Awww- A Cute Image!

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Here’s picture of a cute kitten and puppy because they’re adorable (*queue awww sounds*)! As you guys may or may not know depending on how long you have been following this blog, we have a tradition here are Lifesfinewhine. When I am not sure what to share or when I don’t have any ideas for a blog post I share pictures of cute animals. Why? Well, simply because they are adorable. I mean look at them, how could you not go ‘awww”. I used to share specific animals on posts but today I wanted to share a kitten and puppy together for those of you like me that love both. Let me know in the comments below if you are a cat person, dog person or just an animal love in general!

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44 thoughts on “Awww- A Cute Image!

    1. Awww I have two adorbs cats too but I used to have two dogs before that! I’ve liked having both of them although dogs can be a handful especially when they’re little! I spent two years trying to make sure they don’t eat my stationary!

  1. Hey
    Thank you for taking the time to step on over to Love Relaished Ink. It’s wonderful to have your whimsical soul as a new companion on my long and winding road.
    From what I have seen of your blog so far, I’ve no doubt you are already finding writing a totally engaging and personally fulfilling experience. I hope the pleasurable company of words will always flow and follow you as you flow following the flow of your flowing path flowing into the wide blue yonder, and flow onwards towards the adventures that follow the flow beyond that…
    Best wishes. Take care always in all ways for always.

  2. These two are cute. 😍

    A friend of mine recently adopted a kitten and from what he tells me, looks like he is having the time of his life. ☺️

  3. My husband saw a Pomsky (a husky and pomeranian cross) the other day and won’t stop talking to me about it. LOL. Our neighbor’s just a tiny sharpei puppy!

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