A Very Special Dinner

Dinner Cooking Painting

The loneliness crept up on her

The past few years felt like a blur

She was a shell of who she once was

And she certainly knew the cause

It was him as it had always been

And her patience was running thin

So tonight at dinner

She would rid herself of that sinner

What’s blogging without a casual poem about murder every few days? Boring is what. We all need a little bit of that Joe Goldberg energy in our life. Kidding. Murder is bad m’kay?


Dinner is a dish best served slightly poisonous, right? Well according to the experiences some people have had that’s about right. This poem is based on something I read online about a woman whose husband has been trying to poison her for a while by using her allergies against her. He tried to make her go into anaphylactic shock during a long train ride so she wouldn’t get any her. Luckily for her, she was already suspicious and had allergy medicine with her. She’s alive and well (and no longer with him I hope). I didn’t realise how many people actually try to poison others in real life. Like you don’t really think about it until it happens. I guess the moral of this poem is don’t be a giant eggplant emoji to people who make your food. Or in general if you wish to live a long and healthy life.

Has anyone ever tried to poison you? Let me know in the comments because I would love to hear your answer.

Cover Image: learning-to-cook-for-one-during-a-global-pandemic

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99 thoughts on “A Very Special Dinner

  1. Great Read Can i leave my thoughts ?! –

    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
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  2. No, but my BIL thought it was perfectly ok to give my daughter popcorn, when I told him she was allergic to corn! He just didn’t believe me. The popcorn was ok, but she would have horrible reactions to high fructose corn syrup. Geesh!

    1. Omg that’s awful! Yeah, apparently there are some people out there who don’t believe in allergies which can really put people at risk.

  3. no poisoning here but once i accidentally put a 1/4 cup of salt in mashed potatoes when Ray and i first moved out. you only make that mistake once.

    1. Omg that’s crazy. Lol, at least you learnt. When I cooked on my own for the first time I made some chili but the beans weren’t cooked enough and it made my dad a little sick.

  4. I think a tequila company tried to poison me once. It was the first and only time I had tequila, and I got really sick. Mind you; it could have been something to do with the six quick shots at closing time after an evening of partying. 😊

      1. 😭 I know. When I heard it, I was shocked, amused, and horrified. Fortunately the girl didn’t use it and could smell and discard it, but people out here are something else.

        1. So glad the girl is okay and discarded it, bleach can literally kill you. I don’t know what people are thinking when they do crazy stuff like this.

  5. God forbid, no one has ever tried to poison me, or maybe I don’t know, haha. But, of course different people tried to poison my ears at different times.
    But, there is no denying that this happens in relationships, and people keep planning such horrific things to get rid of someone. Reasons may be varied but motive is always ulterior,and designs nefarious.
    Then, there is figurative poison (toxicity) in relationships, and this is more lethal.

    1. True, it does happen sometimes but I just find it odd in some cases where it’s like a divorce would just be so much easier. True, there is also the figurative poison and this can really kill a relationship.

  6. Yes. In my old life… I had several people try to put me 6 feet under with adulterated recreational goods. I have an unusually tough constitution for such things and it would become clear to me that I was under attack. Visually I would know that they knew that I knew, and then that they knew that I knew that they knew.
    From there… clearly I am still breathing today.
    A few years ago, despite my being clean nearly 24 years, I got hit with ketamine in my waterbottle at a football club I was working with. Unfortunately criminals, drugs, and tattooed dancers in vroom vroom leather nappies are all through local sport now and they decided I must have been a cop. I am not interested in either side.
    I can not afford to move from the area so I tend to deal with locally whatever garbage gets pitched at me when I step up to the plate.
    Last night I dreamed that 16 are coming for me (The Tower). I went through hell along time ago when the rest of my crew were still alive. I can sleep while my consciousness watches me

    1. That sounds really scary. I’m sorry you went through that but glad you got clean. Hope this doesn’t happen again and that you’re okay now.

      1. Some of us need to crawl through filth to be in service and incorruptible. I like a good meal… and my greatest joy has been helping others to save their own lives and tell their dealers that they eat breakfast now. That of course brings the 2nd chapter as drug money (dealers and cops) don’t like their victims getting a voice and saying no.

        1. Yeah, I’ve heard that too. They don’t want their victims becoming clean because it’s a threat to them and sometimes go to lengths to keep them quiet.

  7. That story is so messed up. But there are many people who try to get rid of their partners in more sinister manners. Enjoyed the poem too.
    Had some mates add a few things to my drink once.. they thought it would be funny. Took me about a week to recover. Great writing Poojah.

    1. So true. I always wonder why some people don’t think divorce or separation is an option. I understand if the marriage is abusive and there’s no escape but some people just prefer to kill their spouse rather than break up with them.
      Oof that doesn’t sound fun. Thanks so much.

