My Indian Wedding Experience

My Indian Wedding Experience Nairobi Kenya

My Indian Wedding Experience

As you may recall if you read my earlier post, I had promised I would share my Indian wedding experience with you by the end of the week. Unfortunately, I got busy yesterday because we had like eight guests and I had some work to do too. So I ended up not posting last night. But I wanted to share those pictures and kept them ready so here is my entire Indian wedding experience.

Ps: for those of you that don’t know my cousin recently got married and I was a part of the wedding and wanted to share those experiences here. Not my own wedding lol.

Mehndi/Henna Night

Mehndi Henna Night

This was my look for the wedding night. My bathroom has weirdly good lighting so I took a few pictures to share with you guys. I don’t normally wear pink but this was a dress my aunt had bought for me when she went to India. And I ran out of cute Indian dresses to wear so I ended up wearing this one for the mehndi night.

For those of you that don’t know, mehndi is a type of Indian art and is like semi-permanent tattoos I guess. This is how mine turned out:

Best Henna/Mehndi Nairobi Kenya

Best Henna/Mehndi Nairobi Kenya

Best Henna/Mehndi Nairobi Kenya

This is me at the party not staring at a hot guy I ran into…

Mehndi Night

The mehndi night was nice but they had barely any vegan food options so I kind of came home hungry. And the I don’t know what type of mehndi they used but it made my skin burn and peel which isn’t a great sign. I was shocked since I’ve done mehndi my whole life and this has never happened before.

Pre-wedding Ceremony

So, we have this pre-wedding ceremony before the wedding. I’m not sure what it is or why we do it if I’m being honest. My mum already explained it to me and I’m scared to ask again lol. This is a pretty important ceremony and this was my outfit. Sorry for the tiny image but I had to crop out my family. All of whom specifically told me they didn’t want to be on my blog lol πŸ˜‚ Anyway, this was my favourite picture from the entire wedding. I look cute and the outfit is really nice. Shoutout to my cousin for taking this picture of us. He has an instagram business page you can follow, please do by clicking here.

Indian Wedding Experience

More pictures from my room incoming:

Indian Wedding Experience

Indian Wedding Experience

Indian Wedding Experience

Indian Wedding Experience

Meet And Greet

The meet and greet was actually the biggest event in the wedding. Although it wasn’t too big of a wedding and none of the events were that big, this had about 900 people coming. And it was pretty much a pre-wedding dinner where the family and friends and everyone gets together to celebrate. I asked my uncle to take a picture of the family and he did a horrible job lol. This is my least favourite picture of me. But I always keep it real with you guys so I’m sharing it. Please ignore my lipstick that decided to take a trip during dinner.

Meet And Greet

The Wedding

The wedding itself finally came. Very early in the morning. By this point I was feeling gross and bloated from all the oily food and that’s why I look awful in all the pictures. But you know what? It is what it is. Sometimes I look amazing and other times I don’t. Life goes on. Anyway here are the images.

Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Outfits

By the way, my mum custom made this entire outfit for me from scratch!


What can I say about my Indian wedding experience. Well, I hope not to be part of one any time soon. It takes way too much time and energy. Wishing the couple the best though, lol. And at least I met some new cousins because of the wedding which was nice.

Sorry there aren’t more images but I was just trying to be in the moment most of the time. Also I was so sleepy my brain was barely functioning.

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160 thoughts on “My Indian Wedding Experience

  1. You look beautiful in every photo, Pooja! I love the non-tattoos, very colorful. I’m sorry that your skin peeled, it should heal up nicely. ❀️

  2. You look so pretty in pink, and it’s never been my go to color either until recently. I guess I’m embracing it as I’m getting older. Love your henna tattoos as well, looks like you all had a nice time. πŸ’›

  3. 900 people! Wow, that is a BIG gathering. The outfits look really amazing. I enjoy seeing people share their cultures… thanks for telling us about the wedding. Hopefully the mendhi doesn’t burn anymore.

    1. Thanks so much. Haha 900 is less than I’m used to for weddings. Indian weddings are usually really big. Yes, the mehndi has healed now but I’ve learnt my lesson to be careful lol.

