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I woke up a little earlier today than I usually do because I’m trying to get into the habit of waking up early and get my shit life together. So, I decided to post something that is sort of low effort. Since I don’t have enough brain cells to write something profound today as I usually do… kidding! So, I’ve been re-watching Family Guy lately and although I think it got less funny over time, there are some Family Guy quotes that make me laugh without fail. And since I wanted to share low effort content I thought I would share some Family Guy quotes today that I love and hope you do as well.

I also got this idea because I used to do this a lot back when I first started writing. And by that I don’t mean write with like two living brain cells. I mean that I used to share quotes from TV shows I enjoy a lot and many people seemed to enjoy them. Sure most of those people no longer blog and I have a different audience now. But, maybe you guys will enjoy them too. I mean, I hope you will. And if you don’t it’s still my blog and I’ll do whatever I want on it lol. Kidding, but not really… If you don’t like Family Guy, I have a lot of other posts on this blog that are not Family Guy related so feel free to read those instead.

If you do like Family Guy, I hope you enjoy these Family Guy quotes:

Best Family Guy Quotes of All Time
Family Guy Quotes
8 Clean Family Guy memes ideas | family guy, funny memes, family guy funny
Family Guy Quotes
Family Guy Funny Quote | Funny meme pictures, Family guy funny, Funny pictures


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Do you like Family Guy? Did you enjoy these quotes? If so, which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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119 thoughts on “Family Guy Quotes

  1. I’ve seen this show on TV many times, but I’ve never watched even one episode. I guess it is because it’s a cartoon. Although I know people who are crazy about Simpsons or South Park, I’ve never watched even once. I can’t believe my taste is so narrow. LOL. I think the last quote is really something. Somehow I could feel that my father probably would like to do that to put an end to his bitter fights with my mother and the family he didn’t care about.

    1. I’m not he biggest Family Guy fan anymore, I enjoyed the older episodes more as they were much funnier and darker. I love Simpsons and South Park and I think South Park is probably my favourite animated show. I would recommend it if you have a strong stomach lol.

  2. I’ve never watched this show and only clips.

    I tend to watch much more childish cartoons…like Chowder and Misadventures of Flapjack.

        1. When Family Guy is just being goofy and funny, it seems to be funny but when it gets into politics, meta humor, and similar I don’t really like it as much.

            1. It’s the fact that it’s overly preachy nearly all the time. I don’t mind politics, but I don’t want to be told a point. I don’t want to see one side as dumb and the other smart. Some shows are stupid and while Family Guy is heavily political with South Park (which handles politics better), it’s not that stupid or the worst. The worst show ever is this one:

              😂 Trump era really showed that some people aren’t funny.

              1. Yeah, I don’t like how Family Guy handles political episodes either. Especially now. Back in the day, they did a better job with it. Lol I remember that show without the laugh track during lockdown and it showed how unfunny it was 😅

            1. Why would you lifestyle look like that haha???

              Do you think I like anime??

              And many anime is also for kids. When you say kid, that makes you how old I wonder? 😯

              1. I don’t know what you like and dislike. I assume you may consider cartoons and anime as the same. They are, but they’re made with different cultures in mind.

                In the US, we don’t get as much content from other countries as say, they would getting ours. We don’t typically have access to children’s anime and typically most access to anime is shonen, which is targeted to young men around 11-17.

                Kids where I live, are under the age of 13, otherwise they’re teens or adults. (This is a media thing and not an actual concrete idea to everyone here) Saying that it’s targeted to kids means that I might be watching a show for an 8 year old.

                And of course many anime is targeted towards kids, it’s just Japanese animation and most animation is targeted to kids (for some reason), otherwise they would be labeled adult animation like Family Guy or the Simpsons.

                  1. It’s so hard to find anything here that I actually want to see without streaming it illegally. I’m not above streaming illegally, but the websites always get taken down.🙄

              2. Oh, and I watch kids’ television more than adults because I get stressed out easily and many of the jokes on there make me uncomfortable or they’re offensive and I don’t like it. Some people really really like offensive humor, but I don’t and too many shows have that.

