Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya Review Day 1

Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House

As you guys may remember, I took some time off in April and it was to take a short trip. I hadn’t traveled much recently and thought we could take a trip for my birthday. I have wanted to go to Eco Farmhouse for quite a while so we decided to go there. They offer multiple places to stay but we went to Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya. And since we were going there anyway I decided to share my Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya review both on here and as my first travel vlog. I hope you enjoy!

Ostrich Feeding

The road there was beautiful and when we first arrived we just checked in and had lunch. Next, we did something we had been excited for. We did the ostrich feeding. Well, technically I did because the ostriches didn’t like my sister and refused to eat from her or my dad, lol. It was such a crazy experience because I have never done this before and have always been a little scared of ostriches since they are sort of random. To be this close to the ostriches was nerve-racking at first but they were both quite friendly and cute. I think Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House is one of the only places that offers ostrich feeding in Kenya. So, that was quite an experience and so exciting. And obviously we took a million pictures and these ten made the cut.

Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Ostrich Feeding

Eco Farmhouse Ostrich Feeding

Eco Farmhouse Ostrich Feeding

Eco Farmhouse Ostrich Feeding

The ostriches did not appreciate my standup comedy:

Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Review

Farm Tour

Next we decided to take a walk on the farm and see some plants. This was also very exciting for us. Both my sister and I have grown up in Nairobi so we’re city girls and my dad mostly grew up in Nairobi too although he traveled more to smaller cities in Kenya. Either way. we were excited because we don’t see such stuff in the city. This sort of fresh air, green as far as the eye can see, fresh fruits and sun are somewhat foreign to us. We thought it would be a short walk but the manager, Sanjay, was so lovely he went out of his way to show us everything. We had such a fun time learning about everything they grow there!

Eco Farmhouse Treehouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Treehouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Treehouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya ReviewEco Farmhouse Kenya ReviewEco Farmhouse Kenya ReviewEco Farmhouse Kenya ReviewEco Farmhouse Kenya ReviewEco Farmhouse Kenya ReviewEco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Eco Farmhouse Kenya Review

Do you guys know what plant this is?

Eco Farmhouse Ostrich House Kenya

I’m sure my Indian readers will have guessed. Those are fresh curry leaves. You can’t make really delicious Indian food without these, they’re usually the basis of curries and many other foods. They aren’t just delicious but also very healthy. They help with digestion, hair growth, nail growth, IBS, acne and more.

End Of Day One

That was pretty much it for day one of my Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya review. After over 2 hours of exploring, we were pretty tired and wanted to spend the night just relaxing which is exactly what we did. We had dinner, talked and went to bed early so we can get up early the next day and do some more exploring and some fruit picking. Most of our experiences were great but a couple of things didn’t sit right with me. I’ll share more on that on the day two post. Hope you enjoyed this review so far and do let me know if you did in the comments below!

Special shoutout to my sister, by the way. She’s the one who took all these amazing pictures!

As I mentioned, I also made a travel vlog about the two days and you can see the vlog about day one below. I would recommend it since you can see the ostrich feeding instead of just looking at the pictures.

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146 thoughts on “Eco Farmhouse: Ostrich House Kenya Review Day 1

  1. Wow Pooja, I absolutely love how green and beautiful the landscape is there! No wonder you love the place. I like those colorful pants you are wearing! Those big birds would scare me, they are huge and could stomp you out!

    1. It was honestly so beautiful, after living in the city it’s so great to go out and appreciate nature! Those birds are huge and do bite so you have to be careful 😯

  2. We enjoy reading your blog! Your unique perspective and real voice are game-changers in the world. Keep sharing, because your thoughts have a lasting impact. Thank you for being yourself!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

  3. Enjoyed the photos. I was told to “go ahead and pet the ostriches and emus” at a sanctuary in Australia. I briefly pet the back of an emu, but I was too frightened of the larger ostriches to do so. Good for you.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, ostriches are large and can be intimidating. I didn’t want to pet it either because it was too scary.

  4. Thank you for this review. Your narrative is clear, engaging, and, my, aren’t ostriches tall. And for all I enjoy the flavor, I’d never seen a curry plant before.

    1. Thank you so much, yes the ostriches are so large. They were cute but very intimidating. Yeah, curry leaves aren’t common plants everywhere so I wanted to share this. I know many people enjoy their flavour without know where it comes from.

