Six Word Story #198

Six Word Story:

Like dawn to dusk, you changed.

About The Six Word Story:

I’m writing this post right before it’s time for it to go up. I’ve been a bit busy today and I also ended up getting a little distracted because I hadn’t planned what to post today. And I was so busy editing and keeping everything ready for tomorrows post, I didn’t really focus on what to share today. And now I’m here rambling when I should be sleeping. This is the life of a blogger.

So, back to this six word story. Have you ever met someone who you thought was one thing but they changed and by the end of it they are totally a different person? I think we have all met people like that at some point. And if I’m being honest, I’m like that too. It’s not a great trait but it’s just me keeping it real with you guys. Anyway, I was thinking of someone who is like that and that is what inspired this six word story. That person is no longer a part of my life but it still really sucks because the bad memories tarnish the good ones.

Have you had such an experience where someone you knew completely changed overtime? How did you handle that situation and how did it make you feel? Let me know in the comments section below because I would love to hear your answers. And remember to leave your own six word story. Or simply just stop by and say howdy!

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92 thoughts on “Six Word Story #198

  1. Some people do change for the worse over time. My usual course of action is to keep them at a distance or cut ties completely.

  2. I haven’t had a friend or acquaintance who changed completely, but I do feel that I can, from time to time, discover a trait or two in an old friend, which I didn’t pay attention to before. This happens more often with those very polite people who hide their trait behind a veneer of politeness. I mean sometimes I am surprised at my own lack of observation since after ten years, I suddenly realized that he had certain trait which had escaped my notice for so long.

    1. Yes, usually the changes are more subtle. I’ve only had two experiences where the people changed completely to a point where they were different people.

  3. I have and I cut them off. I hate to cut off people and feel like it’s evil but when I can no longer give back without feeling mild anger or resentment, I do not and shut down. I’ve blocked countless people, cut off people, cried and moved on. I do not like doing that, but I can’t be a good friend to someone who drains me. It sounds selfish to some, but I just don’t want to be in a relationship where someone is dragging me down, doesn’t care about me, is one sided, or makes me feel tired and angry.

    Anywho, it’s better when people stop being friends with you because they change for the best and you realize your friendship isn’t the same and they have a life, but it sucks when they change for the worse and are a joke.😖

    1. Yeah, no one likes having to cut off someone they cared about but sometimes we just have to. It’s painful but for the best overall.

      Totally, that’s what happened with a friend and I don’t even know when she became such an awful person but I haven’t spoken to her in years.

  4. Not to seem like a contrarian but most people lack the courage to authentically change the root nature of who they are without a profound event in their life too warrant some absolute change. The first two lines in my recent write called “Shed” address this very root point.

    “The mirror only lies through the observer
    And eyes only weep from the truth they’ll infer ”

    I posit, when we befriend someone new, we’ve already been sold on who they are predicated on our own bias preview, of who we hope they’ll turn out to become. While they may resemble someone we want in our life, we defiantly remain too obtuse as to what they want from us. And we rarely invest the required time to find out in advance to correct our course. So- we tag along with them until they affront us a time or two or until we’re so taken back by the “reality” of their true nature, it breaks our manufactured delusion to the point we have to intellectualize a cause outside our own failed assessment of them through foolish rose colored lenses when their charm was intoxicating. In my humble opinion…

    My six word story contribution: Don’t feed narcissist to avoid scars.

    1. Yes, I definitely know what you mean. When we are friends with someone we don’t always know the real them and may learn more overtime that makes us disillusioned.
      Personally, the person I mentioned was someone I grew up with but as adults I just felt like she became very toxic and I didn’t want that in my life.
      Really great six word story addition.

      1. True. Also, some of the positive and negative traits are human conditions, and we all have them on a spectrum. Life is dynamic and in motion and our responsibilities In living are on self maintenance and development. I love the film fight club… but he was so wrong when he said self destruction was preferable to self improvement

  5. When people change it’s hard to accept that ..

    Because it hurts.

    Over the time you accept it. But still if that person expect similar attention from you, then that’s annoying.

    But what’s more annoying is that, the person who changed doesn’t realised that they changed 😮‍💨
    They try to put blame on us.

    1. Yes, absolutely. It’s sometimes them claiming we have changed when we haven’t. And sometimes they change and cut you off. Or they change and you have to cut them off. Relationships are complicated unfortunately.

      1. I’ve learned this the hard way
        And made myself upset about it.

        Now, I haven’t given anyone that place in my heart, because I’m afraid.

