FIFA World Cup 2018

As most of you know the FIFA World Cup 2018 is going on and I’m usually not that into football but I always watch the world cup! It’s something I have been doing every World Cup and is kind of a tradition.

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The thing is, I do enjoy watching sports but I get way too into them. Like I am a pretty competitive person and I feel like sports tend to bring out the worst in me. And I like to stay away from that side of my personality so I just try to stay away from organised sports.

So back to the FIFA World Cup 2018. I have been watching the matches and who I was rooting for changed depending on who was playing. And who was staying and who was leaving. At the moment, I was rooting for Germany but that didn’t work out so well… So now this is literally me right now lol!

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Are you guys watching the world cup and if you are who are you supporting?? And who do you think the two teams who make it to the finals are going to be? What are your thoughts on the games that have been played so far? What did you think of the FIFA World Cup 2018? Have you been enjoying it so far? Is your team still there? Let me know in the comments below because I’m looking for someone to chat about the World Cup with! And if you’re not a fan of the World Cup simply stop by and say hi! Or let me know what your favourite sport is in the comments!

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31 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2018

      1. Hi, I’m English by marriage (although my hubby and I are now both Australian!). We will also be watching the England quarter-final game with a lot of interest. Hope they get through (but it won’t be a Brazil-England final now….)

  1. Obviously I am supporting England. But my mom and I both did a match up thing… I came up with a Brazil V Argentina with Argentina to win… my Mom has Portugal and Argentina… we both thought Argentina would be victorious and well… that ended. If not England then I think France have a good chance and Croatia are dark horses! 🙂

    1. Haha yeah I expected Argentina to win too to be honest! But England and France are both doing good and I feel like Croatia is really bringing their A game this year so let’s see!

  2. I’m the same! I never have any interest in football, but I do like watching the world cup. England obviously, but also Sweden (my football knowledge is awful, so I decided I liked Sweden because people say I look abit Swedish…. 🙂 ). Wasn’t expecting them to both end up playing each other though! 🙂 xxx

    1. Hahaha omg what a random coincidence that the two teams you like ended up against each other! Let’s see what happens!

  3. This World Cup has been insane that it’s hard to even predict who will be in the final. But… I think two European teams will be in the final. And obviously as a Brit, I’m supporting England!

    1. I think England and France are pretty likely to end up in the finals although like you said it’s super unpredictable this time so you never know!

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