Something Happened Yesterday

Writer's Block Strikes Again Something Happened

As you may have guessed from the title, something happened yesterday. And it was lowkey devastating. But also a little amusing so I decided to share it with you guys. Because if you know me, you know I love sharing both devastating and amusing posts.

I generally read posts by other bloggers and a lot of what I read is poetry. And last night I read a poem by another blogger that was so good it made me not want to write poetry anymore. Like I just felt like why even bother. Nothing I write will ever compare lol.

It was like when Lil Wayne heard Eminem’s verse on Forever and went back and changed his. Except I’m not a millionaire rapper. Not because I lack the skills, gold necklaces or swag to be one. I’m dripping in all three. But mostly because who has the time. Being a rapper sounds exhausting.

Anyway, so that happened. And devastating may be exaggeration. More like numbing. But life goes on and I’ll still read and write poetry. But I really have to say. The writers on this platform are so incredibly talented. You guys are so amazing and don’t even know it. So keep writing and some day you may just devastate the world with how great your writing is. And I mean, isn’t that every writers goal at the end of the day?   If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment!

What is your favourite poem? Have you ever read something so well written your writing pales in comparison? Let me know in the comments section below because I would absolutely love to hear from you! 

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133 responses to “Something Happened Yesterday”

  1. It happens to me often. There are amazingly talented people here and they make you just stop and say; WOW!

    1. I so agree, and of course you’re one of them. I always love your writing.

      1. Thank you so much 🫶🏼

        1. My pleasure 😊

          1. 💙💚💜🤍

  2. Great Read Can i leave my thoughts ?! –

    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
    Please check out my new blog for all things Dog

    1. Thanks so much!

  3. Yeah, it happens to me, too. Not so often on this platform (but I would love to come across great blogs like yours more!), but when reading others’ literary works. I don’t get devastated by the fact that there are great authors out there, though. What devastates me is knowing I don’t have time or energy to be as great 😌 Let’s face it: writing as a solitary activity requires a lot of energy and time, which aren’t at our disposal if we work full time and have families to take care of. I’m not saying this as an excuse, but that’s the reality. Writing can also be for the privileged 😉 All in all, you’re doing just fine, and don’t forget to stay awesome 🤩

    1. Yeah, I wish I had more time too. And the right space to come up with good writing. But maybe someday we both will have the privilege 😊

  4. Hey there! Came across your post on the WordPress feed and couldn’t resist saying hello. I’m already hooked and eagerly looking forward to more captivating posts. Can’t seem to find the follow button, haha! Guess I’ll have to bookmark your blog instead. But rest assured, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your updates!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

    1. Thanks so much!

  5. You ask if I have ever read something that makes my writing pale in comparison. Obviously, I read your blog all the time.

    1. Aww haha thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say.

  6. Well Lil Wayne can’t be compared with Em. Both are different and both are amazing.

    Similarly, I will never compare you or your work with anyone. I can’t, because you are sooo good.

    I first read your work in September 2021. I was confused what was going on. I did not followed you then, because I wasn’t getting any idea what to expect from you.
    Then as I started reading more of your work, I understood that you are so comfortable and capable with multiple topics, niche and styles.

    You became my favorite then. Because I adore your work. I love how a single person is capable of giving such a great variety.
    Yes, I got jealous a few times, even tried to copy your style.
    But then I realised that you are completely something else.
    So I never tried to compete.

    It’s like I as a blogger cannot ever match you, but I feel like at the same time, I can always keep improving my work.

    Your work and your blogs are something special and I always look them with great admiration ☺️

    1. That’s sweet, thank you. I’m very flattered that you enjoyed my writing and I’m very glad you came across my blog and now we’re friends 😊 I’m also glad you decided to maintain your own voice in your writing because I really enjoy your posts. They are unique and that’s better than replicating anyones work.

      1. Hey, if you want to try something with the poem. Then, there’s a poetry challenge by a fellow blogger+ friend. She conducts such challenges every month. This month the poem should be about a bird from the part from you live. I think I never saw her on your posts and vice versa. But, I am sure you know Rebecca cuningham- fake flamenco. Such challenges will prove you how good you are dear PG

        1. Prompts are helpful sometimes, thanks for sharing that. I’ll check out her blog!

          1. Why don’t you conduct a prompt? 😄
            I want you to try it. I think it will be fun.
            Now don’t tell me you have already done it before, because I’m seeing you since last 1.5 years and haven’t seen it by you.