                Satire is great, but a lot of people that watch those shows don’t get the satire and it’s just real to them and thinking of that makes me anxious. Normal family guy fans are quiet and like the show, but others pretend they’re being ironic when really they’re using the show to be a dickhead and masking it as a joke or using the show to push their agenda and spreading misinformation about its meaning. This also ends up leading to particular characters being praised by a supremacist group and their main mascot.

                They also have a lot of childish sex jokes (unfortunately a lot of kids shows do too but it’s more censored) and unnecessary content that I prefer not to see. They also make sexual assault jokes and other inappropriate jokes to shock people and I don’t want to hear it.

                Not that many adult shows handle serialization well and end up just making a lot of jokes over and over or bending their plot to make a joke. I’m not a jokey funny person.

                A lot of kids shows, lastly, are more creative. Chowder, a show I listed, has a very creative art style that can get ugly at times but it uses different styles of art to express what basically is a stupid plot. All adult shows that do that well FLOP badly and I get so sad because they were good too.🤷🏾 Oh well.

                I just forgot to answer the question.

                1. Oh well….

                  This is a long comment.
                  I suddenly made you interested to talk.

                  Yes, many shows are highly sexualized. Even shows like Doraemon and shinchan have nudity, vulgar jokes and sexualization.
                  I also get uncomfortable with such shows, because these are unnecessary.

                  My taste in anime have changed a lot in past few years. I’m watching more series stuff and ditch childish humor or unnecessary sexualization.

                  It’s false idea that sexualization will sell. 🤷🏻‍♂️

                  1. It (sex) sells well because it’s easy to consume and it is escapist material.

                    I’m not against sexual material, but I don’t want to watch a show then a stupid penis or boob joke comes up that’s the joke for hours on hours. Especially when I watch it with family members.

                    However, again, I’m still not against it. If you went through a lot of stuff I write or some random drawings, it’s very pornographic and erotic in nature and awkward or just porn with a plot, but I’d never post that crap in public. I don’t feel like that’s what most people want to see and in a sense, I don’t either.😂

                    1. Hon, we aren’t done.😩 I just wrote a whole novel on your blog.😣 Sorry.😵‍💫😵‍💫

    1. I like Chowder but never seen the other show. I used to watch childish cartoons too and still do sometimes but I also like the adult ones.

      1. Misadventures of Flapjack is an…experience. Chowder is just an abstract surreal version of Garfield, especially Garfield and Friends, but Flapjack is about the life of a young blond boy named Flapjack that’s raised by a whale named Bubbie (I hate her name so much…and I hate the implications) and a vague humanoid thing named Cap’n Knuckles (pronounced as Kuh-nuck-les) who introduced Flapjack to candy which could be drugs, could be something else, but they go on many adventures around Stormalong (a port with a city) to get to Candy Island (which is implied to not actually exist).

        If you’re into more nautical shows, surrealism, ominous vibes, and ominous monsters it’s something you’d definitely would like.

        All these with a touch of realism. Cap’n Knuckles is an alcoholic and Bubbie literally is a coddler of her baby and he could do no wrong. Shows sick, but it’s a good watch if you’re in a good mental state.

        One thing in mind is that the show still is for children, it’s not like Adventure Time and it has similar qualities to Regular Show as it could’ve been an adult show, but it’s too dang childish.😂😂😂

        1. Those sound interesting, I’ll definitely heck them out. Flapjack sounds good. I watched a couple of episodes of Adventure Time but never really got that into it 😑

          1. Adventure Time is something I’d write over…I prefer Futurama.😂 Same energy, but Futurama is less psychological and funnier.

  3. I enjoyed Family guy when it first came out. It was a fresh kind of funny. On a side note concerning change:
    Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.’ -Harriet Tubman

  4. Haven’t seen the show, but seen some videos here and there, it has good humor.

    I would call it a change of theme. The best thing is you are showing up, Which is very hard with a daily posting schedule. And for that I admire you (in a very friendly way).

