Six Word Story #203

Six Word Story

Six Word Story:

In the darkness, I found light.

About This Six Word Story:

This SWS was inspired by the fact that I don’t have any electricity lol. It’s been raining a lot recently and for those of us living in Kenya, that means power outages. Don’t worry I’m used to it. Well as used to it as one can be in this day and age where we really so much on technology which relies on electricity.

Talking of technology, that’s what this SWS is about. Since there are no lights I’m forced to take a break from my tech and actually live life. And I realised that I needed that. As someone who works online, it’s hard to take a break from technology because my livelihood literally depends on it. However, this unscheduled break was much needed and instead of mopping about not having electricity I’m going to choose to take advantage of the peace and quiet. I’ll even try to get some writing done if I can. And sleep at a normal hour for once.

Apologies for any typos or errors or spelling mistakes. I wrote this on my phone which I’m not used to doing.

What has your day been like? Let me know in the comments section which is located below. And don’t forget to leave your own six word stories or story in the comments. It can be with the same theme as mine or even something completely random. Or if you don’t want to do that simply just stop by and say hi!

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123 responses to “Six Word Story #203”

  1. This SWS has religious meaning to me, Pooj. I hope you get your electricity back soon. 😊

    1. That’s really nice and thanks, it’s back now 😊

      1. 🤙🏻☺️☺️☺️

  2. It is an interesting written post, Pooja! When I was reading it, I felt I was there. Well done 👏👏👏

    1. Thank you! 😊

  3. Look at it this way – at least it’s not snow!!! 🤪

    1. I love snow 😅

      1. It’s pretty, but a pain!

        1. True, I hated catching the bus on snowy mornings ❄️

          1. I hate driving in the snow!

            1. Yup, that sounds like no fun!

  4. I love your SWS! We bought a portable generator and it was the best money we ever spent. Enjoy your quiet time.

    1. Thanks so much! That’s a very good idea glad it’s working for you.

  5. Let there be light, WP, and peace!!! <3

    1. Exactly, that’s all I need in this life!

  6. that’s technology right….life without it, without all the news all the time, is a relief….I like taking the family out to that cabin in the woods sometimes…no electricity, no running water, no cell phone reception……it’s a relief. except for my kids trying to figure out how to use a water pump……which is kind of funny to watch.

    1. Exactly, sometimes you need a break from it all. Lol, to be fair I would have no idea how to use a water pump either.

  7. Darkness: a temporary thing; never permanent.

    1. Exactly, love this six word story!

      1. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Thanks for the inspiration!

        1. Totally welcome! 😊

  8. I can relate. It would be very difficult for me to get through a day without the use of any technology. Even if I’m taking a walk outside, I would need access to technology. Glad you got the chance to take a break!

    1. Absolutely, when you work online you are sort of glued to your screen. Thanks, it was nice to be away from it all even for a little while!

  9. Can you get a solar powered lamp? I don’t know how much cloud cover you have in Kenya this time of the year.

    1. Yes, we have some of those and solar lights. I just don’t have one in my room lol.

  10. By the way, loved today’s six word story.

    1. Thank you so much.

  11. God’s light always shines in darkness. Thanks for sharing. My day has been great. It’s been raining here, now a cold front is supposed to be coming through, but other than that, things are great.

    1. Thanks and I love your six word story. I’m glad you had a great day and hope today is great too.

      1. Thanks. Have a wonderful day

        1. Thanks and you too.

  12. True that technology has become an important part of our lives.

    1. Absolutely, we have become so reliant on it.

  13. Through our darkness we shine brighter! Glad you’re finding something positive through this. Love you hon 🙂

    1. Yes, absolutely. Love that six word story. Thanks so much, love ya 🙂

  14. When the electric goes down you realise how much of your life is on line or computer. I have a PC so no electricity no computer. All my writing is gone!
    My day was good. We walked up the hill at the end of our village. Watched a kestrel hovering in the wind. Looked over the hills to the sea and felt the chilly wind in our faces.

