One Sentence Story #11

One Sentence Story

One Sentence Story: Blindly I follow, even when I know you’ll be the end of me.

About The One Sentence Story:

Do you guys ever meet someone who has the same energy as you? This has nothing to do with this weeks one sentence story. It’s just I met someone who has the same anxious energy as me and I love it. It’s so rare for me to meet people I can relate to that share the same energy as me. So this was a real treat.

Anyway, back to the one sentence story. I don’t know how many of you guys use Reddit. I don’t, but I do enjoy reading or hearing some of the stories people share on it. Especially the AITA stories. If you haven’t read these, check them out. They are much more entertaining than many of the movies I’ve seen recently. If you think your life is weird, wait till you get on Reddit.

Back to the story, I have read so many posts about people who are obviously with a very toxic and messed up partner and just refuse to admit it to themselves and continue to stay. Even when it means that they are ruining their own lives. And often that of those around them like their kids or families. That is what inspired this story. It’s so sad when people cling on to something that is clearly not worth hanging on to. Leave your own one sentence story in the comments section below because I would absolutely love to read them. Or just simply stop by and say hi!

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104 responses to “One Sentence Story #11”

  1. Glad to hear that you met someone! 😊

    1. Thanks! It’s wasn’t romantic, just someone I met in passing but it was still nice to know I’m not the only one.

  2. Reddit makes you feel like you are unique, just like everyone else…

    1. Lol, true. Everyone on it is unique like everybody else.

      1. I love reading other people’s stories, makes me feel very normal 🙂

        1. Lol and it makes us more grateful because it could be worse.

  3. I feel like your one sentence story is my own. So I can’t even come up with anything better at the moment haha.

    1. Lol that’s okay, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. The further I go from normalcy, the more I believe I’ll find a warmer sea.

    1. Being your authentic self instead of forcing yourself to live by the norms always brings joy.

  5. “I met my soulmate, she didn’t”

    1. Ouch, love that one sentence story though.

  6. The object of our passion often doesn’t fit in our schedule, our aspiration, or our family.

    1. That’s why so many people abandon their passions.

    2. Yes true indeed but if passion is more than everything seems to very small though there are several issues in life.

  7. How about this in response.
    Reality check dictates he leave me alone and I agree.

    1. Some people are not supposed to be in our lives forever. Great one sentence story.

  8. REDDIT SUCKS. And that subreddit is so frustrating. It’s depressing how many people on there are so terrible to each other. But overall, if you’re not a particular person and go by the status quo, they’ll bully you off of there. There’s better subreddits, but it’s so easy to get ignored and assume you matter.😮‍💨

    1. Also one sentence story:

      She scrolled down the page and met her doom.

      1. Sounds about right especially if she was scrolling through Reddit 😅

        1. 😂😂😂

    2. Lol, Reddit is one of the most toxic places on the internet but for some reason I also can’t stop reading stuff on it. It’s like watching a train wreck or something.

      1. I don’t blame you. I always go back to that stupid website time to time. It has something that brings people back…like Tumblr (which is the more feminine leaning Reddit)

        1. Yeah, I can never resist Tumblr too. Those two sites are so addictive even though they’re so toxic 😭

          1. It’s so stressssful.😂😂😂

  9. Hi Pooja🙌

  10. I love AITA!!! I am glad you found someone with your energy.

    1. Thanks and yeah AITA is soooo entertaining although I feel so bad for them sometimes! People are so toxic.

  11. oftentimes, I ignore my minds reasoning to listen to my heart demanding 😉

    a thought provoking story, Pooja.🤍

    1. Haha, I think we all do that from time to time 😅 Thanks so much 😊

      1. most welcome…

  12. Glad you met someone, that’s awesome! One sentence story speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you so much. And have a wonderful week too.

  13. But the bridge between two of us is broken.

    1. Heartbreaking but that happens.

  14. “Friendship: hard to handle, easy to ruin.”

    1. So much truth in your one sentence story 💯

  15. And then what happened?
    You can’t drop your story in between

    1. Lol, of course I have to stop there that’s why it’s a one sentence story 😅

      1. I feel something is cooking

        I hope you find the right person, who can tolerate your whinning 😜

        1. Lol I don’t know I’m not actively looking but may bump into someone 😅

          1. Well good luck. I hope you bump into someone good.
            Maybe your style and genre of poetry will change then, haha

            1. Lol never!

  16. Our achilles heel..

    1. sorry, mine is half a sentence D:

      1. Lol it’s fine, I like it.

  17. Loved knowing the abbreviation of the the word AITA!

    1. Haha glad to hear that!

  18. Drinking my magic potion is allowing you to hum an “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven, hum Dusty, hum me, falling for my voice when it is like a swallow, and following me in every flight and even folly, pleasing me and seeing me as your only ecstasy, darling, so then swallow me, a potion, to have that notion that I’d love you, and hover for you on every phrase you sing, but hum me dearly like an ode to tickled-feathered fickles if you will and if you must sing the praises of the justice trance into the last fires of the Apocalypse.

