My Crazy Flight

So I’m back in Canada- we arrived yesterday and oh boy do I have a crazy story for you! As you can maybe guess from the title I used for this post, I had a little bit of a crazy flight. And obviously I want to share that story with all of you guys. Because what’s the point of being a content creator if I can’t share my craziest stories with you. Always, here is what happened.

About The Crazy Flight

It was super rainy in Nairobi so our flight got delayed and consequently we missed our flight to Toronto. I was stuck in Ethiopia for 2 days which was a true blessing in disguise! At first, my sister and I were terrified. Being stuck in a country we had never been to because of a missed flight was not very high up on our bucket list. But little did we know, we had absolutely nothing to worry about.

The food was amazing and the country is just so beautiful. There is so much greenery everywhere- I was blown away.

I’m super busy at the moment getting everything ready for school and stuff but obviously I will absolutely be posting lots of pictures of it as soon as I get some time as well as some more details of all the places we visited. Just wanted to post a little update before that.

Have you ever missed a flight? And have you ever been stranded in a country you’ve never been to before? Have you ever been to Ethiopia? Do let me know in the comments below!

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