One Sentence Story #9

One Sentence Story

One Sentence Story:

Grateful but not satisfied.

About the one sentence story:

Happy Women’s Month to all women. This one sentence story is a more sad take on it I guess. I am so grateful for the amazing women who fought so hard so that I could be here writing this. So that women could get closer to having equal rights.

At the same time I am still saddened to see where women are right now. We still have such a long way to go and an exhausting fight ahead of us. I hope we can all come together to make this world a better place for women. And not just post something about women’s day/women’s month and then forget all about it.

I was going to say something more light and uplifting but deleted that paragraph. I was having an okay day but it just got worse and by the end of it I am absolutely just feeling done. Just keeping it real with you guys. I walked for a bit and listened to music which helped though.

I’ve also been super busy with work and life so my YouTube video is going to take a while. But hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and post it by the end of the week. Let’s see. Sorry about the wait guys! But I am super excited to make it and hopefully it’ll turn out good. Let us see though…

What has been happening with you? Do you like jackfruit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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79 responses to “One Sentence Story #9”

  1. Very Nice.
    Happy Women’s Day.

    1. Thank you so much.

  2. I love jackfruit, ripe or green, as a dessert or as a meat substitute. I also love celebrating the 8th of March. Cheers to all the women who made history, and to all the women who will make the future!

    1. Yes, jackfruit is so delicious and we can make so many different dishes with it.

      1. for sure, i need to go but one

  3. Happy women day. Stay strong and keep shining. You as a blogger can contribute to the cause of women.

    1. Thank you so much and I do try to when I can.

  4. Keeping it real is always best, though I hope you feel better! I personally would like for the US to finally treat breastfeeding like the normal thing that it is and not try so hard to make it shameful or hide it.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I wish people would stop being weird about breastfeeding. It’s a natural part of life and provides nourishment to babies. There’s nothing wrong or bad about it and people should be able to feed when they need to.

      1. Absolutely true said Pooja! I completely agree with you because it’s normal so people should also understand that 🤗😊

  5. Belated Happy International Women’s Day. I have never eaten jackfruit, but I am curious now.

    1. Thanks and you should try it, jackfruit is delicious. You can eat it on its own or cooked.

  6. I try to praise strong women everyday, not just during a day, week, or month. Tell a strong woman in your life that you admire her. It may make her day!

    As for jackfruit, I’ve never tried it. I used to have a client (she passed away now) who would get a new and different fruit every year to try with her grandson. It was their tradition. Very unique and quite awesome. Did you like the jackfruit? What does it taste like?

    1. That’s amazing, women should definitely be appreciated daily!

      Yeah, I love jackfruit and have been eating it for a few years now when it’s in season. If you eat it ripe and raw it’s really sweet and almost melts in your mouth. It’s nice cooked too and makes a very good meat alternative since it really soaks up flavour well.

  7. To be honest, I don’t know what jackfruit is haha. But so glad to hear you were feeling a little bit better by the end of the day. You totally got this girl… Us women are so strong! (Even on the days we dont feel like it)

    1. Yes, we are incredibly strong and resilient! Jackfruits are these huge green fruits. They’re delicious. Definitely try one sometime.

  8. You have a wide circle of influence and you seem to use it wisely. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much!

  9. Pooja, you will be successful in time whatever you set out to achieve. You are a determined young lady. I look forward to seeing you continue to spread your wings and fly.

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words.

  10. I am not very ambitious about women’s being equal, knowing the difficulty of it. I only hope that more women can get some break from cooking and cleaning. Wish AI can be a better cook and better cleaner, freeing women from these tasks. I really think that should be the priority for AI development. Instead of making AI weapons, surveillance tools etc, it should aim at helping women so that more women can be freed from these traditional tasks. Women want more inspiring jobs and more communicative relationships…

    1. Yes, unfortunately I feel the same way. Equality doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a reality. At least not in our next few hundred lifetimes lol.
      If people wanted to help women have better lives they could. But then they wouldn’t be able to exploit us and keep us submissive.

      1. Women should learn to navigate an unfriendly world and manage her struggle so that she can live a best possible life for herself. Women face a lot of challenges, like the prejudice of her own family and community, books that don’t tell their stories, the media that doesn’t want to tackle women’s real issues, a school system that’s more interested in scores and less interested in women, a juggle between family and profession, health issues etc. etc. It goes on and on. A lot of things we heard are very misleading and it is easy for a woman to make decisions that are not really good for her own benefit.

        1. Yes, I agree. Things are not going to get easier so we just have to learn to do our best with the hand we have been dealt. We have to be strong and do what is best for us.

  11. Happy Womens Day Pooja, I like that you keep it real 😊

    1. Thank you so much 😊

  12. Yes Pooja very grateful but definitely not satisfied! We still have a lot of ground to cover.

    1. Yes, we do but that’s part of the fight!

  13. Happy Women’s Day, Pooja. We took a step as women, and will reach there eventually🤞
    I laughed at your “jackfruit” question that seemed to have popped up randomly. Reminded me of jackfruit pickle😋
    Hope you have a better day🤍

    1. Thank you so much and yes if we keep fighting we’ll get there one day.
      You can pickle jackfruit?? Omg thank you for telling me, I’ll try that 😊

      1. Lol, sometimes I think our elders can pickle anything 😂do give it a try…quite tasty.
        You welcome 🤍

        1. Lol true, the other day I learnt that people pickle eggplant which was new to me.

  14. Happy women’s day, again
    I hope things get better. There’s some progress, but let’s see.
    Your yt video is taking forever. I thought you dropped the idea. I’m glad it’s still there 😂
    What jackfruit has to do with this blog?

