Mandy Hale Quote

Mandy Hale Quote:

Mandy Hale Quote

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What’s Up With Me:

For those of you wondering why I am posting a “Quote Of The Day” post a day earlier, it’s because I have a wonderful guest post I will be publishing on tomorrow and decided to post this quote earlier. I wanted to publish the guest post on Monday since I am pretty busy on Monday and Tuesday. I also decided to stop using the “quote of the day” title because too many people use it now and I like my stuff to be a bit more unique.

Also, I tried doing a juice fast for the first time today. I’ve done actual fasts but never a juice fast but it made me feel really good! I usually only do things that make my body feel good. When I do stuff like this it’s because I’m trying to live a healthier life. Not because of trying to lose weight or anything like that. And since I really like how this made me feel I’ll try it again, maybe next month. I felt more energetic weirdly enough which I didn’t think I would with more food. Has anyone else who has done juice fasts felt like that? I did have to pee a lot, not going to lie lol. Can’t believe I didn’t think that wouldn’t happen with all the fluids.

What are your plans for the week? What have you been up to recently? Anything new or fun? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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129 thoughts on “Mandy Hale Quote

  1. So true. I think I suffer from a strange issue of not really love my goal as I should. I often self sabotage for inexplicable reasons. It might be a character weakness or mental phobia or something like that. LOL.

    1. I self-sabotage too. I’m scared of failure so often I don’t even try. It sucks but a lot of writers are like that so at least we’re not alone lol.

  2. Yes, planning doesn’t always work, we sometimes need to trust in natural flow of life and let the things unfold themselves. We should take a step back and wait for the result. We might get some unexpected results and opportunities that might have been missed, had we rigidly stuck to our plans. By letting go of our need for control, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and experiences.

    1. Absolutely, planning isn’t a bad thing but it’s really not always possible to plan our lives and every aspect of it. We should also be prepared for the unexpected.

    1. Exactly, it’s okay to plan stuff out but I think not everything can be planned out. Sometimes you just have to go where the universe takes you.

  3. It’s nice not to plan. But when I don’t plan, the entire day goes by without me doing anything because I’m a bit too relaxed. Haha. So I try to set at least a few goals, even if they are housework or shopping goals.

    1. I totally get that, I plan my day too. I think planning isn’t a bad thing but it’s also a good idea to remember that not everything can be planned and sometimes we just have to go where the universe takes us.

  4. Hey Pooj, I got some pastels today to mess around with. It makes me happy! I don’t need a plan for those, I will just wing it. Also I decided to make cookies at home, this is the plan for tonight.

  5. TBH
    I’m reading your work for last 13 months or more

    And till now I haven’t noticed what you post when 😂

    I only know, that you post around 6:30 am(IST).
    Then you take break on Monday morning (According to Indian time) 😅

    And yes you took a lot of breaks in March April 😛

    about the Quote, I love it

    about the juice diet, hmmm interesting
    I never thought of that.
    I Would like to try it.
    As you said you feel good, so it’s safe to say you didn’t feel weakness.
    I never thought of not eating anything solid for a day.
    You need an actual blog for this buddy. It sounds like a great idea. What fruits??

    1. Haha yes, I’ve been taking many breaks recently due to work 😅

      Yeah, juice fasting actually gave me a lot of energy and I feel really good today. I didn’t drink a lot of fruit juice because they have a lot of natural sugar and can mess up your sugar levels. So I only drank some orange juice. Mostly I drank celery, ginger and cucumber juice.

    1. Haha true, humans like to think they’re in control of their lives but we really have no control over what happens. Thanks 😊

  6. I appreciate how you are constantly looking for ways to improve your health and well-being. The Mandy Hale quote is a great reminder that we should not be afraid of taking risks and pursuing our dreams.

    As for my plans for the week, I’m very much excited about the launch of our new book, which is happening around the end of the week.

  7. You are already unique, no matter what title you use.
    Glad to hear you felt good with juice fasting. I never tried, but I might to😊

    1. Aw thanks so much. It made me feel great and I woke up so energetic today. I would recommend not drinking too many fruit juices as that can increase your sugar levels. Instead drink more veggie juices or smoothies.