    1. Exactly, you realise how much you rely on technology.

      Glad you had a good day. That sounds so lovely.

  15. It’s very profound Pooja! I agree a break from screens is necessary, though not what we always like.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree. It’s not easy to take a break from technology but I think it’s necessary sometimes.

      1. Exactly 🩷

  16. Hope your battery lasts, Pooja!

    1. Thankfully, it did!

  17. Ughhh, typing a post on the phone. I had to do that for about a month a year or two ago when my laptop unexpectedly died and I couldn’t get a replacement quickly because of the chip shortage here in the US. It was NOT a fun time.
    Mrs B and I are Seventh Day Adventists (a denomination of Christianity) and we keep Sabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) and I’ve been wondering if we should set aside that time to unplug. We haven’t done that just yet though 😀

    1. Yup, typing on your phone really sucks.
      Oh good idea, I think that would be a great way to detox from technology at least once a week. If you decide to, let me know how it goes.

      1. If we do decide to do that, i’ll be posting about it and letting EVERYONE know, hahahahaha 😀

        1. Lol of course 😅

  18. Power outage is so inconvenient. I’m glad you found a silver lining. Love this SWS! 😀

    1. Absolutely, it was super inconvenient but tried to make the most of it. Thanks! 😁

  19. ” In the darkness, I found light”

    “Power outages now deemed wisely profound” 😋😉

    always enjoyed, Pooja 🤍

    1. Hehe love your continuation of the six word story. Thanks so much 😊

    2. With light you can avoid darkness 🪔

      1. without darkness there is no light.

        1. On Diwali there is no darkness 🪔

          1. Wishing you a Happy Diwali, Devang 🙏

            (sorry, Pooja… for using up your space here 🤍😬🤗)

            1. Happy Diwali ma’am….

              Don’t worry about her, she can’t do a thing about it 😝

              I love spamming her anyway

              Yes, you are giving her notification, but she’s cool 🥶

              1. Pooja’s comments already reads like multiple posts on its own. Lol, don’t trouble her, Devang.

                1. You see how notifications works….

                  It’s like you are replying to my comment and it gave her a notification.
                  Meanwhile I commented else where on her site, and it gave her notification.
                  Now she has to come back to this conversation and she has new notification now.

                  This is a endless cycle
                  And I enjoy it 😝

                  1. I know how it works, dear child.
                    In the process of your enjoyment, you are flooding Pooja’s comments.😬

                    sorry again, Pooja. No response from me hereafter. 😂🤗

                    1. Lol, don’t worry about it at all! 🤗😜

            2. Lol no worries 😅

  20. I remember those days of no electricity living in Nigeria and South Africa #LoadShedding 😩 hang in there

    1. Thanks, urgh it can be so annoying sometimes 😤

  21. matches and light
    flash light
    from your darknesses

    1. And candle light too!

      1. like john fogerty we have hidden away. and now we are orbiting gideon and confronting hodin!

      2. your life has meaning

  22. HI Pooja, great post!

    1. Thanks so much 😊

  23. In darkness, better use a torch 🔦

    Sometimes darkness or power cut can be satisfying. In such times we can just stop what we are doing and just enjoy the little things in life.


    Interesting you are talking about darkness during festival of lights.


    1. We’re using candles but close enough 😊

      Trueee, it actually gives us a break from life.

      Lol, I am having an awful Festival of Lights. So much so that I forgot about it…

      Happy Diwali 🪔

      1. In darkness, use a candle instead 🕯️

  24. Guiding lights will always be. Great post, Pooja. 💖

    1. Thanks so much and so agree 💕

      1. You’re welcome, Pooja!

  25. I grew up in Jamaica where we lost power occasionally too, and you’re right it’s not the end of the world…sometimes :-). Still though, it really is in the dark that it’s easiest to find light.