    1. That’s quite a sentence. I’m always impressed by your one sentence stories.

  19. Wild music rockin’, so many hurtin’ women on the road, thinking they love me for my song, my performance, my soul and wild luscious lust, these rhapsodized shames on me, waited on while my main Lady waits for me to come home to be a lover, a father, provider of presence more important than presents, maybe, oh I don’t know, maybe you know I don’t want to hurt you or my son who cries like I used to when my Daddy went away, but there’s songs on the road and money to be made, so many people hurtin’ for love, so many singing into bed, hurts so bad, not wanting it to be you just wanted it to be me because I’m a fool, trying to come home.

    1. Another great one sentence story.

  20. Mutual destruction can often veils itself as the passionate love because no one really wants to die alone.

    1. Yeah and that makes people cling to others even the wrong person. It’s sad.

  21. I think most people go through life like that, maybe trusting the wrong people. Trump comes to mind.

    1. Yeah, a lot of people put their trust in the wrong people. Sad.

  22. We kill each other lovingly with worlds of broken promises.

    It can be hard to feel understood, even with family and friends, so I’m happy you’ve someone who does!

    1. That’s an amazing one sentence story. Loved it.

      True, I often feel misunderstood so it’s nice to meet people who are similar.

      1. Thank you!
        And it’s strange.. so many people feel misunderstood but you still have to find the ones who feel it the same way you do.. if that makes sense.

        1. Yup, I totally get it. You have to find people that are the same type of “weird” as you are.

          1. Lol. True. And sometimes you just need people who can appreciate your weirdness.. because we really are so uniquely strange.

            1. Yes, absolutely.

    1. Thanks so much.

  23. I have tho…same energy

    1. Glad there’s more of us out there.

  24. So back to this same energy person, guy or girl?

    1. It was a girl and I just met her in passing but it was cool that she had the same energy I do.

  25. You are so wise Pooja! Hugs, C

    1. Not as wise as you, your writing is always brilliant!

  26. I think everyone has been there at some point. So much fun to resonate with someone with similar energy Pooja. Fun Fun! 💞

    1. Thanks and yeah it was so nice! 💕

  27. Relationships are complicated. Most of the time, people stay in such relationships just because of their children and their future. It’s hard to stay in such a relationship, but it’s not easy to walk away from such a relationship either.

    1. Yes, I agree it’s difficult but in a lot of the posts I read they didn’t have children. And even when there are children involved I believe it’s best to walk away because the toxicity effects the kids negatively as well.

  28. You are so desperate for someone to love you, you have destroyed any love they had for you by destroying their own existence.

    1. Ouch, yeah that happens when someone is desperate for love but doesn’t love themselves.

      1. Yeah I was trying to elaborate on your initial sentence. You see it a lot and normally it’s a tragic real life story. People can be absolutely wicked towards the one they supposedly love. It must be so traumatic for the person that they are in the situation in the first place. You must imagine that it would take years to make a person abandon family and friends and then be coerced into a relationship with aggressive and control over them and being anything but loved. Crazy. Further to your sentence, love is blind after all

        1. True, unfortunately I think a lot of people tend to take advantage when someone loves them enough to let some stuff go. It’s a sad reality.

  29. I will check out Reddit for the stories.

    There are people who would rather stay with a toxic partner, than walk away if this partner fulfills just one thing, they have badly been wanting most of their lives. It can be a sense of belonging, comfort and all.

    Yes, I have met someone with the same energy as me. My cousin sister is that person.😄

    1. One of my cousin sisters has the same energy too but she lives so far away so I never see her 😅

      True, sometimes people stay in toxic relationships even if one need is fulfilled. I think it’s also because of low self-esteem sometimes.

      1. Mine stays far too. So our both our same energy people, stay far from us. 😄

        1. Oh no, hopefully they both move closer to us soon lol 😅

          1. I hope so.😃

  30. Oh man! Those AITA stories are mind-blowing! I see the moderators have to pay close attention to that board because things can get ugly so fast!

    1. Yeah, some of those posts get really crazy!

  31. It’s great to meet someone of the same energy level. Makes getting to know them more natural and easy. I hope it works out well! Not much of a Reddit-er here.

    1. Yeah, it was really nice. It was just someone I met in passing so I doubt I’ll see them again but it was a nice moment.

      1. Sometimes there’s a quality in such connections that makes it okay they’re not permanent. Nice that it happened.

        1. Yeah, I’m just glad I met her and know there are more people like me out there.

  32. Those are special moments. I like when that happens. 💕

    1. Thanks and they really are special 😊

  33. Some special moments which are always so memorial and awesome👍😊👏👏

    1. I absolutely agree! 😊

      1. Thanks😊✌

  34. I can relate too well with staying in a toxic relationship, I wasted much of my life because I thought it was the best thing to do for my sons. I now understand it was not worth the sacrifice, great you met someone you connected to right away. That is always special when you can talk to someone who really understand you, thank you again for being my friend

    1. Yes, I think we all have experienced some toxic relationships and staying is usually not the best idea but sometimes it’s also hard to leave especially when you have kids. Thanks as well, glad we were able to connect through blogging.

      1. I also am blessed with our friendship through blogging

  35. I love these one word stories. I agree that Reddit can be enlightening.

    1. Thanks, yeah Reddit has some great information on it.

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