Occasionally, I Have Nothing To Say

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It’s true. Occasionally, I have nothing to say. Or rather nothing to write. It is what it is sometimes. I’ve had a tough couple of days. To be honest, it’s not been bad or anything. It’s just been that I’ve been on the go. I’ve been going to one doctor after the other, doing one test after the other. And at some point it just gets to being a lot. And of course, the best is saved for last. I need to get a scan which means I have to drink a bunch of water and then sit uncomfortably for an hour needing to pee. And then they press the thing into you and your bladder. It’s what I imagine hell must be like.

I’ve done one before and it sucked so much. I’m pretty scared. Like extremely scared. I don’t mind getting my blood draw, getting shots or anything else. But these scans are something I try to avoid as much as humanly possible. But it has to be done. I’m just glad this is the last week of these tests and doctors.

I booked a therapy session for next week and hopefully that will help me relax. I’m thinking of taking the day off and having a mental health day. Should I film it and share on YouTube for a day in my life kinda post? Let me know in the comments.

So that’s all. Occasionally I have nothing to say but still ramble on anyway lol. But it is Lifesfinewhine anyway so some whining is to be expected.

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146 responses to “Occasionally, I Have Nothing To Say”

  1. It is an uncomfortable test no doubt. Hope it goes smoothly. All the best.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m hoping that as well.

      1. 😍🤗😍

  2. Pooja, I can understand what you are going through. It is simultaneously painful and stressful. But I know you are a strong girl. God gives you mental and physical strength.🥰😊👍

    1. Thanks so much. Really appreciate your kind words 😊

      1. Always your warm welcome, Pooja! 😊🥰🌟💟✨🧿

  3. I hope your test goes well, Pooja, nobody likes the doctor. I’ll see my cardiologist next week…

    1. Thanks and good luck with your appointment as well ❤️

      1. Thanks. ❤️

        1. You’re very welcome 🥰

  4. Good luck with your test. Hope you can take a day off to relax. The day in the life video is a great idea if you can relax while doing it.

    1. Thank you so much, I hope so too.

  5. Hope your test goes well, Pooja. I had eye surgery yesterday and have to limit my online reading time. Yours is one of the few blogs I read first.

    1. Thanks so much, that’s really sweet. Hope everything went well with your surgery and you’re recovering.

  6. Best wishes to you in the test, Pooja. Glad to know you’re nearing the finish of all these appointments. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad this is almost over with too.

  7. I hope your scan comes out perfect. Our family is going through a tough time medically too. Sometimes it’s too much and I think a video day for you would be relaxing.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through that too and I hope you and your family recover fully soon.

        1. You’re very welcome!

  8. I do that too….

    1. Haha, glad it’s relatable.

  9. If you feel comfortable sharing, you should.

    But oh my, that’s frustrating and sounds exhausting. What’s it for?😯 I know I had to take tests because of health issues.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah, it’s super frustrating. I just need to make sure my organs are okay lol. I’m having some health issues and pain on my side so just to make sure.

      1. I get it. I’ve recently got some tests because my stomach felt terrible, my chest hurts, and I’m aching in a lot of places, but I think it might just be anxiety.😐 I still need to take a couple more tests just in case before I say it’s just anxiety.

        1. Yeah, I think mine might be anxiety too because the tests are coming back normal. Hope everything is okay for you. Unfortunately, anxiety can cause so many physical issues.

  10. I hope you feel better soon and survive the scan. I HATE them and can relate. I had two a couple of months ago. A YouTube, day-in-the-life post sounds interesting. Go for it.

    1. Thanks so much. Wow, two is a lot. Hope you’re okay. I’m excited to make the day in the life video soon.

  11. Hope you feel better soon 🙌😉🙏

    1. Thanks so much 😊

  12. Pooja we all get overwelmed with life and need a break sometimes, some more then others and that’s OK. Actually, you said a lot with your post today! Hope everything goes well at the Doctor’s. Sounds fun (not!).

    1. Thank you so much, lol definitely not fun but necessary. Fingers crossed it doesn’t go too bad.

  13. Hello Pooja! Sorry to hear that you’ve been going through a challenging time with multiple doctors’ appointments and tests. It can definitely become overwhelming. The anticipation of a scan can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you’ve had a negative experience before. It’s completely normal to feel scared in such situations. I’m glad to hear that the tests and doctors’ appointments will soon come to an end for you.

    Booking a therapy session and taking a mental health day sounds like a great plan to help you relax and cope with the stress. It’s important to prioritize self-care during such times. Wishing you all the best! Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Thank you so much. It’s been really tough and exhausting but it’s necessary. Hope I can take one next week.

      1. You’re welcome. I understand, just continue to stay positive and keep pushing forward. These tough times will only make you stronger. You got this! Wishing you nothing but the best!

