Six Word Story #1

It was too late, he realised.

I know I usually post poetry on Fridays but I thought I would try out something different today because I’ve been seeing a lot of six word stories and I just thought it was such a cool concept! That’s why I decided to share a Six Word Story of my own. I am sure you have seen six word stories around WordPress. They are quite popular. I think the concept of a six word story was first created by Earnest Hemingway. I’m not sure who started creating Six Word Stories on WordPress but I think it’s so cool. They’re short so they don’t seem like a lot of work BUT they absolutely are. Fitting whatever you are thinking into just six words is not easy. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult. Seriously, try it yourself and see!

Hope you guys like it and let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to share your own six word story too!

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33 thoughts on “Six Word Story #1

    1. Yeah that’s a great idea too! It was too late he realised… but he still believed in miracles… he was going to try again… 🙂

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