            Let’s do it PG. I want to see how many people respond to it.

            1. It’s because I don’t have the time or energy for prompts 😫

              1. 😱

                Well you just need to discuss a topic
                Ask a question
                And let people know that they can respond with a seperate blog.

                For example – You ask people what food/food items they find themselves identical too…

                You write your answer in that post itself.
                Then ask people to write a post about it.
                I feel it will be fun.
                I’m 🥝 btw 😅

                1. But then I have to go to their blog and respond the post 😫

                  1. You do that now anyway 🥹

                    I mean, those people whom you follow, you like and read their work 😁.

                    You can set a time limit within which people can participate. Then like if 7 people wrote on your prompt, you feature them on your post. 😊

                    1. That’s a good point lol. I’ll definitely think about it 😊

                  2. Hey btw I don’t want to sound passive aggressive. Something that I’ve learned here (someone once called me that).

                    This was just a suggestion to a dear friend 😄

                    1. I don’t think that’s what passive-aggressive is??? 😂

  7. I feel that way quite often throughout my life. Especially when I was younger, but it happens on here quite often.

    I even feel bad when I compare my blog to yours, but I have to stop doing that.😬

    But, I get this a lot in art.😂

    1. Yeah, I felt that way more when I was younger too. But that poem just blew me away lol 😅

      Don’t compare your blog posts to my blog, I enjoy yours because they’re different and you have your own unique voice 😊

  8. I am also in awe of the many talented poets on Word Press! And I am very grateful that I get a chance to read good poetry most days. Thanks for writing about this.

    1. Yes, this platform has some very talented writers!

  9. my favourite poem: The Geranium, by Theodore Roethke

    1. I’ll definitely check it out.

  10. Hi Pooja,
    Now imagine the moment – when you’re so excited to tell your readers – what you know.
    It affects the flow of your writing. You end up writing a good blog post in one go.
    Some writers, masters their art, they know how to their reader’s response on their writing.
    Others might be interested in writing less but of great meaning or importance.
    Your blog posts are original. And I liked the nature of simplicity involve in them. You try to help everyone. You share your pain with us.
    This kind of reader & writer trust is very important for a long lasting (and impactful) conversation.
    “Enjoy reading. Enjoy writing.”
    Also, improve on your own.

    1. Yes, I agree we all have our own voice. Thanks so much.

  11. It actually happens to me too, people here are supremely talented, sometimes i feel like what am i doing here?

    I have always enjoyed your poetry, just keep going, Pooja 😊

    1. Yes, people here are so talented! It’s amazing to read everyones work and I really enjoy yours as well 😊

      1. Thank you, Pooja😊

        1. My pleasure 😊

  12. There was a poet who used to write here but has been inactive for a year sadly. I hope they’re okay.

    I loved their poetry, it was so visceral and honest. I honestly need more work like that; willing to take risks e.t.c ✨

    1. I’m sorry to hear they are no longer active. Hope they come back soon.

  13. So, you’re saying you’re next creative act is rapping? 😂

    1. Yup, will be dropping an album soon so be on the lookout for that 😅

  14. The poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer. The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.

    1. I love Trees but have never read The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen so will definitely check that out.

  15.  you may just devastate the world with how great your writing is…. love how you say this😁

    So relatable. happens often here as there are so many who write so beautifully… just wow…and their words truly touch hearts.

    your poetry is always lovely Pooja. you write beautifully and your poems are very much enjoyed. 🤗🤍

    1. That first line stood out to me, too!

      1. Pooja and her delightful way with words ✨

    2. I agree, we have some brilliant writers on this platform. You, of course, are included in that 😊

      1. lol, that comes with time and experience… some of us are too new for that… but thank you 😁🤗

