A World Full Of Chasms

A World Full Of Chasms

A world full of chasms

An eternal fight between good and evil

As it always was

And always will be

Some gaps will always remain

Never to be rectified

Black and white minds

Unable to grasp the idea

That everything can be grey

If we just tried.

About “A World Full Of Chasms”:

I feel like a lot of my poems are about relationships or like people. Today, I wanted to write something different. I wanted to write about something instead of someone. And I thought, why not just let my brain loose. My starting point was the word “chasm” as it’s todays VSS365 prompt. After that, I pretty much wrote whatever popped into my mind.

That’s pretty much the best about explanation I can give you. Other than that, these are just random thoughts in my head. You’re not my therapist so don’t read too much into it. I know we have a habit of doing that on the internet. Don’t worry I’m guilty of it too as a chronic over thinker.

I guess the main thing is that I miss when the world was just black and white. When I was young and things were simpler. As we get older, the black and white start becoming grey. Things get complicated, life gets complicated. Nothing is as simple anymore and it can sometimes be difficult to adjust to that.

What did you think of A World Full Of Chasms? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts. Or simply stop by and say hi.

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74 responses to “A World Full Of Chasms”

    1. Thanks so much.

  1. I agree that black & white is “easier”, but less than palatable as life keeps going. I also prefer that black & white gives way to a myriad of colors, if we look for them.

    1. Absolutely, black and white is easier but it’s not that simple as we get older.

  2. major love for the poem!

    1. Thanks so much!

  3. This is another one that would make a good song, youre absolutely right about everything turns to grey as we get older.. lol including our hair. But yeah, the lines become blurred as to whats good and not and thus the grey.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, everything slowly turns grey including unfortunately our hair haha.

  4. I enjoy your poem. I also like the image that goes with your verse. Black and white needs gray. Yes. Often in the gray is tolerance and positive results from negotiation. Good, thoughtful work.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I think grey is a good place to be because it would help us understand one another better.

  5. I like your post. It made me think of a few lines from one of my favorite Tricia Yearwood songs “The Song Remembers When”:

    “And there was a God in Heaven
    And the world made perfect sense
    We were young and were in love and we were easy to convince”

    1. Thanks so much. Those lyrics are so true. I miss those days sometimes.

  6. Grey and its different shades are my preferred colours after pink and white.
    The world is complex and confusing, but when I look up towards the sky and see the birds flying together among the clouds, I feel jealous of their simple life.
    I wish I could fly. 🪽

    1. That’s very interesting. I feel jealous of how free the birds are too. If only we could have such a carefree life.

  7. This remarkable poem has so many meanings, Pooja!😊🥰🙏🧿

    1. Thanks so much! 😊

  8. The world is not perfect or the life smooth sailing.

    1. Absolutely, there’s always going to be ups and downs.

      1. Very true.

  9. Very interesting take on the prompt Pooja. As I’ve gotten older, I prefer the grey areas. While the myriad of colors sort of encapsulates everything, it also feels like it “pins” everything to a wall. The kaleidoscope isn’t allowed to blend freely, because of all the “rules”..and chasms…schisms.
    In the grey Im safe…most of the time.
    Good writing. 💙😎👏

    1. Thanks so much. I totally understand that feeling, grey is comfortable and safe.

  10. This beautiful poem peels away the surface of oversimplification and probes the complexities and nuances that make up the human experience.

    1. Thank you so much, really appreciate that.

  11. I read chasms as something else!!

    and you always say “you thought of writing something”

    and basically you always write something different, for some reason I cannot find any similarity yet!!

    You are always providing some unique

    Life has indeed become complicated.
    When I was a child, things were so easy, now with so many things, life has become tough and rough.

    1. Haha thanks! Yeah, it really depends on my mood 😅

      True, life was much easier when we were younger.

  12. Love this poem😊

    Though you casually said that we shouldn’t think or overanalyze this, I actually want to do the exact opposite😂

    I happen to be an overthinker as well, and this poem seems dark and DEEP in many ways to me.

    1. Thank you so much 😊

      Lol, feel free to overanalyse it. I do that all the time too 😅

  13. I kind of like the grey. Rather than thinking that everything is black or white, good or bad, I like the idea of seeing everyone as just humans who are perfectly imperfect. I really liked this poem, for me, it was one of your most thought-provoking pieces. 😊

    1. Absolutely, the grey is a healthy way to look at the world as an adult. It helps us see that we’re all imperfect in our own ways and that’s okay. Thanks so much 😊

  14. feeling capital!

    1. Aren’t we all!

  15. Bridging chasms and healing! That’s what it’s all about!

  16. Wow! This says so much, Pooja. I love it! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much ❤️

      1. My pleasure, Pooja.

  17. absolutely stunning, Pooja.

    “I miss when the world was just black and white…”… me too 🤗🤍

    1. Aw, yeah life was easier back then but grey is a part of growing up 💛🤗

      1. True too 😉🤗🤍

  18. I like the nuance of life and the rigidness of other people and their forceful nature makes me feel terrible. I can’t do anything more to fix it; it’s annoying. I’ve always been like that. Either in light grey or dark grey or in between causing clashes between my own mind.

    I won’t analyze your poem do to your wishes. I like it though. It scratches my brain in a good way.

    1. Thanks so much. The rigidness of others makes me really anxious sometimes. It’s tough living in this world where everyone thinks they’re right and everyone else is wrong.

  19. holly wood bitch so fake s she real. thanks scott.!

    1. So fake she’s real lol.

  20. Great poem!

  21. I love how you compare grey with the complexities of life.

    1. Thank you so much. That’s often how I look at it.

  22. I love the poem. It is simple yet profound.

    1. Thank you so much.

  23. It’s a well written one. I think experiments are a very important of improving our writings 🌻

    1. I couldn’t agree more, they help us grow as writers. Thanks so much 😊

  24. A beautiful poem that hits home especially in the final lines!

    1. Thank you so much!

  25. Truly wonderful sentiment in your poem Pooja. Sometimes I miss black and white too but growth is living in the greay as much as I fight it.. xo 💓

    1. Thanks so much and yes unfortunately so 😩

      1. You’re so welcome and agreed💕

  26. Wonderful poem, Pooja, and I miss black and white too. I don’t mind a little gray, but sometimes, there’s just too much. 🙂 Have a good weekend! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, have a good weekend too! ❤️

  27. I too have a feeling that the Chasms can be mended ever?

    1. I really hope they can be but not sure if they ever will be.

  28. Wonderful poem, Pooja! ❤️ I loved it!

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️

  29. Cool…though I hope that we will find a better world before it gets to be too late.

    1. I hope so too.

  30. Loveeee itt Pooja ❤️‍🔥

    1. Thanks so much ☺

  31. Your writing reminded me of just how black and white society is; there’s no tolerance for anything in between or outside, and that’s sad. It is a solid piece of evocative writing.

    1. Thanks so much. Absolutely, the majority of people are so black and white about everything. It’s so sad since most things are actually grey.

      1. You’re welcome. And indeed, most are grey.

  32. Glad you let that brain run loose girl! This is fantastic 💖

    1. Thanks so much! 😊

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