Till Death Do Us Part

I feel so light

And empty

I’m finally free

To go where I please

To do what I want

I watch from a distance

As everyone else mourns

I am embraced by

The chilling arms of Death

As he takes me away

Caressing my soul

In Death’s arms

I feel more alive than I have ever felt before

I have been thinking about death a lot these days and it doesn’t really scare me, it just kind of fascinates me and yesterday I couldn’t sleep at night so I came up with this poem. I hope you guys like it!

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12 thoughts on “Till Death Do Us Part

  1. What we believe of death resonates on a personal and legalities of it. I dunno if you can believe if i told you, i died three times in my past, from those times i realized its what we believe of it, becomes of us hereafter.

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      1. If you can relate to a schizoprenic person, I was in comatose in my second relapse, and in that episode of my life, all i can see was blurs upon blurs of faces of people. One of the figures that led me back here was of a person wearing a blue cloth not trying to wake me up, more of an awakening of the physical body, in which later in my life i had to find my real self on the sea of the pains in my past. in other words, a deep sleep in a comatose level. That was when i was 21.

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  2. In my second death, it was when i moved to Van Nuys, CA. Yes i was free of the family, but devoid of happiness and something was really killing me. This one is of metaphoric death, meaning I lived as if just to exist for everybody, a zombification of my self.

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    1. Yeah even though I haven’t experienced what you have I can really relate to your struggle and I’m glad that instead of weighing you down it brought you up and made you stronger. In a way your deaths taught you how to live.

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  3. Last is of the soul, I felt caged when i came back in san jose. And that was the eye opener, as i told i am schizoprenic. And i heard voices that night as i lay on the couch, We dont want to lose you. then morning came, as if i came home for the first time in my life. This was the real death if my being. Then I am fully awake for the first time and takes a day a time to bring back what i can remember ever since.

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    1. I really appreciate you telling me your story and I’m so glad you got through your struggles. A lot of people who struggle with schizophrenia unfortunately don’t make it and it’s a blessing that you did.

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      1. The only one who would understand my struggle on my life ever since, and i give him full credit, that without his guidance, patience and mentored me through reading His works and his history which is the Holy Bible itself. I give him full honor and credit coz he walked with me and walks with me every single day.

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