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About Lauren Scott (Via Amazon)

Lauren writes poetry, memoir, and fiction short stories. She lives in California with her husband of thirty-three years and their chocolate lab; they have two grown children. She has authored two collections of poetry: New Day, New Dreams (2013) and Finding a Balance (2015). Her book, More than Coffee: Memories in Verse and Prose was published in 2021. And in 2022, she contributed four poems to the anthology: Poetry Treasures 2: Relationships. Lauren writes about family, experiencing loss, finding joy in the smallest things, and nature from her many backpacking and camping adventures.

Parallel to her passion for writing is her love for reading. Whether it is a gripping thriller or a heartwarming romance, she enjoys exploring different worlds and meeting diverse characters, drawing similarities to reality that translate into her own writing. Her writing projects are sometimes serious – drawn from painful subjects and raw emotions – or they spotlight her silly side – pulled from humorous moments captured in photographs.

Lauren is inspired to write from her love of nature and the marvelous wild world that surrounds her: the smell of the woods, the sound of a babbling brook, and the chorus of birds singing. Recent backpacking trips with her husband along the California coast and Sierra Nevada mountains have stirred up thoughts to pen about love, lost friendship, family, and the possibility that anything can happen. Hikes along the Paper Mill Creek remind her that life is fragile. From trout hatchlings to swallowtail butterflies, Lauren marvels at how the world is interconnected and that every living thing matters. She hopes her readers will find a little nugget of delight, comfort, or understanding in her poetry and stories – some detail that resonates with them beyond her words.

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Amazon Summary Of Ever So Gently:

Ever So Gently By Lauren Scott Review
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In Ever So Gently, Lauren Scott shares her strong link to nature, taking the reader on a tranquil walk through a redwood grove. You’ll find an invitation to sit quietly on a patio, captivated by the simple beauty of a hummingbird. She’ll entice you to revel on the shore of a freshwater lake, mesmerized by its stunning beauty.

Scott shares how love has shaped her life. From that first delicious kiss to celebrating decades of marriage through a love that deepens over time. How her heart melted when she became a mom, then ached when her children started their adult lives across country. And how her adorable canine companions found their way into her heart.

Scott underscores how life presents mysteries we struggle to solve. We can’t help but ponder the deeper meaning of a simple vision. She prompts you to reminisce and reflect on your past, present, and future. Through the ups and downs. what matters most is to love and live ever so gently.

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Ever So Gently By Lauren Scott Review:

I was first introduced to Lauren Scott’s writing when I followed her WordPress blog. Even though I was new to her blog, I thoroughly enjoyed her writing. And I’m pretty sure I have read the vast majority of the blogs she has published since I followed her if not all the posts she has published since. A good number of her posts include poetry so I was used to her style of writing and knew that I enjoyed it. When I saw that she had published a poetry book recently, I was very excited to give it a read. And since I loved the book (spoiler alert lol!) I decided to share my review of Ever So Gently by Lauren Scott.

Overall Review

I generally like to start with what I liked about the book overall and then go into more detailed thoughts on it. As you must have guessed by now, Ever So Gently is a poetry book. And what I loved about the poems is that they were so vividly descriptive. The poems are inspired by the things around Lauren and her experiences. And her descriptions made me feel like I was there with her.

For the most part, her poems are quite light and beautiful. But some are darker and dive into darker themes. Although these poems are heavier, I still very much enjoyed them and found the emotionally raw poems to be really touching.

Ever So Gently is not trying to be like every other poetry book. It’s also not trying to be pretentious or trying too hard. It simply just is and as a reader I love that. There were moments I forgot I was reading because I got so into it and lost track of time. What was supposed to be a ten minutes break turned into half an hour. And to me, that’s a sign of a great book and a great writer.

I rarely talk about book covers but I wanted to add that I really love the minimalistic book cover. I’m a big fan of minimalistic covers especially for poetry books. This one is so calming and it really captures what to expect from the book.


My favourite poem from the book is called Unexpected. I don’t want to give away too much about the poem but it’s such an uplifting one. For those of you that know me, you know I suffer from depression and anxiety. This poem is about getting better and trying to see colour again when your life has been stained grey. Interestingly, I read it right before my therapy session as I waited outside my therapists office. The universe is funny like that sometimes. But I think that’s what made me really connect with the poem.

Even though I enjoyed all the poem, I think my favourite were actually the more heavy ones because they had so much emotion behind them. Such as “Things I Know, Believe, And Imagine. I thought this poem was very relevant with how the world is at the moment. It’s a great reminder of how important love, acceptance and kindness are in a world where we are so quick to turn to hate and violence.

Conclusion And Where To Buy “Ever So Gently”

Overall, Ever So Gently by Lauren Scott is a book I think is a must read. It’s really so well written that I think everyone would find it enjoyable and easy to follow even if you are not particularly a poetry fan. I would say this book can be enjoyed by both poetry lovers and those that don’t generally read poetry. The poems are largely uplifting but are still quite thought provoking and draw a lot of emotions from the reader. If you’re not sure what to read next or are looking for something to read, do consider this book. It won’t let you down.

So, that is my review of Ever So Gently By Lauren Scott, let me know in the comments below if you’ve read it or are planning to read it!

You can find Ever So Gently By Lauren Scott on Amazon.

And do consider reading her blog by clicking here.