        How’s your health PG? 😍

  6. It depends. If the change is good then such a person deserves respect. But if it’s other way around, we will be shocked then. Simple!
    But, then there are people who change impetuously when it suits to them. They are selfish people, and are always on the qui vive for an opportunity to get some benefit. They change colors like a chameleon.

  7. This person is me. When I start something new, I am all in. And over time I lose motivation, direction, interest to a thing or a person. Unfortunately it’s the sad reality of being part of humanity. Nothing is stable, only change is. I change like that every so often, times change, culture changes every ten years or so… Nothing stays gold

    1. I’m that way too and yes it’s a part of being human. I change a lot and not always for the better but I hope overall I’m getting better over time.

        1. I try to do that too but make sure they’re changing in the same way I am. The ones that grow apart, we have to let go of.

      1. I always to carry on from your initial story. Maybe you could possibly post a six word story and see if people can carry it on via the comments? It could be quite a good little experiment

          1. Awesome, I’ll look forward to it. Maybe try to get a paragraph or page first? A conceptual parameter for the narrative of the story so that it doesn’t get too far away from what you originally wrote.

  8. Yes I know people who completely changed over time. But this one person I recall changed over something understandable (minor).
    I was hurt but had to break ties with them.

  9. Pretty butterfly now is a worm.

    The duck is now a canard.

    The formulas are now false premises.

    Night lovers are deflated at dawn.

    Coined dollars are hard to change.

    To love well is to change.

    Crying for you, I left laughing.

    Her changing river meanders for me.

    Meandering for me, her river slows.

    Gentle rivers meander, swift ones cut.

    I forgot to write down more.

      1. Thanks. Change –> metamorphosis –> butterfly trope –> find negative change: reverse trope –> slang “worm” as bad person –> tentative phrases too long –> adopt pattern of first phrase: __ __ now is __ __ –> animal slogans–> duck French canard to fit pattern –> canards –> algorithms & formulas –>new subject: loving and disappointment….. etc. Anyway, free association and word reduction.

  10. My question is always did they change, or were they hiding their true nature? Because change by itself is good, you’re evolving, moving forward. I believe that only something bad (and it has to be mayor) can push you into the reverse change. On the other hand, removing the mask and revealing their true selves can seem like a change to us because it catches us by surprise, but they were always like that. I don’t know if I’m too arrogant in saying this, but I don’t think anyone’s smart enough to completely fool me and make me believe they’re good people.

    1. That’s a great way of looking at it. Since many times we change but other times people just show their true selves. It’s new to us but others knew.

  11. I think that we all change over time. Some events, new people we meet, life circumstances, the loss of a loved one, moving to another city/country, starting our own family…it all affects people to change. It’s not always necessarily a negative change, but it’s change. We can accept it or not.
    If you ask me, the hardest thing is to accept changes in yourself.

    Here is my six-word story – Ask the mirror if it’s lying.

    1. So true, we all change over time and one can only hope for the better.

      Fantastic six word story, my favourite this week!

  12. I hope I’ve changed over time. And I’d guess not everyone thinks I’m “better”, but I’m sure more at ease with myself.

  13. Sometimes people change. Sometimes it takes a while to remove blinders. Sometimes the “comfortable” version of a person is different in key ways than the “getting to know you” version of that person. Great story! I like how dawn is fully of hope, and emerging light, and dusk is near the end of the light’s dimming. Yet both look very similar in the sky (other than the whole east/west thing.)

    1. So true, there are many aspects to it and sometimes we’re just blinded by our love for them. Yes, that’s the contrast I was hoping to bring out. One is the beginning of light and the other the beginning of night. They are essentially similar but also very different.

  14. Evil easily repressed until pressure revives. I think change is a given. So many people “fall in love,” a.k.a. co-dependence, and become blinded to behavior that would otherwise not be tolerated.

    1. Love your six word story.

      True, people in love often ignore the negative behaviours of those they love. Even in friendships not just relationships.

    1. I think change is great as long as it’s mostly for the better. And yeah, not everyone is meant to be in our lives permanently.

  15. I liked your post yesterday, but if I don’t keep Jetpack open for 20 minutes after tapping the “star” icon, it doesn’t register. I’m not slacking on showing love. 😂 I ran your 6 word story through Midjourney and *would have* shared it with you, but for some reason it really wanted it to be about vampires.

    1. Lol, that’s weird but I totally understand. WP/Jetpack has some odd glitches sometimes 😅
      I mean, who says it wasn’t already about vampires when I wrote it? 😉

        1. Same, gotta love vampires. Actually the majority of the posts on this blog are about vampires it’s just no one knew until now. If it wasn’t for that meddling AI 😅

  16. Best of friends until you vanished.

    6 words to describe one of my husband’s and my best friends. And then he truly disappeared.

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