Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe

Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe

Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe

Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe

It has been a hot minute since I last shared a recipe on this blog. So today, I decided to share my vegan Korean chickpea recipe. Off the bat, I want to let you know that this recipe is far from traditional. It’s something you probably won’t find in Korea or at a Korean restaurant. It’s my version of a protein filled Korean dish. Korean foods tend to have a lot of meat but since I don’t eat animal products I thought I would put my own spin on it. So, I used sauces and ingredients that are generally found in Korean dishes but decided to use chickpeas instead.

I make something similar with tofu, but I’ve been trying to eat less soy products recently due to thyroid related stuff. Soy isn’t good for those that have thyroid issues or are predisposed to have them due to genetics. So, even though I don’t love chickpeas like most vegans do, I thought I would give it a try. And it turned out amazing. This has become like a once a week dish now. And it’s so easy and quick to make. Like minimal effort required. And it’s also very low oil which I love.


  • Two cups of canned or boiled chickpeas
  • Gochujang
  • Soy sauce
  • Gochugaru (Korean red pepper powder) but in case you can’t find this you can replace it with regular red pepper powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Two small or one large white onion
  • Sesame seeds (optional)
  • Spring/green onions (optional)
  • Oil
  • Water


  1. Bake the chickpeas in the oven until they are darker and become hard. Make sure the chickpeas are boiled first but if you use canned chickpeas you don’t need to boil them. But you can if you like.

2. Next, cut up some white onions into slices as shown below.

Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe

3. Put a small amount of oil (1 tsp is more than enough) on your pan and switch on your stove to medium.

4. Add in the sliced white onions and let them cook till they are golden brown.

Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe   Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe

5. While they’re cooking, make the sauce. Add one tbs of gochujang, one tsp of gochugaru, four tbs of soy sauce, two tbs of water, half a tsp of garlic power and mix everything really well.

Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe

6. Once the white onions are golden brown and the chickpeas are done baking, add the chickpeas to the pan.

Chickpeas and onions being cooked in a nonstick pan

7. Next, add in the sauce we made and mix everything well so that both the onions and chickpeas are coated with the sauce.

Onions and chickpeas cooked in a pan.

8. Let the mixture boil till the sauce thickens up.

9. Serve the chickpeas with some rice and your favourite kimchi and don’t forget to garnish everything with some sesame seeds and cut up green onions(optional). Enjoy!

Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe


I hope you enjoyed my vegan Korean chickpea recipe and do let me know in the comments if you ever decide to try it. You can also watch the video version of this recipe on my YouTube channel:

Have you ever had Korean food? If so, did you like it? Are you a fan of Korean food? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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81 responses to “Vegan Korean Chickpea Recipe”

  1. I have no idea what Gochujang is, but I’ll give it a go! I hope it’s spicy. 🔥

    1. Yes, it’s spicy and you can add more than I mentioned if you like it extra spicy 🥵

      1. Spicy is delicious!

    2. It’s a spicy, slightly sweet paste and very tasty!

      1. Sounds delicious!

  2. I’ve attempted chickpeas, may try again…I’m attempting vegan, so may have to

    1. I’m not a fan of chickpeas and tend to avoid them but this way of making them turned out excellent. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

  3. That sounds really good.
    As you know, I’m vegan too (getting ready now to watch the Happy Healthy Vegan livestream on You Tube!) and yes, I’ve had Korean many times. Always found something vegan on the menu.
    Actually I have a funny story. One New Year’s Eve, I was dining with a friend in a Korean restaurant on 30th Street. We planned to go up to Times Square to watch the ball drop.
    It was a very cold night, FREEZING. So we decided to wait until 11:45 and grab a cab since we were only a few blocks away from Times Square. Dumb move. There’s a very slim chance of catching a cab in NYC on New Year’s Eve.
    But we caught one. However the clock struck midnight while we were still in the cab and we missed the ball drop. It was so much fun nevertheless. There was confetti everywhere and it was super bright. Definitely a night to remember.
    And the Korean food was delicious! 🙂

    1. So true, Korean food has many vegan options and even if they don’t it’s easy to make it vegan by asking them to reach out the animal products.
      Wow, what an interesting story. Even though you weren’t Abe to make it for ball drop at least you got to spend some time with a friend and have a good meal. That’s a great way to usher in a new year!