        1. You’re very welcome and don’t underestimate your writing, you’re genuinely really good 🤗

  16. Gerontion by TS Eliot.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ll check it out.

  17. Every day. That’s why I follow good story tellers and poets. It keeps me humble, forces me to step my game up a little, and it’s always a good experience. I have stopped comparing myself to others though. I understand that it is a journey. You’re a fantastic blogger. You touch on so many different topics. I learn from reading your stuff.
    I think I’ve learnt to applaud the courage of anyone who starts a blog, and places themselves in the firing’s takes some cojones to place your work for the world to see.
    Good job PoojaG. 👏🙏

    1. Thanks. I follow a lot of writers for the same reason. I find their writing inspiring and it helps me to strive to write better. You’re of course one of these writers. 😊

      1. Oooh smooth move Pooja. 😜 I appreciate you, though. Seasoned veteran on the blog world dropping by, is validation that I’m doing something Right. 👏👏

        1. Haha thank ☺️

  18. There truly are so many talented poets here! I’m glad you’re going to keep writing your own. The poem you read may have been amazing, but you’re the only one who can write “Pooja’s poetry”. And, I’ll be around to read it. 😁🤍

    1. I agree, this platform has so many amazing writers. I love reading their work and yours included of course. Thanks, that’s sweet!

      1. You’re very welcome, and thank you. 🤗

  19. Doubts are a part of life. It helps us reflect and improve. As a dancer, I cannot help but compare myself with other dancers. With every generation, the flexibility is literally touching ceilings. I can’t make out the difference between a contortionist and a gymnast and a dancer. But working with dancers with different dance styles, made me realise that everyone is unique and imperfection hides the key to your unique self.

    1. I agree, we’re all unique and it’s important to embrace that.

  20. Everyone has a unique style of writing and that makes them different. If everyone writes in the same way then it will be boring and monotonous, won’t it be? You have your unique style of writing.

    1. I agree, we’re all unique and that’s what makes us interesting.

  21. I felt that way a great deal, and still do from time to time. The trick is, know that like our looks, styles, and personalities, we also have different ways of writing. For example, I may never win a Pulitzer Prize, but I am writing for a living. People tell me that the way I write, it makes them feel like they are in a room talking to a friend. I can live with that! I know my limitations, but I also embrace my strengths. When I work with new editors I tell them — no sports, no board meetings, no politics. Instead I write about health, human interest stories, charities, animal sanctuaries, etc. I bang out a story super fast and editors tell me, “You write fast!” They also barely edit my articles.
    So embrace your uniqueness. When you see someone who writes better than you, look to it as inspiration and not a threat. Enjoy their writing! 🙂
    (As for favorite poems, anything by e.e. cummings!)

    1. That’s wonderful advice, thank you😊 I agree, I think you’re right about us all being unique as writers. We have our own voice and style. I was a little threatened but mostly I was in awe and I think it inspired me to write better.
      Oh and I love E. E. Cummings!

  22. Great story. Some poems are so incredible. I don’t write poetry often but enjoy it when I do …

    1. Thanks and yes some poems really leave us in awe.

  23. Comparison is the thief of joy indeed 😔

    1. Indeed it is 😥

  24. You wrote a poem a few days ago it was about writer’s block and Destiny beat me to a comment I wanted to leave but my thoughts were if Pooja can write a piece like this at her creative low, how about at her creative peak. It’s not even about comparison but sometimes I just read an article so good it makes me question my skills and there and then I make a choice not to hate but to strive to write better.

    1. Thanks so much. And I know what you mean. Sometimes you read something really well written and it inspires you to keep improving your own writing.

  25. I sometimes envy another poet’s words and think I wish I could write like that but then it wouldn’t be me. I write from my heart and it is what it is. I’ve gone back into my archives and wonder did I write that – Wow! And other times I am disappointed.

    1. I know what you mean, sometimes I read older posts and am either impressed or disappointed. And writing from the heart is the best way to write in my opinion. I always enjoy your poems very much.

      1. Thank you, Pooja! 💖

        1. My pleasure!

  26. I know that feeling Pooja but it grows you and stretches you and sometimes I “channel” their writing which is really mine but it comes out different had I not thought of them. Some days are crap, some good and something sticks. ❤️

    1. I know what you mean, great writing inspires us to be better writers! ❤️

      1. Yep and we all have our own style❣️

  27. I understand how you feel. I follow several writers whose words are so perfect and gorgeous that I wonder why I write.