    1. Thanks so much. Lol just wanted to share my jackfruit story. Yes, the YT video is definitely coming soon.

  15. So much truth in just few words!

    1. Thank you so much!

  16. Women’s day just highlights how much worse life is becoming for a lot of women. The misuse of religion seems to be at the root of most of it. The Abrahamic religions stem from a misogynistic desert culture in which women were traded like cattle, had no rights and were viewed as evil temptresses that men needed protecting from. Christianity moved on a bit. Judaism to a lesser extent but Islam has a long way to go. What is happening in these Islamic theocracies is horrendous – Iran, Pakistan, Oman, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Saudi etc. We need a world-wide movement to insist on equal rights for women. We need to bring religion out of the dark ages.

    1. Yes, there is truly a long way to go before we have equal rights. And sometimes it feels like we’re going backwards.

  17. Happy women’s day

    1. Thanks and to you too.

        1. You’re very welcome.

  18. My share…Her presence is like apricity for my heart and soul.

    1. That’s a wonderful share, thank you.

  19. The automated freight deliveries, now, finally arriving on a dependable schedule, her election as the first female President of the United Colonies of Mars having been confirmed, then at last, the first Congress of Mars having been assembled under the prime dome, she brought her child, the first girl born on Mars, held her high up, and when the child cried, the Speaker of the House announced, hitting the gavel, “The first child wishes the session to come to order,” but when they cheered, the baby laughed, and even the men cried with the joy born to a new world on a planet of peace.

    1. That’s an interesting story in just one sentence.

  20. I just love your one sentence stories. They speak so much in just a few words. Never thought one sentences can be that deep. You really have the talent to speak less and more at the same time I hope you keep posting them in future. Last but not the least, !!Hapy Womens day!!

    1. Thank you so much, really means a lot. Happy Women’s Day!

  21. Hola amigos🙋🏻‍♀️
    Nothing special is happening with me right now.
    I like jackfruit. I have had that dish and it looks like ‘a non veg dish’ lol. I think it’s considered a chicken 🐥 for a vegetarian. If you are vegetarian, you should try to eat once.
    I’m both anyway.
    🐰I used to be a vegan and YOU KNOW what, I cried sayin good bye to my DEAR chicken 🐥. Now I don’t🐻.
    I guess, I’m again gonna attempt to be a VEGAN. 🐼🥗

    1. I’m vegan and yeah sometimes I use jackfruit as a meat substitute but mostly I’ve been eating it raw these days lol 😅

  22. Happy Women’s Day. I think your video will be great. Take your time. Women have come a long way, and we still have to fight for what we want, but guess what, it will get better.

    1. Thanks so much and I definitely agree with you.

      1. You’re welcome.

  23. My sister likes jack fruit. I don’t. I love your sentence. I wanted my International Women’s day post to be uplifting as well. No such luck.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I wish we had more to celebrate but it is what it is I guess.

  24. It’s totally okay to have some despair on International Women’s Day. It’s a double-edged sword sometimes

    1. Yes, it can be a bittersweet day. Thanks.

  25. On point! There are certain things in life we should never be satisfied with. Jack fruit? Yuck 😝. Everyone around me goes crazy for it, especially when we’re in Jamaica. For me? Did I already say yuck!

    1. Thank you. Haha noooo jackfruit is sooo good! 😂

      1. No, it isn’t 🤣🤣.

  26. It might be coming late….
    But I’m appreciating and celebrating all the women out there!🎉
    (…Are girls included too?🤔)

    1. It’s still Women’s Month so not too late and yes girls are absolutely included 😊

  27. […] I edited a post last minute before I scheduled it. And I had a little story about jackfruit in yesterdays post and that led to one of the questions I left for you guys being about jackfruit. Now being the […]

  28. Thank you, happy women’s month to you.

    And yes I love jackfruit.😊

    1. Thanks and me too, jackfruits are delicious 😊

  29. A very nice post Pooja! Great post and A very happy women’s day again! I know that you are doing wonders in life and You can do a lot of things for taking the women to the top! Great👍😊👏

    1. Thank you so much. Really appreciate your kind words 😊

      1. My pleasure✨😌

  30. love your post and keeping it real Pooja. Happy IWM… xo💗

    1. Thank you and to you too! 💕

      1. You’re so welcome.. and what the hell else would we do? 🤣

  31. It’s frustrating to see that progress is so slow on issues of gender equity. And you’re right, this needs to be the focus for more than just one day a year.

    1. Yes, I agree. We have made progress but there is still such a long way to go and we need to talk about that every day.

  32. Always taken for granted but rarely appreciated.

    What men have to remember is that the vast majority are raised by women. A generation, each and every generation, is fundamentally raised by women. Food for thought

    1. Yes, that’s something men sometimes forget.

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