    1. Lol, yeah it’s super inconvenient most of the times but sometimes it’s a nice unexpected break. Absolutely 💕

  26. When power goes out, when internet goes down, it makes one wonder how people lived before the internet and before electricity lol

    1. Lol, so true. I don’t know how they did it.

      1. We walked in the forest, did lots of puzzles, knit, sew, read, card games, monopoly and other board game marathons, haul water, chop wood, tend the garden, shovel snow (not at the same time of course, lol)

        1. Lol, yes of course. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. Minus Monopoly, we always used to get into fights over it lol.

          1. Oh yes, I think fights are required in the rules of Monopoly and other board games, especially after a weekend marathon of playing, lol.

            1. Lol, I can’t even imagine playing for a weekend we would have had major arguments by then.

  27. I’m reading your post a day later, on Remembrance Day, so am contemplating the dark/light imagery and your post fit well with today’s mindset. Hopefully the break from technology will have been restful and restorative for you.

    1. Yes, I think it sort of makes sense with Remembrance Day and having to go through darkness to get to the light. Thanks, it’s been interesting lol.

      1. Yes, a good point re: the journey to light.

  28. I haven’t written a six word story in a long time, probably since the last time I commented on one of yours that inspired me. Have you ever published any of these? I think it could make for a very interesting anthology — I’d buy it! Here’s mine:

    As the darkness wins, I shine.

    We just had daylight saving’s time change in America which throws me off every single time. I’m trying to fight the urge to hibernate for the next five months. Thanks for posting!

    1. That’s an interesting idea, I haven’t really thought about publishing them but maybe that will happen some day! Thanks for the idea. And glad you shared your SWS, it’s fun to write one after so long.

      Yeah and by the time your body adjusts to DST it’s back to normal lol.

  29. In the darkness, I kicked Furniture! 🤣😎🙃 Not as inspiring, but there is truth here

    1. Lol, sounds about right- I walked into a wall the other day 😳😅

      1. See! I’m more accurate. If you would’ve found light, that wouldn’t happen. 🤣😎🙃

        1. Lol, agreed 😅

  30. My shadow disappeared revealing my path

    1. Ooh, a very mysterious one. I like it.

  31. An appropriate observation at Divali time.

    1. Thank you 🪔

  32. Soar so high your troubles shrink.

    1. That’s very uplifting- I like it.

  33. Nice take on the SWS, thanks.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

  34. Lovely SWS. Light it is always in hardship.

    1. Thanks so much and love your six word story too.

        1. You’re very welcome 😊

  35. Darkness came, panic reigned, peace prevailed.

    Great story.

    Glad you got your power back quickly.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I was happy it came back quickly too.

  36. Beautiful story thank you.

    1. Thanks so much.

  37. I love your thoughts, Pooja, a break is good every now and then. And where there is darkness, light always follows. We just have to be open to it. Wonderful story! xo

    1. Thank you so much. Yeah, sometimes we get a break we don’t even realise we need. Absolutely!

  38. So glad you got a forced break Pooja and it took a power outage to do it! It’s amazing how device driven we all are these days. Hope you got some writing done too💕

    1. Thanks so much and I did, thank you! 😊

  39. “The Light Has Again Come Forth” 🙂

    1. Great six word story 🙂

      1. Thanks, I think adding too in the comments, as a comment 🙂

  40. Chilly bed, thwarted escape, tales healed.
    In the chilly grip of cold temperatures, I found myself battling a cough and cold, transforming into a bed-bound bear for the day. Attempting a sneaky escape, I faced an impromptu security detail—my mom and sister playing the roles of vigilant guards. Alas, my bearish endeavors were thwarted. After a full day of bear-like hibernation, I emerged from my den feeling miraculously rejuvenated. To add to the delight, my sister, armed with tales from Grandma, turned my sick day into a storytelling bonanza. 🐻✨ Who knew being a bear could be so eventful?

    1. Ooh, very cool story. Didn’t see the twist coming 🐻

  41. I really like this SWS. You can kind of read whatever you want into it contextually (horror, romance, a lack of electricity) and it’s powerful in all contexts.

    1. Thank you so much. Yeah, that’s what I love about SWS’s. You can interpret it in so many ways.

      1. You’re welcome and I agree. It’s a great format.

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