    1. Yeah, we have some very talented writers on this platform. But we all bring our own voice to it and I for one enjoy your posts very much.

      1. Thank you! I like your poetry too!

  28. “Except I’m not a millionaire rapper. Not because I lack the skills, gold necklaces or swag to be one. I’m dripping in all three.” I absolutely think you should rap one of your poems, Girl. That would be amazing! 💫🥰💫

    Do not be discouraged by writers who amaze you. They are not necessarily better, only different. Learn from them and grow. You have your own style and your own brilliant light. Let it shine on!

    1. I have enough poetry to create a rap album at some point 😅

      Thanks so much and that’s what I hope to do, I hope I can use this to inspire me!

  29. I agree, there are so many talented writers on this platform, and it makes me question my own writing. The old imposter syndrome pops up as I try and push it away. I love your posts Pooja and your poems! Never stop writing…hugs, C

    1. Thank you and I love your writing too, I can’t believe you overthink it too. That’s kind of comforting lol.

  30. I feel the same way about a great song. “The Song Remembers When” is a song that I like for its imagery and poetry.

    You have a following; you can’t quit now, lol. I notice that your following numbers keep ticking upward, so you must be doing something right.

    I never understood poetry, especially the analysis penderamick, iamberamic, diaometer quatro sustemic themes, and imagery; it hurts my brain. (Trademark misspellings on purpose) I could never be a poet, lol.

    1. Yeah, music can often be like poetry.

      Poetry is complicated but when it clicks it just clicks. At least for me. But I get it, writers have different preferences.

  31. I think there is room for a lot of great writers in this world. Also, just because you think one poet or one poem is the best there is, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for one more great poet or another great poem on similar subject matter or written in a similar style. Unless a writer is officially in a competition, we shouldn’t think of this as a competition in which all writers are ranked.

    1. Yes, absolutely. I think of that poem as inspiration to do even better.

  32. Lol you know what they say, Wow! Is the reaction you should aspire to get from your readers 🙂 so, we press on

    1. Absolutely, that’s the exact reaction we hope to get 😊

  33. Please continue to write poetry since there are plenty of rooms or space for everybody. There are so many women, especially young women, nowadays who are searching for new poems who speak their mind and talk in their verses. I think most of the writing (95% or more) from the past are not so relevant to the life of contemporary women. People love your writing and you can write different things from this poet who you admire. I hope you continue since I love your poems.

    1. I agree, older poetry is no longer as relevant to our lives. Especially for women. Thanks so much, will definitely continue writing poetry. I think this just inspired me to write better.

      1. Yes, there are so many different content and styles and experiences and emotions through which you can express yourself. You will surely find an area or a niche that is uniquely yours, different from the person you admire. And since most of the writing from the past, poetry especially, is not suitable for modern women anymore, there is a lot to explore and to express and to enjoy. Yes… poetry especially is young women’s domain…

        1. Thanks and I hope so. You’re right most writing actually from the past isn’t for modern women. So I guess we need writers to fill that void.

  34. That the beauty of reading other blogs/poems is we can always take something positive from it and reading something that totally blows you away also can help us improve or own skills that’s why I guess I love your work so much….Keep up the fantastic work Pooja!!!

    1. I absolutely agree, thank you!

  35. I enjoyed this post, Pooja. Yes, I often find writing that is so good I wonder how the person gained so much talent. I’ve heard that to become a better writer, become a better reader. It makes sense to me as, the more we expose ourselves to well-written content, the more we are able to compose it ourselves.

    1. Yes, I think that’s true. Reading improves our writing.

  36. I feel the same way, too, Pooja, and sometimes those negative thoughts are hard to swat away like pesky mosquitoes. 🙂 But then I flip a switch and realize we’re all unique as individuals, and so are the stories and poetry we share. If writing is our passion, then we shouldn’t allow self-doubt to throw in the towel for us. We all have something to say, something that hopefully will touch others. Keep writing! I love your posts and poems. ❤️

    1. Thanks! I agree, at first I was shocked but soon it helped me feel more motivated to write better. And of course, we all have our own style which is great 😊

