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Queen Latifah Quote:

Queen Latifah Quote

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What’s Up With Me?

Well, not much. After a pretty fun April, May has been somewhat anticlimactic. Which I’m honestly fine with. Sometimes there are days when you just want to chill. I feel like May is filled with those kind of days for me and I like not having too much to do.

The most exciting thing that has happened this month is that I have been trying to get back to eating healthy. I dropped the ball a little in April but this month has been good. Again, I have been focusing on eating healthy not weight gain or weight loss of any kind since I think health is more important than a number on the scale. Just my opinion. I had avocado pasta today which is mostly raw and completely oil free. Plus, avocados have the good kind of fat that give you a nice *insert peach emoji*

I’m sure some of you may remember the recent book review I did for Re-Create And Celebrate by Cindy Georgakas. Well, her book launch party is going to be happening on Saturday, 20th May and I just wanted to remind you guys since you’re all more than welcome to join. I’m sure she would really appreciate it if you guys showed up (virtually). Find the instructions on how to join here.

What did you think of this weeks quote? What are your plans for the week? How have you been recently? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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115 thoughts on “Queen Latifah Quote

  1. She lost me as a fan long ago from personal hypocritical actions.
    However my quote contribution:
    Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist~ Pablo Picasso

    1. Thanks so much and yeah mine too but just today. I may have cursed the month by mentioning it had been chill so far πŸ˜…

  2. I loved the quote, because coincidentally I heard this same idea today already. The thing is I spent 4 hours on the phone with my brother, and this is the gist of what he told me more or less. I am happy, because we were out of touch for about 8 years. So I am going to celebrate our reunion, it’s exciting!

            1. Yeah it’s not going to taste good in this mix. I skipped the zucchini too. Just pasta on its own tastes much better.

  3. It’s an awesome quote and I so agree! Good for you you are eating healthy and abandoning the scale. Thank you so much for inviting everyone to the launch party. The more the merrier! Can’t wait to see you Pooja and thanks again for all of your help and spreading the word!

  4. Loved today’s quote!!

    Never heard about avocado pasta before, but I guess now I have to try it out for a better *peach emoji* πŸ˜‚

    Virtual book launch, that seems interesting and something I’ve never been a part of. Excited to join, but first, I’ll have to check whether my time zone will allow me or not. πŸ₯²

    1. Thank you!

      Avocado pasta is the best because it has the good kind of fat πŸ˜‰

      I think the time will be around 8:30 in India but double check and confirm 😊

  5. That quote needs to be seen and heard by many. We lose out on such incredible ideas when people forego being themselves in pursuit of being someone else.

    I’m curious, do you put anything extra in your avocado pasta or do you keep it plain. I know a lot of people (myself included) like to put in a little bit of extra stuff lol sometimes to my own detriment.

    1. I very much agree. We we conform to the norms we are forcing ourselves into boxes we don’t necessary fit in.

      Yeah, I need a little extra stuff too otherwise I find it a little blend. I usually add salt, black pepper, garlic, lemon and sometimes some onion.

  6. So true! I’ve seen the flipside of this too, people trying to be me haha. That’s pretty creepy.

    Unfortunately I won’t be here Saturday because I’m out celebrating our 10 years of marriage but I hope the book launch party is a success!

  7. Yes, I’ve tried to be extra careful with calories and fat and carbs. Still sometimes I have a craving that I just have to eat unhealthy food for a day. LOL. Yes, let’s concentrate on ourselves, know our strength, our interest etc. Recently I have been reading something about dysregulation of people who were victims of narcissistic parents. And I realize that most of my past feeling of “not being myself” or “not believing myself” is caused by the lingering trauma, not really by mistakes or superficiality or something else that I attributed my misspent life to. LOL.

    1. I have cheat days too because it’s hard to stop eating junk food altogether lol.
      Trauma is definitely a big part of what leads to feelings like that and low self-esteem.

  8. Wise words from the Queen. πŸ‘‘ Best wishes to you on your healthy eating. I haven’t had avocado pasta, but I enjoy black bean pasta. I follow a vegan diet, so I appreciate seeing more options like these.

    1. Yes, very wise words from here.

      Thanks, I love back bean pasta too. But definitely try avocado pasta, such a delicious combo. I’m vegan too 😊

      1. Oh, you’ve tried it. Wonderful! I discovered it a few months ago. Sounded weird but it is delicious. I will look for your recommendation. Thank you, Pooja!

        1. It tastes different but very good and a great way to get some extra protein into the meal. Have you tried seven grain or five grain pasta? That’s pretty good too.

  9. “do you solemnly swear to stay in your lane, your own lane and nothing but your lane” 😁

    I do… but why can’t others too πŸ˜‹

    lovely as always, Pooja 🀍

  10. Love the quote…..

    Hey it’s good to know that you doing good and eating healthy.

    Try to eat more girl, you eat very less…

    The fact you told about avocado pasta sounds fun 🀭

      1. I was thinking if you are intolerant with some food πŸ€”

        For now stick to green veggies and fruits. You know the rest.
        Do less experiments on your body wih food 🀭

  11. It is rumored that Aristotle never actually said, “If you always stay in your own lane, one day the bridge will be out and you’ll crash into the river. Better to go off-road into the forest but don’t eat any gingerbread cookies made by a witch with oil and lard. You should wash your HΓ£nsel of it and not reGretel “

  12. Love the quote! She’s so strong!
    Speaking of book reviews, I just finished your previous book reviewed book, “The Housemaid.” Wow! Incredible, suspenseful, book with many twists and turns that you don’t see coming! The one I did see coming was his mother’s connection. Two words: generational sin. Great book, though! I completely get why you loved it! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yesss it has so many twists and personally I didn’t see the mother one coming but it totally made sense. I wish the sequel was as good but I found it a little boring πŸ˜”

  13. Excellent quote Pooja, and if anyone has followed her story, the hard knocks makes this quote more relevant to all of us. Thanks for the reminder about Cindy’s Launch Party. Have an awesome day! πŸŒžπŸ’žπŸ˜˜

  14. Hi Pooja, It feels good to be back after the holidays and catching up with the blogging community. May has started as an exciting month for me. Meeting my cousins, nephews, and nieces has been great. I tried avacado just once during lockdown. It’s definitely very healthy.

  15. I have never tasted avocado pasta! Sounds really good!
    Today I ate meat and rice and avocado as a supplement. I really love avocado as it perfectly completes the dish.

  16. Queen Latifah’s quote is inspiring. It’s great that you’re attending Cindy Georgakas’ book launch party, and I hope everyone has a wonderful time.

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