  5. Dang, do birds just not like your sister?😭

    And, that seems so fun and interesting. Ostriches are one of my favorite animals. What stand up did you say?

    As well, what flower was on your hair?

    1. Lol, I don’t know why but birds just hate her lol 😅

      Ostriches are so cute but also scary lol. Don’t make jokes about their beaks 😜

      Not sure what the flower was, he told us a name but I forgot. It smelt amazing though.

      1. 😂😂😂 oh myyy. I’m glad you were okay afterwards after making jokes.

        And lmao y’all both (your sister and you) are such creative colors.😂😂

  6. Just yesterday I was thinking to ask you about the video you told before. Because it’s been ages since you posted something.

    Here are some things that I feel about the blog.

    1 : Ostrich are tall beautiful birds, it’s amazing to see how small they make human look.

    2: You look pretty, I love the way you dress, always elegant

    3 : Your pants perfectly matches the surrounding. I’m sure Ostriches were friendly because of the pink leg lady 🤭

    4: The place looks so green and peaceful, I’m amazed with the tranquility.

    5 : Curry leaves/ Curry patta, are indeed an important ingredient in Indian food. It gives good taste and aroma to Curries, rice, Poha, Upma, vegetables and what not.

    Thanks for sharing this. I am sure this was a wonderful experience and a break away from regular life.

    1. You must have had a psychic intuition that I was about to post it lol.

      Yes, ostriches are beautiful but huge. I wore those pants on purpose because I thought they would be perfect for the farm vibe! They ostriches tried to bite me multiple times probably because of the pants 😅
      I love curry leaves and put them in almost everything. The ones we took back with us from the farm were amazing.

      1. Actually I waited, a video and a blog with pics is definitely a must see….

        You always dress beautifully dear friend. I love your dressing sense, it’s a reminder that you should talk more about fashion.

        The pant give eco friendly vibes 😝

        Ostrich very happy to see a attractive eco friendly female.

        RG should have tried it, she’s sweet and humble and I wonder what’s with her and birds 🥲

        We have 2 curry leaves plants, it gives a unique taste and aroma to the food . It’s popular in food according to the region.

        1. My sister did try feeding them but they refused to eat until I took the food from her and fed them again lol.

          A lot of people in Kenya also have curry leaf plants but we don’t since we live in an apartment. It definitely has a lovely scent, I absolutely love it.

          1. She need to click them a trip to Africa I guess.
            I’m telling you it’s the pants 😝

            Curry leaf plants can be grown in a apartment. Requires very little sunlight. It’s indoor plant. Also give oxygen at night.

    1. Thank you, the camera was great but the beauty of the farm helped 😉 We used a Google Pixel 6a phone camera. It’s much cheaper than getting an actual camera and the quality is great. I also saturated the images to make it look a little more colourful so you guys could see everything the way we did. Yes, I have two tattoos on right arm and one on my left!

  7. Wow, what a fun trip to feed ostriches, be in that green environment, and enjoy time with your family! I would’ve been nervous too to feed the ostriches, but you look like a natural in the photos. Your sister did great…awesome teamwork.

    1. It was such a great experience and so much fun. The ostriches were quite intimidating at first but they were friendly so I became more confident around them over time. Yeah, my sister is very skilled with a camera and I’m very happy with the shots she took.

  8. First the birds, now the ostrich… your poor sister 😂

    such beautiful images… and you look great🤗

    A lovely share🤍

  9. Umm… yeah, I’d be nervous feeding an ostrich too!! Your photos are beautiful. It looks like you really enjoyed yourself. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Amazing pictures. I visited an ostrich farm once and was freaked out when the farmer said to be careful because they could kill you. You are a brave woman.

    1. Yup, they could easily kill people if they tried. The ones I’m next to in the video were less friendly and trying to peck me lol. I was scared at first too but was okay after that.

  11. It looks beautiful there. I didn’t realize how big ostriches are until I saw them towering over you. 😅 Modern day dinosaurs. Now I understand how Cassowary’s kill so many people. 🫣

  12. Ostrich’s can be scary. We used to have a local nature park called Silver Springs. An ostrich there pecked at my grandpa’s watch lol.