  8. Hi Pooja! ☺️ A juice cleanse sounds interesting. Did you have fruity juices or vegetable juices, or maybe even a mix? Juice fasts seem hard, especially on the first day lol. I’m glad it went well for you! ❤️

    1. Thanks! I mostly drank veggie juices because fruit juices can increase sugar levels which isn’t a good idea. It actually was a lot less difficult than I thought it would be and I woke up really energetic today 😊

  9. Plans are just an abstraction of comfort for what we hope will take place while simultaneously hoping something better will happen instead.
    Mistakes are the portals of discovery~ James Joyce.

  10. Planning for a funeral, expensive coffin and tombstone paid in advance, they were done with their obligations. He was lost at sea, never found, never buried. There was no plan to live, to plan for tears.

  11. Really awesome post Pooja! I thought there are many comments for you to reply on and not to let you more busy! But trust me that’s next level yr😊🤗👍👍

      1. That’s what is special in you Pooja! You always take everyone’s comments and reply to all of them so humbly and nicely and which is amazing👍💕🤗

    1. Thanks and I love this quote too! I’m somewhat of a chronic planner so remembering that plans aren’t always necessary helps me relax more.

  12. Very good quote. About your juice fast though. Did you make your own juice or was it store bought? I never did a juice fast but often wondered about them.

    1. I made my own juices because I don’t really trust the ingredients in the store bought ones. And I mostly drank vegetable juices because the fruit ones are higher in sugar and too much fruit juice increases your overall sugar levels. I liked the juice fast and feel much better after so I would recommend at least trying it.

        1. You’re very welcome. I’m going to be doing a more detailed post on the exact juices I drank so be on the lookout for that.

    1. I mostly drank vegetable juices since the fruit ones are generally higher in sugar. And I made the juices myself. Like cucumber, celery, ginger juice. It was fun and I felt so much better today!

  13. Love this quote. Experience has shown me that sometimes trying to plan ahead does more harm than good. Being able to adapt is key.

    A juice fast sounds interesting! I’ve tried other kinds of fasting before but not that yet. I’ll keep it in mind. 🙂

    1. Absolutely, sometimes planning ahead makes things worse. Being adaptable is always best.

      I loved the juice fast, I liked it more than any other fasts I’ve done and I feel good after too. Would definitely recommend trying it.

  14. The quote by Mandy Hale reminds me of my carefree childhood with no tension, no plans, just letting go while playing on the swings, letting my ponytail fly, my ruffled pink and white frock singing in symphony with the rush of the wind.

  15. Hi,
    How are you? Dear,fear is our main enemy . If we overcome it just try fail or success later. If you success you will earn but if you fail you will learn that is more workable in every step . Believe on God and yourself .All will be easy.

  16. “We don’t have a plan.”
    “We don’t have a map.”
    “That’s what makes it interesting.”
    (The final scene in The Road to El Dorado)

    May your week be interesting whether or not you have a plan or a map.

    1. Juice fasting seems quite fun. It makes you feel so good after for sure. We have a pretty good juicer. It’s old but works well.

  17. I think the quote makes sense. You don’t always have to have a plan, sometimes things are better when they just happen; that way we can’t take credit for it. I still have packets to complete, vocabulary words. I am literally mentally exhausted. It’s rewarding though, because when it’s all said and done I will have my license. I cannot wait until that day comes. I can’t wait to celebrate. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Talk to you later.

    1. Yes, sometimes the things that happen organically are the best ones. I’m sure it’s difficult but like you said your hard work will all have been worth it. Have a great week too.

  18. Today, I had to do exactly what Mandy Hale says; I started writing my new story this afternoon (despite not having slept well last night). 399 words down. I will revise them tomorrow (because I’m sure that Sleepy Alex can’t really write well), but, hey. At least I have 399 words.

    1. A lot of times with writing you just have to start and see where it goes. Even if you have to revise the writing it’s. good thing to have started it.

