Let’s Be Frank

So a blogging buddy of mine- Shay-lon– recently suggested that I do a motivational Monday post with quotes by people called Frank so I decided to go for it. I post quotes on Monday every week. If you have been following me for a while you probably noticed that. I absolutely love inspirational quotes. However, it can be a bit boring for readers reading the same thing weekly. Even though the quotes are different. So when she suggested I make a “Let’s Be Frank” post I thought that was hilarious and awesome. A very fun change to the weekly post. Also no this post is not about being frank…

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Image result for quotes by frank

Image result for quotes by frank

Image result for quotes by frank

Image result for quotes by frank

Image result for quotes by frank

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Which of these was your favourite “Let’s Be Frank” quotes? Let me know in the comments below!

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32 thoughts on “Let’s Be Frank

  1. Punching someone in the face would be a way more productive solution than what I’ve been doing.
    In Peru, during New Year’s, everyone who has a grudge goes down to the town square, beats the shit out of the person they had the grudge with, and then they drink together. I tried it once, it was a huge relief.

      1. well it was a friend who i had a falling out with and couldnt be in the same room with although we both wanted to make up-it relieved the tension for awhile, but was only a bandaid. and it was fun for both of us. thats what i did last christmas

  2. rambles…anyways thanks for posting this, it’s a good idea, lots of great franks….dont forget Frank O’Hara!

  3. “Frank Sinatra, ole blue eyes, is an unforgettable singer akin to the great Nat King Cole,
    and one of Sinatra’s greatest songs, *Strangers In The Night* is a masterpiece.”
    _-Van Prince

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