  4. It looks yummy and healthy, I will try this recipe, Pooja, 😊

    1. Thanks so much and do let me know how it turns out if you try it 😊

      1. I will I want to make it. Thank you once again.😊🙏

        1. You’re very welcome 😊

  5. Wow, this sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing, Pooja. I love chickpeas and will try it out.

    1. It was one of the best Korean dishes I’ve made! Let me know how it turns out if you try it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it though, it’s hard to go wrong with Korean food.

  6. I’m really pleased that you share what you eat!
    The videos are really helpful. I’ve seen it thrice, as I was amazed.
    I love that you gave written description on the video about how to make sauce and everything.

    This definitely seems delicious PG. I am not familiar with few things used in sauce, I guess those are some Korean spices. So I wonder if I can make taste like Korean chickpea rice.
    But thanks a lot for sharing healthy food.

    1. Thanks! Glad it’s helpful. I feel like the videos explain it better for those of us who are visual learners. You can easily get the Korean spices on Amazon in India. I order mine from there sometimes too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this recipe very much.

      1. I will check it out then!

        These are something very new to me.
        You blended korean and Indian food. I read you also like Chinese food.
        You studied and lived in canada and now you live in kenya!
        I love how you bring out the best stories, culture and food together.

        1. Thanks! I think food is meant to be enjoyed and should bring cultures together. Fusion foods are fun for me to make since I’ve grown up eating them. Yup, I love Chinese food too but it’s a bit too oily for me to have often.

          1. I’ve never tried much else other than Indian food.

            I’m not a fan of Chinese food. People don’t know how to cook it decently. For them Chinese food means soya sauce, which I absolutely despise.

            Interesting I never had specific rajasthani thali ( plate)
            It has dishes like daal bati, gatte ki sabji, etc.
            I enjoy it at home, rather than at restaurant. 😃

            I once had gujrati thali. Too many sweet dishes. 🤪
            I enjoy khaman( dhokla), khandvi, patra,etc.

            1. Yeah, I don’t like Indo-Chinese food much either. I do like real Chinese food. I had a Chinese friend in my building in Canada and we used to cook together or cook for each other sometimes and she made the most delicious Chinese dishes 😋

              None of those dishes are supposed to be sweet lol! I know people make dhokla sweet and khandvi too but my mum makes it savoury and I prefer that. I’m not a fan of sweet foods either but Gujarati food has so much fried and sweet foods 😅 The best is simple Guju food like dhokla with daal bhaat and my favourite food- khichdi.

              We have quite a bit of Rajasthani food here and some places offer Rajasthani thali. I don’t know how authentic it is though 😜

              1. Ohh khichdi sounds great!!

                In Gujarat they make 2-3 kinds of dhoklas, the white one with chutney is sweet. They yellow is weird taste. Patra, and khandvi are sweet 🤷🏻‍♂️. Even the chutney they give with it is sweet. 😅
                In Rajasthan, they sell dhokla by naming it Gujarat’s dhokla and it’s very sweet. Rajasthan is more famous for kachori.

                I wonder what kind of Rajasthani thali is that. You need to see and tell me. 😃

                1. There are like at least 10 types of dhokla lol. I like the white ones that are made with rice flour. And the ones made from semolina (sooji). I don’t know if you’ve tried the yellow dhokla fried but they are so delicious. It’s a good treat to eat like once a year cos it’s super unhealthy 😅 I would love to try real Rajasthani food, we get it here but it’s not authentic.

                  I’ll ask my aunt, she eats that kind of food a lot and I’ll let you know what they offer. People also offer Rajasthani style curries and stuff. It’s delicious.

                  1. Ohhh 😲

                    Let me know if you ever eat Indian food outside.

                    1. I do sometimes but never Rajasthani food. My cousins do though so I’ll ask them about it.

                    2. Okay dear!!

                      How’s your health?
                      How are you doing?

