Broken Promises

I gaze into his eyes

One last time

The eyes that made me fall in love

The eyes that I thought

I would spend forever with

Knowing that those were only dreams

That this will be our last time together

Breaks my heart

I remember us standing at the alter together

Ready to say our vows

And then he changed his mind

And now he will pay

For the broken promises

With his life

“Broken Promises” was inspired by recent events. Just kidding. Or am I?

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Poetry is a funny thing. You can experience emotions without actually experiencing anything you write about. Us writers are such strange beings. Or perhaps it’s just me.

As I am sure you know, I am not married and I am not a big fan of marriage in general. It works for some and it doesn’t work for others. The reason this poem came about is because I was looking at prompts and saw one about being left at the alter. And I thought to myself, what would I do in that situation? How would I feel in that situation? I would be sad and heartbroken. But I would also be really angry. I feel like leaving someone at the alter is such a low move. Like you humiliate them in front of everyone. You could probably have found a better way to call off the marriage. Also, like how awkward when you pick up your stuff from the house lol.

What did you think of the poem? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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92 thoughts on “Broken Promises

  1. Writers are fortunate, we get to have many experiences and sometimes none at all except those we imagine. This post made me think of that and be grateful I get to experience anything I want through my imagination but not have to go through everything first hand. Great read Pooja.

  2. The poem is sad. Things like that actually happen sometimes. There could have been a better way to call it off. Just reading it, my heart broke. We can write about anything and feel the emotions. Sometimes my own words brings tears to my eyes. We writers are just that way. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  3. I’m not a big fan of marriage either. There is this study that proved that marriages “work” and people end up being in a super toxic wedlock because of the social pressure that comes with being married. In a standard wedding, you spend all this money to make this extravagant ceremony, invite a bunch of people to witness you saying “I do” and agreeing to commit to forever with someone. What happens when, before forever comes, you realize you had made a mistake or they are not the person you thought they were? Will you leave them? But then are you willing to face ALL of these people who not only witnessed but also INVESTED in your wedding? Probably not. The social pressure keeps you in an unfulfilling and toxic wedding. Wow

    1. So true. A lot of times people realise they don’t want to be with the other person but it’s too late for them to leave. So they’re stuck in a marriage they can’t leave.

  4. Again, poem is good, but has a sad touch about it. I think all romantic poetry is about pain, anguish and suffering either due to unrequited love or jilted lovers.
    Nevertheless, the poets have a poetic licence to imagine the things unheard of. Their imagination runs sharp, and they can come up with novel ideas. However, the readers associate themselves with these ideas and have a feeling of déjà vu.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I think most romantic poetry can be quite sad. It’s nice that readers and poets can associate different emotions to the same poem.

  5. Love the poem!💕 I think I would become Hell if a man did that to me. The good to come out of it is that you didn’t waste years with that spouse. Marriage has its ups and downs, but whoo…. If I ever got separated from my husband I wouldn’t get married again. 😆

  6. Yes, I watched several movies at least that one of the lovers gets cold feet and leaves the other at the altar. In real life, I only see this played out once. Oh, my goodness, I should write that story. Thank you for inspiring me. Yes, only once and it is a funny story. And more often, I witnessed women expecting a marriage after several years’ relationship, but the marriage never came into fruition. I think men and women have probably equal opportunities in their twenties. However as time pass, men would assume more privilege. Men get more and more opportunities in middle age and beyond while women’s opportunities dwindle. I guess this is already cliche since everybody knows.

    1. Actually I don’t want to sound so negative but I can’t edit my own comments. LOL. I want to say women can find more interesting things in life and have a fulfilled life outside of traditional role. If we women always think men are our destiny, we will be very disheartened by the trajectory of life and the battle between the sexes. However life is not really about competitions or battles. Life is to search one’s real happiness and satisfaction.

      1. Sometimes the truth is harsh lol. Very true, we often are told that the only route to happiness is marriage and kids but obviously that’s far from true for many women.

    2. Yes, please do write that story I would be very interested in reading it. I’ve never witnessed that for myself. So true, men are allowed to age whereas it’s seen as a bad thing in women.

  7. This is a beautiful poem. At first I thought it was sad, but then it really wasn’t. That last line wasn’t a woman being sad and hurting, it was a woman taking her power back. Not in the most well-balanced way, but I can see how his pretty eyes looking at her could make her decide that they’d be just as pretty lifeless. I like how what was sad was now more of a lamenting farewell to a man and a relationship that were both once alive.

    1. Thanks so much. I meant the end as the woman taking back her power and control of her life. She was humiliated but this was her taking control again.

