family. Just needed to get that off my chest, feel free not to respond. It’s more for me than for sharing tbh. I just find writing to be therapeutic.

Did you enjoy todays quote of the day? Have you watched The White Lotus? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below because I would love to hear from you!

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80 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #80

  1. I haven’t watched either of the shows and have been reading instead. I was sucked into a few Netflix and Stan series over the holidays and it is strange when they don’t exist anymore. I’m glad you are enjoying some light distraction. Hope you feel better soon. 😊

  2. I have two pieces for you today, I drew them in 2020. First one says Dream Big, there is a flower of course, because otherwise how could anyone possibly dream. The other piece is a sequel, it says Grow Slow, and this one has a design on it but it’s not a floral design. Anyway, let me find them for you… BRB

  3. I’m watching alice on borderland s2.
    It’s great.
    Life feels really boring sometimes Pooja. I mean, I feel I’m confused, I do not have any any clue and I feel lost.
    Feels like I need to be a part of a club or a group of like minded people who can guide me.

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard good things about it and it’s on my list.
      Yeah, I get that feeling. It’s how I’ve been feeling recently too.

  4. I am watching the last of us. I’m really enjoying it because I’m in to end of the world scenarios.

    As for the adulthood sucks, it does, but there is good. Hope you are having just a sad moment and not a rough time.

  5. I feel you. Being an adult is exhausting. We have to constantly live up to the expectations and rarely get the time to relax.
    Hope you regain your energy back!

  6. Hi Pooja,

    Setting a new goal means there are some features of this goal which makes it important from the previous other goals.
    I like trying new things, new approaches.

    Thank you for sharing the quote.
    It’s better to be transparent, for ourselves, and people around us. :⁠-⁠)

  7. “To be honest, I just find being alive really exhausting sometimes.” – Hi5 sister! I guess the ups pass by faster and the downs linger longer on our mind – which is why it seems like the ups are lesser. But yeah, overall not a fan of adulting and not a fan of this life thing. (Sorry I don’t have anything positive to add)

    1. I’m glad you didn’t add anything positive, sometimes you don’t need that you just need someone to say they get it. That helps more than anything. Lol yeah, not a fan of adulting or life either haha.

  8. Life can certainly be frustrating – particularly when things are not working out the way you’d hoped. It all takes long-term sweat and effort. But despite it all, life is great!

  9.     According to average statistics, I should be dead in 10 years. I don’t think I can finish any non-trivial goal in such a short amount of time. I’m already older than C.S. Lewis was. I can imagine on the day before my death I say “Eureka, I’ve found a purpose in life.” Then I start a project and die the next day — probably I’ll have finished the title. Oh, so then, my goal should be to write a dark comedy. Well, I don’t know. Y’know what they say about getting no applause doing stand-up comedy in a nightclub(in slang ‘dying’ means not performing well): “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.”
        Having a good laugh, I suppose, is one of those short ups, and orgasm. Oh, maybe that should have a twin expression, “Orgasm is easy, Love is hard.”
        And to have a hi high, you have to say goodbye.

  10. No, I have never seen white Lotus. Sorry you are feeling the way you are. Things will get better. Life is tough at times, but life is also beautiful because it is a gift from God. Keep your head up. It will all work out. I have never heard of Velma either. Have a great week. God bless you. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Another inspirational quote today, I share your experience of not being such a happy child or an adult, but reading quotes and blogs have really improved my quality of life

  12. We are on the same page about it. Being alive does feel exhausting but it’s worth living. Stay positive, pooja!
    I’ve neither watched white lotus nor Velma, lol! But I’ve heard about Velma.
    Not planning to watch either of them because of my exams!!

  13. So sorry you are down today. I have found that when I am down, looking at all I have is a real game changer for me. For example, we are now living in an apartment with a lovely glass door to look out onto our small yard, but also the neighbor’s wonderful yard. I am so grateful to have our own place! Also excited to be able to cook without worrying about cross-contamination from other people’s food gluten! Also grateful that the psycho ex doesn’t know where we live. Grateful for our healing and for my new work experience job at the shelter.

    I know it sometimes seems that it’s not worth it, but truly, if you are helping others (hello lifesfinewhiners!!!) you are exactly where you are supposed to be doing exactly what you are supposed to be! We love you on up days and down! 😊

  14. “I think people would live a bit longer if they didn’t know how old they were. Age puts restrictions on things.”
    — Karl Pilkington

  15. I liked the quote because I believe that no matter how old we are, we learn new things. And because there are so many things that we can learn and do, that we can set goals to achieve. As for your thoughts on life, I can understand the down days seem to hang around more than the up days. I think that many of us feel that way about life. But because you have realized that, I believe that it gives you the power to change those down days if you really want to or learn from them. Good post Pooj.

  16. I relate to and enjoy this quote. One thing I see happening to other people, as they get older, is that they stop dreaming and kind of turn into a human NPC, following routines, doing tasks, and the spark behind their eyes (life, invention, whatever you want to call it) kind of disappears.

    We should continue to learn, grow, explore, and evolve. Then we’ll be someone that others can learn from.

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed that too. A lot of adults often lose that part of themselves and stop dreaming big. But of course, to enjoy life we have to keep dreaming and growing.

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