The Flower- A Poem

From a little seed

It grew

Into a beautiful flower

Its bright colors shone in the sun

It radiated happiness

And positivity

But soon it began to change

It slowly began to droop

As it could no longer hold itself upright

It began to shed its petals

One after another

And soon there was nothing left of it

But its dried up petals

Left on the ground

Like corpses in the morgue

Waiting to be buried

“The Flower” is a poem about the life of a flower. However, that is not all the poem is about. It describes the life of a flower and yet much of it is metaphorical for our own lives as human beings. Just like the flower, our lives have many ups and downs. We have phases in our lives too. When we are young we are happy and radiate positivity. As we age some of this is lost. The older we get the more life gets harder. And soon we are at the feet of death.

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17 thoughts on “The Flower- A Poem

  1. Okay you will not believe thus, but just ten minutes ago a flower drooped and fell right in front of me when I was standing outside. Also lovely poem!

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