Fun Day Ideas (Solo Or In Groups)

Fun Day Ideas (Solo Or In Groups)

Life is too short to work, work, work, and never have fun. If you work hard, you should play harder. Life is all about having fun, letting your hair down, and spending time doing things you enjoy. As someone that works as a freelancer full-time, I try my best to also spend some time having fun. Because as someone who works from home online it’s easy to end up working long hours. If you want to have the ultimate fun day with your friends and family, or alone, then here are some great fun day ideas.

Fun Day Ideas
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Escape room fun 

If you love solving mysteries and have a partner in crime that does too, then you should consider pursuing a 2 person escape room. What better way to spend a morning or afternoon trying to solve a mystery? Not only are escape rooms adrenaline-filled, but they are also ideal for a rainy day and perfect for those that love to spend their time-solving problems. Fun fact, when I was living in Canada, we had an escape room quite close to us. 

Pamper sessions

Whether you wish to have a fun day alone or with a group of your girlfriend, why not have a pamper session? Getting your hair and nails done is the ultimate way to relax and spend your time indulging in self-love and self-care. To make the fun day more indulgent, book yourself an appointment instead of pursuing the pamper session yourself. I went to a spa a while back with the bestie and I still remember how awesome it was for the both of us. Self-care is so vital and pamper sessions are best for it.

Host a games night 

A great group activity for adults is to have a puzzle or games night. If you do not often find time during the week or during weekdays to have fun with your friends, then why not host a games night at your house at the weekend?

Your friends will likely have more time at the weekend to rest and relax. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to ask friends around and have a fun evening together. You could ask each guest to bring a game or puzzle of their choice, then everyone can host their gaming preference and ensure that they feel the evening is fulfilling and fun.

Get active

If you are someone that doesn’t enjoy sitting around too much, then why not fill your days with fun, active activities when you have time off? You could go off on a solo hiking day. Or you could get a group of your closest family and friends together to play squash, football, or any other activity that you all enjoyed doing.

Being active is a great and effective way of passing your time. You can guarantee to maintain your energy levels and feel that you have spent your time proactively. You really could spend a whole day being active alone or with your friends to ensure that you spend enough time on yourself outside of work and other challenging life commitments.


There really are so many fun day ideas that you can pursue alone or in groups. Never waste your life away when you have spare time. Ensure to utilise your free time proactively so that you can feel fulfilled and spend enough time doing things that you would love for the most. 

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95 thoughts on “Fun Day Ideas (Solo Or In Groups)

  1. This is one of the main reasons I am glad I go to a central office to get my days assignments. I don’t think I could handle working from home…

  2. All these are good fun days ideas and I think these are more enjoyable in groups of cousins or friends.
    But the underlying idea is one must manage and enjoy free time, otherwise continuous work will take a heavy toll on our physical and mental health.

    1. Thanks so much. True, it’s more fun with others and I generally do most with others. Although sometimes I do some alone.
      Exactly, taking time to enjoy ourselves is vital in life. The first year I worked full time I didn’t take much time off and felt so burnt out. Now I take time off every week.

  3. Oh, so true. You have really said it. Nowadays we spend too much time staring at the screen for work or for after work entertainment. It is very much an addiction. I have not gone to a real cinema, casino, or a mahjong game for a while. It is all online nowadays.

  4. These are lovely tips PG!!

    My idea of having fun is a workout session on my liking. Usually that is HIIT. For me that’s pure ecstasy.
    I also sometimes likes to go shopping. It’s not necessary that I buy something everytime. But, trying new clothes have become my interest. Reason for that is, I’m losing weight and I get happy seeing myself in clothes I never thought I could wear someday. 😃

    1. Thanks so much. That sounds great, keep doing what you enjoy.

      Yeah, just going out and window shopping is also fun. I’m glad you’re liking yourself more now and are able to wear clothes you like. It was the same for me when I lost weight 😀

      1. Oh speaking of that
        I went for shopping today.
        I bought some trousers. Not good as yours, but yeah.

        Recently, I’ve become spendthrift. Maybe because I’m now in better shape and get ecstasy wearing clothes I never thought I would.

    1. Thanks so much. I absolutely agree. One of the reasons I shared this post is because I’ve been busy too this month. It’s been one of my most busy months so far.

  5. Great ideas. I enjoying playing a musical instrument which I have not done enough of lately. I am slowly becoming an internet hermit, so I really need to make more of an effort in getting out into the real world with friends.

    1. Thanks so much. That’s wonderful. I’m learning guitar at the moment. I spend a lot of time online due to work but I try to take breaks as much as possible.

  6. The introvert in me, tends to avoid crowds. But I grew up In a large family, so doing group activities are still enjoyable. But my idea of fun time is going for a run, a long hike, a video game night with the kids..
    Great ideas in your post as well.. especially the Escape Room. 💙👏

    1. Yeah, I get that. I like going out sometimes and group activities but I also really love my alone time.
      Escape rooms are so great. Would totally recommend them 😊

  7. Great relaxing ideas, Pooja. I feel we all need pampering days so we can renew ourselves mentally and physically. 💖

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I spent my first year of working full-time overworking myself and that made me realise just how vital it is to take time off and pamper myself 💕

  8. Thanks a lot Pooja G to like my posts, but you are not in my subscription list, can you follow my blog once more ?

  9. I enjoy having fun, and going out to the lake, and going to the parks, but this heat is so unbearable. Right now it’s 103 degrees outside. I enjoy going out, but this Texas heat will drive you in the house and keep you there. Enjoying Summer is hard every year. Self care is important, and getting away from it all is even better.

    1. Those all sound great but yeah not the best for summer. Still, there are some things we can do to enjoy our time indoors too. Absolutely, self-care is vital.

  10. to enjoy life I know that I have to just leave the house…walk out that door…every day I do, I always bump into someone, anyone, friends, people I haven’t seen forever…bonding, connecting, social….that’s what makes me happy, no matter what’s going on….

  11. Great ideas for fun and you are absolutely right; if you work hard you should play harder. Self-care is so important. I hope you’re planning something fun for the weekend!

  12. We love dancing with our Wii. I know, old school, but really you can work out for quite a while without even realizing it! Just have that cold water at the ready!!!

        1. Yeah, but I would warn you to read the reviews first. It can be a great experience but it can also be awful depending on the management etc.

  13. Those are some good ideas. Yes, I agree with you that it’s good to have some down time from the job and do something fun. If you don’t, a person can get burned out.

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