A No From The Universe

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in a while it’s because the universe was like “no”. My laptop’s screen broke again and I had to get it replaced. Luckily I’ve got it back now and it’s fine. But seriously, I feel like this is a big no from the Universe which seems to hate me at the moment.

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Anyway, just wanted to give you a little update on what’s going on with me. On Thursday, we decided to go to this place called Village Market and it ended up being super fun! It has a really artsy vibe and it’s just such a fun place although it’s really big so it takes forever to get from one end to the other! It seriously took us like hours to just explore some of the stores in Village Market. But of course it was worth the time, because all the stores there are so cool. And they have some unique things that I haven’t really seen at other stores in Kenya.

We ended up going to one of my favourite bookstores in Kenya called Between The Lines which is just so pretty! It’s really unique looking. And just has that magical bookstore vibe. Or maybe I’m just a giant nerd lol. That is a very likely possibility. But seriously, if you are a fan of books and you happen to find yourself in Nairobi please do stop by here. It’s a really beautiful bookstore with a wide selection of books. The most lovely one I’ve seen in Nairobi so far. Definitely worth a visit.

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17 thoughts on “A No From The Universe

  1. I’ve heard of ‘Between The Lines’ before. It sounds good! And it’s lovely to see you back. Sorry to hear about your laptop, but at least it’s all well now. Have a wonderful day! dullgray

      1. You are welcome Pooja, all the best keep writing, keep sharing your wisdom. 😊😊 your blog have really cool stuff. Blogs always help people to share and let learn many things.. Keep up the good work.
        Loads of Love and respect from India.. 😊

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