  8. When the future Hub and I were dating, I had to take a business trip to Washington DC , where his parents lived. He insisted I meet them, even though he wouldn’t be there. They were so thrilled their 30+ year-old son was finally dating a potential grandchild-producer that they went all out. His father plied me with drinks while his mother produced a huge rack of lamb roast. I am allergic to lamb, but I ate it. I never told his parents that I threw up all the way back to San Francisco. (The taxi driver was alarmed, and wanted to take me to the hospital instead of across the Golden Gate Bridge to Tiburon.) We did NOT serve lamb at our wedding.

    1. Omg that’s crazy but I understand, it may have made the dinner awkward for you to have pointed that out. I’m the same way and my sister jokes if I ever have a heart attack I won’t call the ambulance because I don’t want to inconvenience them.

  9. “I didn’t realise how many people actually try to poison others in real life. Like you don’t really think about it until it happens!” strange but true it is.

  10. I don’t know for sure I guess I was just being paranoid and delusional. A family friend did get poisoned last month though by a workmate, he got him a glass of juice hours after he warned him about someone else from work was trying to kill him. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. I don’t think anybody has ever tried to poison me. 🤔 Though everytime I eat fish, I always remind myself not to drink milk after eating fish because it becomes poison. I am not sure if it’s a myth or not but I am always careful about it.

    1. I remember reading a similar story on reddit except the mother was poisoning her to save her life. What was the update for this?

  12. you are too funny Pooja.
    “What’s blogging without a casual poem about murder every few days? Boring is what.”

    🤣 But seriously 4 died where my FIL was living by putting something in the O.J. big trouble there. good thing he’s gone but it is an amazing facility otherwise.. ha

  13. Good poem. No one’s ever tried to poison me but I do watch a lot of real crime shows and it is interesting how many people do use that method to kill someone.

  14. People can be heartless, I feel like if a relationship is over just end it instead of trying to kill your partner.

    I have never been poisoned but have always had a fear relating to that.
    So I know the medication I can take to get sleep (it’s primary use though is to treat flu). This same medication can be very harmful if I took it in excess amounts. And the thing about being in a serious relationship is disclosing such information to your partner. This is so scary.🥺

    1. So true, I don’t understand why people pick murder over divorce even when divorce is an option for them.

      Oh yeah, I know the medication you mean and it can definitely have adverse effects and lead to an OD if too much it taken. Definitely scary explaining to a partner since it makes you so vulnerable.

  15. I used your poem to generate an image for my latest blog post; it’s the first in the list if you’re curious. I think it turned out okay, for an AI. I’d link to it but I still get the “too many redirects” error for my blog when trying to navigate to it, so the Reader is the only way to access my posts. Flawless and really helps me grow. 🤣

    1. I mean, I think that’s true for everyone. I’m sure at one point or another someone has considered poisoning us.

  16. The uptick of people who entertain themselves with true crime makes me nervous. Why do we want a generation of people who are good at murder and educated on how to avoid getting caught?

    The poem definitely makes me think of the song “Goodbye Earl.”

    1. True crime always freaks me out even though I love shows about fictional crimes. I love Goodbye Earl, one of my favourite country songs of all time.

      1. Yeah. I just can’t get past a suspicion that too much true crime consumption cannot be good for one’s mental health. I don’t think enough people pay attention to what they put in their minds. It’s really not that different than paying attention to what we put in our bodies, but we talk about consumption, as it relates to body health, more than mental consumption.

        I remember enjoying the music video for Goodbye Earl. There used to be a country music counterpart to MTV (CMT) and I watched it a lot. I’ve got a post coming up soon where I’m going to touch on that topic.

        1. People seem to get a lot of joy from true crime and that’s what scares me. I can never enjoy true crime because the victims are very real people. I don’t think it’s okay to desensitise yourself to a point that you don’t feel any sympathy/empathy for them.

          I remember learning about CMT but didn’t watch it myself. I’m a huge fan of The Chicks and that’s how I found the song. I do remember learning that Goodbye Earl was one of the biggest hits in country music history.

          1. Yeah. Finding joy in the gruesome murder stories of real people is disturbing to me.

            You really missed out with CMT, but given this knowledge about you, I think you’re going to like a country music video post I have planned for later this week.

            “Goodbye, Earl” was definitely a huge hit. The Chicks were enormously popular for a while, but fell out of favor with country music fans kind of abruptly, and never really got their widespread momentum back. That was over their politics more than their music.

            1. I look forward to your country music post.

              Yeah, I wrote a paper about The Chicks and everything that happened with them. Personally, I enjoy their music now that they don’t feel the pressure they once did to create hits. They seem to just make music they enjoy themselves and I love it.

  17. I am reading this right after dinner. Now I am becoming suspicious of the carrot I just ate, which taste a little bit different. Is it possible that I am being…? Oh, such unthinkable and unspeakable things that may happen to us.

  18. Yes I do believe someone has tried. I didn’t feel good for almost two weeks. It’s a story with in a story 🤦🏽‍♀️😫

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