My Favourite Vegan Brands: Eco Beauty Crew

I was thinking about writing about my favourite vegan, cruelty free, environmentally friendly makeup brands. So I thought I would do it over multiple posts because there are actually a lot of these brands! I also wanted to do these posts because a lot of these brands have really great good quality makeup. But since they are smaller companies they can’t really get their name out there as much as the bigger companies. So, I wanted to do my part and shoutout these smaller companies and help get their name out there! So here is my first one: Eco Beauty Crew.

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For today we’ll focus on Eco Beauty Crew. I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t know about this brand until a few weeks ago when I saw it on Instagram. I usually browse through Instagram looking for vegan friendly makeup brands and Eco Beauty Crew stood out to me not only because it had vegan and vegetarian options but because the were so into making their brand environmentally friendly too! They literally only package their orders using earth-friendly, recyclable and bio-degradable packaging materials. I thought that was really awesome!

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Eco Beauty Crew products are pretty affordable for organic vegan products (we all know those are usually crazy expensive…) and you get free shipping if the order is above £30! They say that they hand select all their brands for their natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, and source exceptional products that are produced in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. Their vegan products of course don’t only consist of makeup but also include body, sun care, hair, nail, teeth and fragrance products.

So if you’re interested in buying some beauty products why not try out Eco Beauty Crew. Try it out and see if you like them at least you’ll be making a difference!

To check out their products click here.

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    1. Yeah a lot of brands use animal products in their makeup and test on animals too. Definitely check these guys out for vegan makeup!

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