        1. Thanks so much, appreciate the motivation!

  14. take as much mental health time as you need to help you relax, pooja! wishing you the best of luck with your scan! <3

    1. Thank you so much! 😊

  15. I’m a pretty private person, despite what I share on my blog, so my initial reaction to your question about “should I youtube video it” was an automatic and resounding NO! But that is me. I really don’t know what you should do. I do think there is a danger of becoming hooked on social media’s immediate endorphin rush as people like/comment on a new post/video. I guess you have to decide if you’ve crossed that line from “hobby” to “addiction”.

    1. I don’t think it’s an addiction at this point because I just do a few random videos for fun but it’s a slippery slop so I’ll be careful. Thanks so much.

  16. Hence the use or reblog or repost. I never force myself to post anymore after threating to quit. 😉

    1. Yup, both are great options. Haha that’s fair. I don’t like forcing myself to blog either since it’s supposed to be fun not work.

  17. Nothing to say would be soothing. Enjoy the day.

    1. Thanks, it actually turned out to be not that bad.

      1. That’s a relief 🙏

        1. It really was.

  18. You got this! If you are comfortable with it, do a video coverage of your day, if not then why even bother?
    I set an appointment with my doctor, she cancelled it, which probably means I’m going to be fine , learning to trust the universe, haha

    1. Thanks so much, I want to do a video of it but wasn’t sure people would be interested lol. But it seems most are.
      Lol, it’s the universe telling you that you don’t need an appointment.

      1. Yes, I think you are right.

  19. If it were me I’d take a day off and not film it. Just be present with the day and relax 100%

    1. Good idea, thanks. But for me, I like filming because it’s relaxing for me and helps with social anxiety. So I might film it for fun.

  20. I am so sorry you are going through so much. You will be alright. I had one of those tests when I was sixteen, they are horrible. I thought my bladder was going to burst, I was carrying my first son. My kidneys were acting up though. I will keep you in my prayers. Have faith. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    1. I felt the same way when I did one a few years ago. It was awful but a necessary evil. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend too.

  21. We are with you in this journey,
    Adding more smiles to your life
    You are not alone

    1. Thanks so much, really appreciate that a lot.

      1. We will always remember in our prayers 🙏
        have a wonderful life ahead

  22. Taking a mental health day and sharing it on YouTube sounds like a great idea if you’re comfortable with it. Wishing you good luck with your upcoming scan and therapy session.

    1. Thanks so much, yes I find filming very fun but wasn’t sure people would be interested in watching.

  23. Take care of yourself and focus on your well-being.
    Stay strong and take things one step at a time.

    1. Thank you so much.

  24. ouch to the scans… hope it goes well.

    enjoy the day for you, Pooja 🤗🤍

    1. Thanks so much 🤗💕

  25. Take care of yourself. This is a time to put yourself, and your own wellbeing, first.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I’m finally putting myself first.

  26. lol. i’ve had lots of those tests over the years. not nice. one of life’s nuisances. things we have to endure i’m afraid. bodies are like computers – they are great when they are working normally but hell when they have a glitch. I suggest you get a new motherboard!

    1. Yup one of the annoying necessary evils of life. We malfunction sometimes and it needs to be fixed!

  27. All of this will pass, Pooja… I love saying that… it doesn’t seem to help much. but I hope it will one day…

    1. Thank you, it makes me feel a bit better knowing nothing is permanent.

      1. Yes, I feel that too, Pooja… 💕

  28. Prayers and yes take a day off. I hope you do well. OMG, I’ve heard a lot of women talk about drinking a lot of water before a test, and I never knew what that was about. I looked it up and gee whiz they make the bladder do a lot of work: it pushes the bowel down and tilts the uterus backwards because it’s very shy about having its picture taken and usually is inclined to be forward thinking which is no good for a picture. I guess it wouldn’t help to put in a loudspeaker so a photographer could say, “Smile, say ‘cheese’ “. No, ultrasound is very different. Oh well, you got through it once before so hopefully you can manage again.

    1. Thanks so much. If only my organs would take the hint and stop hurting that would be great. I still have nightmares about the last time. But must be done.

  29. This is very relatable to me Pooja.
    Very well written 🌻

    1. Thank you so much 😊

  30. I hope your tests come out all fine.
    Just try to relax and try not to think about it so much as you wait for your reports because it can get overwhelming.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, it can be anxiety inducing but I’m trying to relax as much as possible.

    1. Thanks so much.

  31. Ugh! Ultrasounds when you have to go are so very uncomfortable. I’m sorry. I never knew this until I was pregnant with Child #1. I almost urinated on the exam table! Agony. This too shall pass. I would say, don’t stress about filming anything. Just relax. You have been through a lot. We understand needing a bit of time and privacy. God bless

    1. Thanks so much, yes they’re so uncomfortable. I’m going to take an extra pair of pants with me just in case lol. It’s the worst and they really need to improve the technology so we can get ultrasounds without having to drink a bunch of water.