    My favorite quote from this blog post is “And if you don’t it’s still my blog and I’ll do whatever I want on it lol”
    Own it… You have enough brain cells which can provide tons of contents for years.

    Here it is raining since last night, so some respite from the heat.

    1. It’s an okay show. The old episodes were really good but these days I feel like some episodes are a big L.

      Thanks, yeah I try to post something even if it’s dumb. It was raining last night in Kenya too.

      1. This reminds me that it’s been a while since you have done a “what I’m watching” kinda post.
        I think last was about Wednesday ( which I haven’t watched yet).

        I have heard that mila kunis have voiced a character in the show.

        Also the show is for adults, is that true?

        And I don’t think it’s dumb. What I like about you as a blogger that you give tons of variety with your work. So evey kind of readers can engage with them.
        I feel like I’m following 5-6 bloggers all together. And, that’s why I don’t think of following anyone else. One can never get bored.
        Now it may sound like I’m buttering, but I’m not 😂

        1. Yeah, Mila Kunis does Meg’s voice and it’s definitely only for adults. Or teenagers. I started watching it as a teen.

          Hah true, I haven’t been watching much lately so no TV show posts.

          Glad you enjoy the variety 😊

      1. Glad you found the post interesting. I think Family Guy has a pretty niche audience so it’s not something a lot of people have seen.

  5. Oh man… Family Guy is Irreverent, American humour. It’s funny, made for great television. It touched on so many politically sensitive issues through the lens of satire, and a lot of people were offended by it. It was television for it’s era.. and it resonated with that generation. I’d still watch clips occasionally. Good post Pooja. Thanks for the memories.

    1. It’s a really funny show although I liked the older episodes more as they took more risks with the jokes. Still pretty funny though. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it 😊

  6. shit life
    fly flag
    tour detour
    i hate family guy
    and the copy cat mcfarlane
    in short
    he sucks
    but you fule

  7. I don’t watch this show but It’s weird I’ve watched some clips on yt. I don’t like it . If your life is down these days then you should journal , don’t be hard on yourself. Be happy 😁

        1. I’m like that at the moment because I’m trying to change stuff. It’s annoying since I don’t like taking naps too often. But it’s either take a nap or feel like crap all day lol.

  8. Just say “shit” not “life” because that’s how we all really say it. Haha. As for the scene with the bat, I never startle someone who knows self defense because I don’t want to be hit by mistake.

  9. I enjoyed the quotes, even though I’m not a Family Guy watcher. My favourite was the Cheerios one. I also enjoyed some of the long conversations in the comments thread!

  10. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve heard many peoplw who talk about it say it’s interesting.

    My favourite quote is,
    “Every hot girl who can aim a camera thinks she is a photographer”.😄😄

  11. funny fits the bill and is profound enough. I’m going to go pour some cereal and look for my diamond.. lol. I’ve never heard of this show but that’s not saying much since I don’t watch TV. much. I did just watch a great series tonight tho..

  12. Hi Pooja,
    I haven’t watched this show.
    If I get to know more about it, I might understand these jokes properly.
    Lol, I’m unable to figure – Are these quotes or jokes or simple dialogues.

  13. I don’t see anything like Family Guy in UK. They’re so afraid of offending minorities, I guess.
    We can see it on youtube, but I’ve recently been watching some episodes of Fugget About It. Don’t know if that’s US or Canadian though. Set in Regina, Saskatchewan, but they love to misname it Vagina.

    1. I like the IT Crowd, it’s not exactly like Family Guy but it’s not very censored. Lol, Fugget About It sounds interesting.

  14. I have not watched Family Guy in a long time, but some ift their earlier stuff was pretty funny. The episodes involving Stewie and Brian were always great. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I’ll go watch a few. 😁👍🏻

    1. That’s so annoying, yeah there’s an email issue on my blog and hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. But knowing WordPress probably not…

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