  13. Enjoy reading your review articles! The place seems really refreshing and remarkable.
    Also, love your pants; they go somehow with nature! 😃

  14. Wow! It looks so green there! I guess I always thought about Africa as desert, but it is a continent; so many different ecosystems! I grew up on a small farm, though my dad had his heart attacks when I was just a young child, so that didn’t last long. We had a couple of steers to start. Then the heart attacks, so those were meat when we were very poor. We had chickens, barn cats, geese, and one year we even raised six piglets! Now, the animals are all gone, and my dad passed away over ten years ago. My mom, however, still lives there.

    I am a country girl at heart, but we also did orchestra and other musical things, so farm girl, but also cultured. Interesting combo! I now live in a small town in an apartment. It’s not ideal, but I am so grateful to have a place to lay my head that is close to my kiddos’ schools, where there people are nice.

    1. Oh wow, why did you think of Africa as a desert? I’m very curious.

      Wow, I had no idea you grew up on a farm. My mum did too. I feel like the experiences you have on farms are so different from what we have in the city. And glad you guys have an apartment to stay in now even though it’s not like living on a farm!

  15. What a beautifully written and engaging post, Pooja! That had to be an exciting and interesting experience for you.

  16. What a fabulous place Pooj. Those ostriches look pretty tame. That must have been an experience. The place looks so green and pleasant. Were there any other kinds of wild life there?

    1. It was really beautiful. These two ostriches were quite friendly but the rest weren’t and had to be kept behind a fence. No other wildlife except the ostriches and some dogs.

  17. 1. I love your pants, super cute.
    2. Ostriches? No thanks. I do not care how friendly there were, it is a no for me.
    3. The place looks so lush and vibrant.
    4. Your sister is an awesome picture person, you look good!

    1. Thanks and yes she’s wonderful at taking pictures. The ostriches were scary but these two were quite friendly but it’s not for everyone so I get it lol.

  18. Oh this is sooo cool Pooja and I LOVE those great fun bright flowered pants on you. Good thing they don’t eat flowers. lol.. 😂 Could you pet them. Fab pics!! 💞

    1. Thank you, the ostriches were trying to peck my pants though because they eat plants occasionally or maybe they just hate my sense of fashion 😅 We were allowed to pet one specific one but I didn’t want to 😫

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, they were so intimidating because of their size and since they are difficult to control but it was still a fun experience.

  19. OH MY GOD!!!!! These pictures are so beautiful that I can’t even describe it in words. My love for nature and greeney is immense, and your pictures left me hankering to visit a similar place.

    I’m going to have Idli sambhar in lunch today. These curry leave just reminded me of that! 🤤

    1. Thank you and it was a truly beautiful place!

      Yummm idli sambhar is my absolute favourite South Indian food and it’s so much better with curry leaves 😋

  20. Beautiful photos. Love them all. And I have to say animals have their favorite humans, always. I don’t know why this is the case, but this happens a lot with cats who always choose on favorite person to like and one or two particular persons to ignore. I guess animals have instincts that we don’t have. LOL. Ten years ago, I went to a farm in Pennsylvania with some big exotic animals, for example some camel like creatures from South America. They looked sooooo cute that I just want to cuddle them. There were even two babies who were even cuter (if that is possible). The farm sold packages of food that we could buy to feed the animal.

    1. Thanks so much. That sounds so fun, I absolutely love animals and the baby ones are even cuter. Did you have fun feeding them?

    1. Yes, it was really beautiful. I was scared of the ostriches at first but got used to them since they were friendly enough.

  21. Loved your vlog Pooja. I think you aced it.
    Those rooms were great, plus a kitchen and personal cooking place! I’ll have to add that to my to-visit list.
    Great pictures from your sis too.
    I dig lizards as well, and the house ones especially because they keep the insects away.

  22. Ostriches are cool! When I was a kid, an ostrich bit me, even though I was careful around them, so I learned to be even more careful around them!

  23. What spectacular photos. Loved them all. Ostriches are that tall! 😯 and loved your narrative. Thanks for sharing these. Spectacular post. Xoxo blessings. Happy June.

  24. Enjoyed the photos. I was told to “go ahead and pet the ostriches and emus” at a sanctuary in Australia. I briefly pet the back of an emu, but I was too frightened of the larger ostriches to do so. Good for you.Great Read Can i leave my thoughts ?! –

    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
    Gadgets Ark

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