  8. I feel like you are still playing with this idea, not completely opposed to marriage. Yet you sort of trying to warn your valentine that it’s a risky business for her or him. It’s almost like saying, there is no way back, are you still sure? think twice

  9. The pain of broken promises and broken love can be overwhelming. It’s like a heavy weight that pulls us down, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to escape it. We can’t forget the words that were said, the promises that were made, and the feelings that were shared. We can’t forget the moments of joy, the laughter, and the love that was once there. But now, all that remains is a broken heart, shattered dreams, and a future that looks bleak. We can’t help but feel lost, confused, and alone. We can’t help but feel that our trust has been betrayed and our hearts have been broken. We can’t help but feel like our dreams and hopes have been crushed. But, even in the midst of all this pain, we still have the strength to keep going and to find our way back to love.

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  11. You needed a knief image with blood in the cover pic, oh what a fun.

    An interesting poem PG. You write beautifully (And I think you know that too).
    However, I still believe in marriage, and I’m still looking for a bride. So, if that girl is not marrying the dude, I’m available.

    About you, I see in your future, you will get married in year 2030. I will stick around to prove myself right. Haha

    1. Lol, that would have given the end away.
      Thanks so much. Do you really want to marry her? She’s deranged 😂 Maybe find a sane bride instead 😅
      Lol, if I get married in 2030 you’re invited 😅

  12. Your poem reminded me of Taylo swift’s Reputation album, lol!
    Talking of marriages, I love that concept of commitment and everything else, but lately I’m scared of that term. What if it doesn’t work for me or what if I get betrayed??? It’s too scary to handle a broken marriage.
    I know, it’s not my age to get married, but as you know Indian parents! The moment you turn 20, they start thinking of your marriage!!!!!!!!!

    1. I love her and that album!
      Yeah, that’s the thing. Like people change so much what if your husband changes and becomes a bad person. It’s really scary. Lol, I understand. There’s so much marriage pressure for us.

      1. Glad to know you love her too, don’t know why but it feels good to meet other swifties, maybe I’m just crazy, lol!
        Exactly! Life and people are just too much unpredictable.

  13. I’m glad the narrator give this poem to you so that you could present it to us. I saw this wedding. They built a large platform under a tree where her Father was sitting on a branch with a rope. When the groom changed his mind, he threw a noose over his head, a trapdoor opened under the groom, the noose tightened and he was strangled to death. When the police arrived they told her family to stop cheering. The Father escaped on a helicopter. The bride was tearful, but no one knows for whom.
        It was kind of you to help her write this. I hope they don’t make you a witness or conspirator.
        Good poem.

    1. Yes, let’s hope the cops never find this poem and it was definitely nice of her to share her story with me which inspired this poem lol.

  14. I can relate to your post extremely well, we share that marriage just is not right for us. I love how you are inspired in the topics that you write about, they are always interesting and easy for us all to relate to.

  15. I absolutely loved the poem. The transition of emotion from sadness to anger is so well laid out, I could feel myself getting enraged towards the end of it hah!
    And I agree with your perspective on the art of writing. Truly remarkable that we don’t even need to have experienced the things we can write about. It could be a form of empathy, perhaps, to be able to capture the depths of emotions that would hypothetically be felt by someone in a hypothetical situation… Like acting, but with words

    1. Thank you so much, that’s such a compliment!
      Yes, writing is such a fascinating thing. It allows us to walk in someone else’s shoes and experience so many things.

  16. *This is a companion piece to your poem but from the perspective of a guy*

    Promises Kept

    Her captivating touch

    A temporal gateway to ecstasy

    My quest, to bind our love

    sweet permanence of matrimony

    represented by a diamond

    Strong, immutable and divine

    The day of unification came

    And I stood alone for the crowd

    My vows, rehearsed and soul forged

    My heart a victim

    of capricious and fleeting happiness

    my contempt smashed the diamond

    leaving my spirit to drift slowly

    into solitude

  17. You are write. People used to wonder how I would write “romantic” high school letters for people when I wasn’t in “relationships myself. It’s all from point of view. And naturally, humans are more the same than they are different

      1. Yes please. Only the expression of emotions are different but the emotions are the same across the board. And writing immortalizes the emotions that’s why someone is able to express someone else’s emotions and experiences

  18. I liked your poem, but then that “inspired by” line and the Dwight gif cracked me up. I agree about poetry writing. It feels like tapping into something that goes beyond oneself. So it often ends up expressing things the writer has never experienced personally.

    1. Haha thanks. Yeah, it really is like tapping into something beyond oneself. You get to experience things you haven’t really experienced.

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