Introducing A New Category On My Blog!

So I was talking to inkgirlandwords (who by the way has an amazing blog so please check it out IMMEDIATELY) and she suggested I start a new category where I talk about some blogs I like with 50 or less followers so as to help grow their blog! I will be talking about 2 blogs today which I really liked:

1. Violeta- she writes short stories with very interesting topics! She started blogging pretty recently and she also takes suggestions for topics to write stories on. If you’re interested in short stories I would highly recommend checking out her blog and even if you don’t particularly like short stories check it out and you might actually love her blog!

2. Ran and Cindy- Cindy is an avid reader who loves fantasy and Ran is also into fantasy as well as poetry. If you’re into books or like reading book reviews do check out their blog and I’m sure you’ll find some good books to read next! And if you like photography check out their Instagram pages (you can find a link to them on their blog). 

I really hope you guys like this new category and if you have less than 50 followers leave me a link below so I can include you in this category and promote your blog! I really hope you check out the above blogs and show them support because they are really amazing and deserve it!

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41 thoughts on “Introducing A New Category On My Blog!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I remember what it was like starting out for me when I had just a few followers so I want to help others out!

  1. This is awesome, Pooja! I’ll definitely check out those blogs that you’ve mentioned.

  2. This is very different but I like the concept, is this something you will do every week, daily, or monthly or just a short term thing? I find that it will be very helpful to other bloggers and I am sure people will be very appreciative of it as you do have many followers and it can help make it possible for their blogs to be known.


    1. I’ll try to do it monthly. Yeah there are so many awesome bloggers out there who are new to blogging and it’s always fun to help others out because it’s tough when you first start blogging! I remember when I first started blogging and only had like 2 followers 😂

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