  37. I really enjoy reading your blog…your heartfelt sharing, Pooja…this is gold as well…I love how you wrote “Not because I lack the skills, gold necklaces or swag to be one. I’m dripping in all three.”…so cool 🔥

    True, there are so many great poets on this as well as on other platforms…but one thing I don’t relate with is comparison…I don’t compare coz it really doesn’t matter to me…your bad could be my good…it’s a perspective, right?…what matters to me is to remain true to myself & to write from that space…the art would die one day if we keep comparing…coz we can never be them (/ write / paint / dance / sculpt / etc etc like them)…but we can be us…it’s just my perspective, how I see things…thank you for letting me share this…pls keep expressing the way you want…you’re simply amazing ✨❤️✨

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words ❤️
      It’s true, we all have our own voice and style.

      1. You’re welcome, Pooja ✨❤️💫

  38. Don’t be too discouraged, maybe you just need a look inside to find your own voice. Maybe you should study other poets and the like (I highly recommend the 300 Poems of the Tang Dynasty and the ancient Chinese text, “Book of Songs”, both you should be able to find easily).

    Either which way, keep going at it. I think you got what it takes!

    1. Thanks so much. I do have my own voice, I don’t think that was the issue. But rather that the writing itself was really brilliant. Or the idea for the poem. If anything it encouraged me to do better. Thanks!

  39. “It was like when Lil Wayne heard Eminem’s verse on Forever and went back and changed his. Except I’m not a millionaire rapper. Not because I lack the skills, gold necklaces or swag to be one. I’m dripping in all three. But mostly because who has the time. Being a rapper sounds exhausting.”

    I love when you’re in this kind of mood! 😅 This paragraph made my morning. It’s how I write on the rare occasion I have an ounce of self esteem.

    1. Haha, this is my favourite mood too out of the two I generally have 😅 I’m glad you enjoyed it and I would love to see you write like that more often 😀

  40. Yes I do, your writting is too good puja . That’s why I always try to make time to read your post .

    1. That’s so kind of you to say, thanks so much.

  41. Write yours too! I’m just now dabbling in poetry and some days it flows some days I am deleting everything. It’s a wonderfully therapeutic process.

    1. I generally do write a lot of poetry, I think I was just in awe after reading this one lol. It really is a therapeutic process.

  42. I read so many super poems but I find it so inspiring. It makes me try to always improve. Though there is a ways to go. 🖤🌷

    1. I was in awe at first but after a while I also felt inspired to do better with my writing. There is always room for improvement 😊

      1. Good thing with poetry is that sometimes you just like someone’s way of writing it. And it doesn’t have to be world-class.

        1. Very true.

  43. Yes, people are so talented 👏

    1. They really are, I am often in awe 😯

  44. “Except I’m not a millionaire rapper. Not because I lack the skills, gold necklaces or swag to be one. I’m dripping in all three. But mostly because who has the time. Being a rapper sounds exhausting.” Lol.

    There are so many talented writers on WP (yourself included) but I totally get what you’re saying. I feel that way often, too. But I always gravitate back to enjoying the challenge and the self-discovery that sometimes comes out of it. I almost never know what I’m going to write about until I start writing. “Wow, Dusty, you’re really hung up on trees at a subconscious level. What’s that about?”

    1. Lol thanks.

      I am like that too. At first I was like I’m giving up writing lol but eventually I just get inspired to do better. I rarely plan what I’m going to write too. I think that just works for some people.

      1. And, you know, there are worse things than being the Lil Wayne of the WP Poetry scene.

        1. Being the Lil Wayne of the WP Poetry scene would be a huge honour tbh even if it means I have some work to do.

          1. Well, when I read your poetry going forward, I am going to do so with Lil Wayne’s voice in my head.

            1. Perfect, that’s exactly how I hear it in my head too.

  45. I know people say “don’t compare yourself to others”, but seriously, it’s so nuanced whether you do, and you even do it unconsciously, or maybe as a joke. It shouldn’t be such black and white advice. Instead it should be about what to do in different situations

    1. I agree, different situations need a different approach. It’s not that simple.

      1. And I wish there was some acknowledgment of that

        1. I know what you mean but society likes the idea of one size fits all when it comes to stuff like this.

          1. True. Sigh

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