      1. Definitely! Good luck!

        1. It went fine, I didn’t pee myself lol!

          1. Yay! Good job!

            1. Haha thanks!

  32. I hope your test goes well, Pooja, and that you will have peace of mind. 💖

    1. Thank you so much 💖

      1. You’re welcome, Pooja.

  33. all thaingz being equal
    cos they aint

    1. No they really ain’t.

      1. coltrane knew that s why he blew. so i the john cliche is high hopes and well wishes.

      2. you re famous. how nice.

      3. same name. lmao

  34. I think this is not nothing. I take lots of tests and similarly dislike the ones that are both uncomfortable and long-lasting. I suppose I should say something about confidence in professional test providers, though I tend to forget about that in the time before I go in. Sorry, I share the fear sometimes. I appreciate your endurance and (also) look forward to when you’re on the other side of these.

    1. Thanks for sharing, it’s comforting to know others feel similarly although it sucks you have to take a lot of tests. But that’s how it is unfortunately.

  35. What!! Pooja has nothing to say?? It’s okay Pooja we like hearing about what’s going on with you, whining and all 😊. Hope all goes well with your test!

    1. Thanks so much! 😊

  36. Having to run from one doctor to the other sucks. And it sounds like there are more comfortable things than such a test. I’m sorry it’s one of those that causes anxiety for you. Hopefully it will be over soon – as smoothly as possible. And hopefully the results will be helpful.

    I’ll be thinking of you, and I am wishing you all the best.

    1. Absolutely, it sucks but luckily it went very well. Thanks so much.

      1. That’s very good to read.
        I’m glad and you are welcome.

  37. Hope everything goes well.

    1. Thank you so much.

  38. Oh yes, the dreaded ultrasound. Those who operate that equipment sometimes press too hard and get rewarded with something they didn’t expect. 🙂

    1. Yup, they really press it in there sometimes.

  39. Oh so sorry you have to go throught this Pooja.. I hate shots! Yikes.. sending good vibes and wishes and lots of WINE❣️❣️❣️

    1. Aw thanks! Lol much appreciated 🍷

      1. You’re always welcome Pooja.. Or you can just whine but I think both are needed at times like these.. xo Or I can wine for you.. haha💕

        1. Hehe you’re right, both wine and whine are necessary sometimes, cheers to that 🍷

  40. All the best for your tests! I’m sure evrything will go smoothly, though I understand the fear of anticipation!

    1. Thank you, everything went well!

  41. Hope things work out OK. Was rather afraid on the next post that you got bad medical news. The water drinking and having the testing is quite uncomfortable. Hope it all goes OK.

    1. Thanks so much. Everything went quite well and so far most of the results have been normal which is good.

      1. Is it possible you have a digestive disorder? Do you have a family history of any? If so, let the doctors know. It saved my life.

        1. Yeah, I have a digestive disorder and I talked to my doctor about it. Hopefully, that information will help get us to the root of the issues.

          1. Sorry commented on another issue that apparently is newer to me and treatable. Earlier post. Just read this one.

  42. Life’s fine WHINE. I’m ashamed of how long it took me to get that🥲

    1. Lol, better late then never 😅

  43. I really feel for you btw. All I can do is say words of comfort. I recently discovered I don’t like needles. It had been so long since I’d gotten any shot. I pray you don’t have to be strong for yourself all the time, and sometimes you can be weak and loving ones can be strong for you. For a little bit at least.

    A day in the life of Pooja? Probably the closest us internet folk can get. 🙏🏾♥️

    1. Thanks and honestly it didn’t go as badly as I had imagined it would. And everything came back normal which is a real relief.
      Hopefully, I can do a day in my life post soon 😊

  44. Ugh, you’ve been dealing with a lot! Much love and hugs, C

    1. I have but I’m almost done thankfully!

  45. Pooja, I hope that you are doing better with your health? Not sure what has been going on but I hope that you are well. Hang in there girl. Much love to you.

    1. Yes, I’m doing much better. Thanks so much.

  46. You see, you did have something to say and something to write. Sometimes it’s just as simple as our everyday life experiences that people can relate to. I hope you’re ok 👍

    1. Absolutely, sometimes you just have to keep it simple. Yes, I’m fine thanks so much 😊

  47. Ugh, health problems are the worst. I hope you get yours sorted and and that you get to feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks, I finally know what the issue is so one step closer to solving it.

      1. Excellent! I hope you get it sorted very soon!

        1. Thanks, hope so!

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  49. Pooja more power to you babe 😘

    1. Thanks so much 😊

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  51. Going to the doctors and having tests can be very stressful especially awaiting results. I hate when the nurse says we need to take some blood while holding 3 or four small bottles in their hand even though I’m no longer scared of needles I’m definitely not a fan. Hope everything goes well and you are feeling 110% very soon X

    1. It’s definitely rough but I’m glad it’s not all for nothing and I was able to figure out what the issue is. Thanks so much!

      1. Happy to hear you are doing well😊

  52. 🙏🏽 and thinking of you, Pooja.

    1. Thanks so much 🙏

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