  4. You look adorable in these pics PG πŸ˜€
    One thing people don’t know about Indian weddings is that it’s so expensive on everyone. I mean, to prepare dresses for all these functions is actually expensive.
    You can wear them again in my wedding, I won’t mind and won’t tell anyone 😝
    Mehndi these days are mostly artificial, they add colors so that it easily catch colour on hands πŸ™ŒπŸ».
    All the dresses look lovely, this is the most Indian you’ve ever looked, let’s say that. Were your comfortable in those dresses? Especially lehenga, that’s heavy usually!
    The one respected aunty made is well made and looks good on you.
    Yes, major issue is lack of availability of vegan food. I wonder what’s on menu there πŸ€”
    Overall seems like a pleasant experience. Seeing you made me very happy dear friend πŸ€—

    1. Thanks so much. No, everything was uncomfortable and I hated it so much. But I looked pretty so it’s fine. Actually the dress I wore for the meet and greet was extremely comfortable.
      Yes, that mehndi had some really awful chemicals and I have learned to be careful now.
      The food was the usual Indian stuff like curry and naan, biryani, chips etc.
      Thanks 😊

      1. Atleast you admit that you look pretty.
        I’m satisfied to see these pics.
        Seems like a good time πŸ˜€
        In India, there’s a lot of adulterated stuff. They generally add red color, it is very bad.
        It’s hard to find vegan food isn’t it? πŸ™‚
        Especially in functions.

        1. Yes, people have started adding colour here too. So bad for us. Vegan food is surprisingly not that hard to find, to be honest they just made weird food choices for this wedding.

            1. Yeah I hate weird food combinations but it seems everyone is picking them these days. Like it’s genuinely been a while since I went for a dinner/lunch with a normal menu.

              1. I guess with time when more people goes towards veganism, there will be more options available. πŸ˜ƒ
                Weird combinations are pineapple on pizza, you can never escape them, and people will keep doing such stuff πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love the tattoos, but sorry they made your skin peel. Try some high quality pure lavender oil. Lavender heals skin! Love the outfits – one was more gorgeous than the last! Glad you had a good time a s met new cousins. Now, rest, relax, and recuperate!

    1. Thanks! My hands are okay now, I put clove water on them and some vaseline before I slept. It made my hands super dry which caused cuts and burning but the vaseline cleared up the problem.

  6. So gorgeous Pooja. Love the outfits and sorry about the mehndi burning , but the design was really lovely.

    The build up to the actual event is draining lol but the colors, laughter and coming together of families is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing Pooja. πŸ€—

    1. Thank you so much, the mehndi design was done by my mum as she used to be a mehndi artist but the cones came from the brides family so we didn’t know the ingredients would do that to our skin. Still it was fun for the most part 😊

  7. Wooow you look gorgeous in all those pictures! And those dresses are stunning too! 😍😍 900 people is a huuuuge wedding though! 😱

  8. You’re looking very pretty in all of these pics.πŸ’• Even though I love mehendi but sometimes things go wrong and it irritates the skin, hope you’re better now.

  9. Asian weddings still hold the old traditions and its so.amazing experience to see so many people there for You in your wedding . A true blessing . You look so Nice as well . πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° . Happy marriage for Your Cousin

  10. Wait a sec. 900 people!!? At the meet and greet? I think I must be reading it wrong. Cuz that’s a small town LoL. And those colors omg!!!! I love them. The turquoise and red, beautiful. I live that combo, I painted my kitchen those colors after my son died. Because it made me happy. You look beautiful in all those pictures lady! Because real is beautiful ❀️

    1. Lol I know 900 sounds a lot but it’s not that much for an Indian wedding lolπŸ˜‚ The wedding ceremony just had like 150 people though.
      Thank you! Yes, those colours go so well together.

  11. You look beautiful and I love your outfits. The wedding experience sounds draining though so I understand. I have a Guyanese friend of Indian descent and they hold on to their Indian traditions quite well. Now I see why she says she’s not sure she wants to get married because the ceremonies last for days

  12. Pooja, you look absolutely beautiful and all the outfits are gorgeous. Here in America as you probably know the tradition for the bride is to wear white. Does the Indian bride wear anything especially meant just for her?

    1. I know this meant for Pg, but I dare to reply.
      Indian bride wear special lehenga.
      The heavier it is, the expensive it gets.
      Generally it’s in red. But nowdays it are in different colour as well.

  13. You look absolutely stunning in every pic. That outfit your mother made is beautiful. I like the tats, very artistically arranged. The dresses are beautiful. I like that material. The designs are very intricate. I am glad you had a good time with your family. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  14. Nice, beautiful clicks in traditional Indian dresses. How was your experience and feelings for wearing such heavy dresses because normally you don’t put on such traditional dresses.
    As for food, all subcontinental dishes are rich in oil, and you are left with no choice except to be hungry.