                    3. Yup, I was seriously ill a week ago but okay now.

                    4. How come you get sick so often??

                      Please take care

  7. 👌👌👌😜🤗🍽🌹

  8. i see warren there. gosh dang it. o s hammered. makes me want those cheap red meatz tomorrow gupta! lmao

    1. Or some chickpeas lol

      1. naw that s not merican gupta. get wit it. eh?

        1. Maybe deep fry it then…

  9. loving the end result, Pooja.
    will be giving it a try 😉

    Thanks for sharing 🤍

    1. Thanks so much and do let me know how it turns out if you try it 😊

      1. my pleasure and will do 🤍✨

  10. Nice! and easy to prepare.

    1. Absolutely, so simple and delicious!

  11. The only Korean food I’ve ever had was kimchi. But I def wanna try more dishes cause they always look so good in the pictures!

    1. I absolutely love kimchi. I would so recommend this one since it’s not to complicated and turned out so delicious.

  12. This looks really good! Thank you for sharing this recipe Pooja. I actually really enjoy Korean food, we usually go to a Korean BBQ for lunch on the weekends when the occasion calls for it. I’ll have to try this recipe on my next meal prep.

    1. Thanks so much! Korean BBQ is quite popular these days and I know many people love it which is great.I hope you enjoy the recipe, it’s really simple but so flavourful.

  13. so tempting !

    1. It was one of my favourite dishes!

  14. Instructions are too easy….

    1. Yeah, so easy and delicious.

  15. Mmmm! Makes me drool… If you don’t boil or bake the chick peas, try squishing them between your fingers in a bowl of warm water to take the skins off…

    1. Ooh that’s a good idea, will try that next time!

  16. This is excellent. I’m glad you put this out!

    1. Thanks so much!

  17. This looks delicious, and I am a fan of chickpeas! Thank you for sharing, Pooja.

    1. Hope you try it, if you like chickpeas you’ll love this! Thanks 😊

  18. This looks amazing! Yum!

    1. Thank you!

  19. Love it!!

    1. Thanks, it was awesome!

  20. My favorite Korean food whenever I visited Korea was Bibimbap. Not sure of the correct Korean spelling but that’s what I’d ask for and it was always good. I like kimchi too.

    1. Oh, I love bibimbap. It’s so delicious and healthy too since it has so many veggies. Kimchi is probably my favourite. I eat it with everything.

  21. I lived four years in Korea so there’s my answer about how I feel about Korean food. Koreans do love their meat though, but I have to say the vegetarian food served in Buddhist temples are so much better than the ones you get in restaurants.

    I feel like I should send this recipe over to one of the websites that promote this type of cooking. I can imagine some monks and nuns wanting to try this out.

    1. Oh nice, one of my best friends from high school in currently living in Korea. Yeah, apparently some Buddhist temples also deliver food now. For Buddhists who are vegetarian and also don’t eat onions and garlic.

      That would be lovely, I would love to help them in any way I could. Not sure if they eat onions and garlic though but I’m sure they can substitute it if they don’t.

  22. I for sure want to try this, all I need to get is gochugaru! I love Korean food 😋

    1. You’ll love it if you already like Korean food! You can get Gochujang in any Asian store or on Amazon.

  23. Hi. It looks interesting! Did you add boiled chickpeas?

    1. Thanks! I boiled the chickpeas first and then baked them till they hardened.

  24. Wonderful recipe, I do love Korean gochujang paste; so spicy 😋

    1. Thanks, yesss gochujang is so delicious 😊

        1. But like in the best way 😅

  25. Just made this for dinner and we loved it!😋 Thanks.

    1. So glad you guys enjoyed it, I’m so happy to hear that 😊

  26. Your dish looks delicious, and pretty.

    1. Thanks so much, it was amazing.

  27. […] you’re interested in the Korean chickpea recipe you can watch it on my YouTube […]

  28. Yes!!!!! So happy you posted this!!!!!!

    1. Hope you try it!

      1. I will for sure 😄😊

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