Red Flags In People

Red Flags In People

What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you? This is today's WordPress prompt and I don't generally answer those but I felt like I was going to talk about red flags on another post anyway. So may as well. To be fair, I was going to talk about my own red flags [...]

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Things That Make Me Happy I recently came across a post by Devang from FGW about things that make him happy. He had invited fellow bloggers to join in and share posts about things that make them happy too. And I thought for a change I would stop whining about everything and be grateful for [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award #19

Thank you! I want to thank Kae for nominating me for this award and I want to apologise for taking forever to respond. I think she has a phenomenal blog where she posts about lifestyle, travel, wellness and more. Be sure to stop by her blog and check it out by clicking here.  Rules: Thank [...]

Real Neat Blog Award #5

I want to thank dearkitty who not only nominated me for this award but is actually the creator of this award!! She has a phenomenal blog about art, science, nature and so much more. Be sure to check it out by clicking here.  The rules: Put the award logo on your blog. Answer the 7 [...]

Update On Owls!

Omg you guys so remember how I did a post on how owls have weirdly long legs? Well apparently they can also sit cross legged!! If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! Enjoyed this post? Then follow me on social media: Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn HubPages Email me on(guest posts welcome!):

Owl Legs- Why??

So I didn't really have time to come up with a proper post today since I've been busy with school and stuff but here's a picture of what owl's legs actually look like when they're not covered by feathers. I saw this a while back and thought it was so random and adorable and funny [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award #14

Sunshine Blogger Award #14

I want to thank Doreen for nominating me for the "Sunshine Blogger Award"! She has a lovely blog about poetry, Christianity and more so please do go over and check out her blog by clicking here. Rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their [...]

Really Cute Video!

I didn't really have time for a proper post today because I have exams going on so here's a really cute video I saw in my Archaeology class that I thought you guys may enjoy! No, I did not just randomly stumble across this video. As you may know if you have been reading my [...]