    1. It was fun but I most definitely did not enjoy dragging those clothes around all day. I’m not at all used to it and it was really hot too.
      Yes, you can’t escape the oily foods even if you try.

  15. WHOA, 900 people?! I’m amazed at that huge amount. Also, AH you looked so beautiful! πŸ₯Ή Your makeup, hair, and outfits, everything are so pretty! The details are gorgeous. I love the outfit your mom made for you, that’s really special. πŸ’›

  16. Your mom is talented! Bathrooms are the perfect photo studios, always. Lol. Even the cheapest bathrooms have better lighting than any room in the house.

  17. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, I really loved all the photographs you provided us. Very beautiful outfit, I have never seen such outfits before I appreciate you taking the time to post this for me to enjoy and learn

  18. Oh, I used to have a colleague who is a vegan and he complained about “no vegan food” all the time at various gatherings. I think that’s a common thing. People just don’t make vegan food available. There should be more vegans in the world. And you look gorgeous and absolutely lovely. I like all your outfits, especially the all red one. And 900 is a small wedding. LOL. You make me laugh. I’ve never attended an Indian wedding myself, but I used to live in a house, which had an Indian neighbor and they had a wedding there once. It occupied the lawns, which was the common area for the houses around, for almost a week and there were so many people in beautiful dresses and all the music and everything.

    1. Yes, unfortunately vegan food is a bit hard to find. But in this case, I have to admit my aunt and them made weird choices with the menu. Usually I always find vegan foods at functions. This was the first time I found so little.
      Yeah, Indian weddings go on for a while and include so many people. It can actually be overwhelming lol. But mostly fun.

      1. You are right. It’s such an overwhelmingly beautiful event. And men would dress up too and they sometimes would sit there as if it is a conference and they are debating something. At least that’s the Indian wedding I observed and I wish I knew what was happening there. It felt like a wedding, a festival, and an election all rolling into one. You just reminded me to share an easy vegan dish I just discovered…

        1. Lol it usually is a wedding, a festival, and an election all rolled into one. Yeah men dress up too and wear all the traditional clothes. It’s really fun to see that.
          Yes, do share the recipe. I love finding new vegan recipes.

  19. You look lovely Pooja🌸 I know Indian wedding are not for everyone because it can get too much and you just want to go home. But I am hope you made some great memories 😊

  20. You look gorgeous! I have been to an Indian wedding too. I wasn’t in one, but I can relate to your uncertainty about what’s going on sometimes

  21. You look lovely and your post is delightful. I have misty memories of several lifetimes in India, male and female, and in one I desired a red sari to be married in but something prevented that happening… I remembered that one when I saw a beautiful red sari in a thrift shop and brought it home where it is cherished as a wish finally come true. I’m old now with a marriage long behind me and two wonderful grown up children in a very different culture so the red sari stays in an old suitcase. πŸ™πŸ˜‚πŸ₯°

    1. That’s so interesting and I guess this lifetime worked out differently for you but as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters 😊

  22. Hi Pooja,

    Were you more excited about β€˜the wedding’ or β€˜to get clicked good pictures of yours’?
    Writing a blog post on wedding, of indians, is not easy either.

    I say this because β€œthese weddings proceed in more unorganised way” though they follow some orders.
    Rituals and procedural practices can be longer.
    If you’re not enough informed you’re gonna be feeling bored.

    My hometown is closer to the state of Gujarat.
    The local songs which people hear in my area are being produced in Gujarat for a long time.
    But I have never got a chance to be a part of a Gujarati wedding.

    Another point is this blog is operated in such a way that I’m able to express my thoughts freely here.
    Like, I don’t know if β€˜females can hear critical points from a guy, easily’.

    Of course, I don’t have anything to criticize.
    This blog post is beautiful.
    And I suggest you to not delete it.

    Pink colour suits on you. Mehendis are also designed creatively.

    I hope you have enjoyed this entire event as I can sense that overwhelming excitement from this blog post.

    Congratulations to the couples for getting married!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
    I wish for the happiness, unity and prosperity of all members of the family.

    Best wishes to you. Take care.✨✨

    1. Thank you so much, yes I had a wonderful time and was happy to have an excuse to dress up and write this blog lol. You should attend a Gujarati wedding if you ever get the chance, they’re very fun.

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