      1. This is especially true for me. I’ve been writing since I was nine (17 if you want to get technical and say I really started when I joined the school newspaper), and I’ve never written fiction by doing an outline. I’m too unstructured for that!

          1. Oddly enough, my joining the school paper wasn’t my idea. Back in the day (the end of the ’79-80 school year, a time when elementary school was grades K-6, junior high (middle school now in most areas) was 7-9, and senior high was grades 10-12, I didn’t have much say as to what classes I could take. (Special Ed was like that; they didn’t let you know, at least at my junior high, about “electives”) The only hint that I was going to take some kind of writing course in 10th grade was when my homeroom teacher, who apparently was also my counselor, told me to cheer up (I was despondent because many of the kids in Special Ed were being sent to South Miami High instead of Southwest Miami High, the latter being the school we all expected to go to based on the “feeder system” of schools we attended) because he had signed me up for a writing class, WITHOUT specifying it was Newspaper Reporting and Editing.

            Want to know when I found out what the “writing class” was? When I was handed my class schedule (shortly before third period) in the school auditorium cos I arrived late at school on my first day of high school. At first, I was like ‘WTF am I doing here? What the heck is a ‘pica’? or a ‘column-inch’?” Eventually, though, I loved journalism. So much so, in fact, that I majored in it when I attended college.

            1. Wow, that’s crazy. To think he randomly signed you up for the school newspaper without you knowing and it made such an impact in your life.

              1. Random from my perspective, sure, but I think Mr. Katims knew what he was doing. He knew I wanted to be a writer; I talked about that a lot after I turned 14 or so. I just didn’t think about studying journalism.

                And the funny thing about that is that even though I didn’t sign up for Mrs. Heller’s journalism class at Riviera Jr. High School in grades 7-9, I had a friend in my ninth-grade English class who was a staffer for the school paper, The Ram’s Horn. (It wasn’t a newsprint publication, though…it was typed and mimeographed, unlike the student newspapers I’d write for in senior high and college). Anyway, this guy, his name was John Perry, and he knew I wanted to be a writer, so he asked Mrs. Heller if I could submit a couple of articles as a guest columnist.

                To my surprise, she told John that I could, if I could stick to a specific word count. I think, considering the small size of the mimeographed issues (8.5 X 11 inches), I had to keep the word count below 300 words.

                Long story short: I turned in a couple of guest articles to Mrs. Heller’s journalism class on time, and they were both published in The Ram’s Horn.

                Based on that, I think, Mr. Katims decided to sign me up for Newspaper Reporting & Editing 1 in 10th grade. I’m glad he did; I just wish he’d been more explicit when he said, “I signed you up for a writing class at South Miami….”

  19. Great choice of quote as always, I was wondering could you maybe write a post on juice fasting for us to understand exactly how to do this and what juices you recommend

  20. I missed this post, not sure what happened there. I agree with the quote; as much as planning is necessary, there are also times when it is better to just trust in what’s going to happen. It’s also a lesson in having less control, which is a good one. And no, I’ve never tried a juice fast. My week has been good and busy, thanks. More snow, if you can believe it! I hope you enjoy the weekend.

    1. That’s okay, I completely understand. I miss random posts sometimes too. WP just doesn’t show them on my Reader. Omg can’t believe it’s still snowing. You really need some proper sun soon.

  21. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. As someone who often feels the pressure to have everything planned out, it can be liberating to let go and trust the universe to take its course. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to control every aspect of our lives that we forget to take a step back and just breathe.

    In those moments of stillness, we can find peace and clarity, and often, the answers we seek reveal themselves. It’s important to remember that not having a plan doesn’t mean we’re giving up or being lazy; it means we’re surrendering to the flow of life and allowing ourselves to be guided by our intuition.

  22. I used to do juice fasts, but then I started getting severe panic attacks which impacted my digestion. Maybe now that I’m better, I will try it again

    1. Oh I see, yeah try again but be careful. Maybe try half-fasts first where you do a juice fast for most of the day and have a light dinner.

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