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  1. Pooja, you have always been writing good blogs; you’re an impressive girl.👍👍👍👍

    1. Thanks so much, that’s so sweet of you to say! 😊

      1. My pleasure, good girl😊🙏🙏🥰

  2. A wonderful post and review, Pooja! I think I may have found Lauren’s blog via yours, but at any rate, I completely agree with your thoughts about her poetry. I haven’t yet bought the book but plan to, and think it could be a great gift for a dear elder friend’s 80th birthday. He loves to read and write poetry and I believe Lauren’s work would resonate with him.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, it would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys reading and poetry. I’m sure he’ll love it.

    2. Hi Steve, thanks so much for your kind words about my poetry, and for your interest in my book. I hope your friend enjoys this collection. I am thrilled with Pooja’s fabulous review! 🙂
      p.s. I apologize for the late reply. My daughter was visiting and then I got sick, so I’m behind (again).

      1. You’re welcome, Lauren, and thank you. And it’s all good… I hope you had a good visit and are feeling better! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to Lauren scott
    Best wishes to her 😊

    I will surely check it out.

    1. Thanks and definitely do, she’s a wonderful writer! 😊

      1. Yes!!
        I believe she is.

        Will check it out for sure.

  4. I liked your review.
    I think the universe may be trying to say something to me. This was part of my horoscope for today: “…Concentrate on personal growth, learning and doing your best to impact others and the world around you positively. Be supportive, kind and responsive.”
    In any event good advise I guess. Happy weekend.

    1. Wow, that’s an interesting coincidence and yes a pretty good way to live your life even in general. Have a lovely weekend too.

  5. I have tried poetry and poems over the years and could never get into it. I discovered this year that what actually works for me are the extremely short poems about emotions. I don’t want a story, just raw feeling. And no longer than 2 verses. I found a blogger online who does that and I was amazed at how I reacted to it (ie, with interest instead of my usual “poems, boooooring!” attitude). But even then, that’s like a poem a week or less, not sure if I could handle a whole book yet.

    What is your experience with poetry?

    1. I’ve always loved poetry but I find myself more drawn to shorter poems as well. I think that’s why I liked this book, the poems were short and direct and raw.

  6. Great review of Lauren’s artfully crafted poem book Pooja. So funny because it’s sitting on my bed as I type. I love the vibrant color and loved her just coffee so I’m sure this will be no exception! 💞

    1. Thanks so much! That’s so funny and yes I’m sure you’ll love this one too 😊

  7. a wonderful review and thank you for sharing, Pooja. 🤍

    1. It’s my pleasure, it was a lovely book 😊

      1. 🤍✨🌹

  8. I find Lauren’s poetry too be very soothing and gentle.

    1. Yes, I found that too. It’s very calming and soothing.

      1. 🩷❤️🩷

  9. Hi Pooja, Wow! What a surprise for this Saturday morning! I am humbled by your amazing and detailed review of my book. It’s always interesting to learn which poems speak to each reader. Personal reasons simmer, pulling those special poems close to the heart, and I’m glad you found a few that touched you. I’m just so happy you enjoyed the collection. And a fun fact that I’m unsure you know about is that my son painted the cover on canvas. I told him the colors and that I wanted a minimalistic design, and what you see is his creation. I love it and am happy to collaborate with him. 🙂
    Also, I already had plans to reblog Sally’s review today, so I will reblog your post in the next few days. Thanks again! You rock! This is so well written and makes my day!
    Hugs xo

    1. More power to you


      Best wishes for the book 🌺

    2. I’m happy to share the review since I genuinely enjoyed the book and your poetry! You’re so right, certain poems just speak to readers and it really depends on where you are in life as the reader. That’s so cool, tell your son he did a wonderful job and I love the cover. He’s a fantastic artist.
      That’s totally okay, I very much appreciate the reblog whenever it fits in your schedule!

      1. I will tell my son, Pooja. Painting the cover was more of an adventure, not something he does often, but it turned out just the way I wanted. Thank you again! I’m so grateful!

        1. I’m glad he got to try something new and you ended up with the perfect cover. You’re so welcome, happy to!

      2. Hi Pooja, I’ve been sick with a flu bug since Sunday which is why I haven’t shared your post yet. I’m finally sharing today, but I don’t see a reblog button so I’m copying and pasting and linking to your site. Thanks again for this awesome review. I am so happy you loved my book. Hugs! 🤗

        1. So sorry to hear that, hope you’re better now and thanks so much for sharing the post. Will check it out now 🤗

  10. What a wonderful review, Pooja! Best wishes for Lauren Scott and her new book.

    1. Thank you! She’s wonderful and I’m sure her book will do great. Hope you check it out if you get a minute.

      1. Most welcome, Pooja, and I will check it out. 💖

  11. Hi Eugi, thanks so much for your wishes and for following my blog. I have followed you as well and look forward to reading your work. Pooja’s review is amazing and has me so grateful that she truly enjoyed my collection.

  12. Just followed Lauren. I plan on reading the book. As a poetry man, I do enjoy reading a poetry book. Thanks for sharing. And blessings to her on the new book

    1. That’s wonderful and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her poetry book.

    2. Thanks so much, Brother Love. If you get the chance to read it, I hope you enjoy as much as Pooja did. I am thrilled with her review! And thanks for following; it’s great to read your evocative poems too.

      1. Your welcome Lauren. Also thanks for reading my writing 👍

  13. Nice and interesting post, thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it.

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