How To Use The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog

How To Use The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog

Using The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog For more on what an algorithm is click here. I wrote a post recently where I mentioned the WordPress algorithm and how you can use it in your favour to grow your blog and a lot of people in the comments mentioned they would be interested to learn [...]

How To Manage Your Blog While Having A Busy Life


Managing Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

I took a survey/poll a while back and asked what you guys wanted to see on lifesfinewhine or if there were any specific blogging topics you guys wanted to see me write about and one of the suggestions I got was to write on how I maintain by blog while having a busy life.

I am a full time student at university at the moment and as a history major you can image how busy I can get sometimes with all the reading and writing that comes along with history. I also get super busy with blogging because over the last few years my blog has grown quite a bit and it takes a lot more time to respond to everyone and maintain my blog- not that I’m complaining because I truly do love blogging!

Here are some of the tricks I…

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How To Make Money Online In 2021

How To Make Money Online In 2021

I’ve gotten a few comments and DM’s asking me about this so I thought I’d reblog this post.


How To Make Money Online

This is a question I get almost constantly and so I thought I would write a post dedicated to this topic. I have written about this on an earlier post, however, if I remember correctly that post concentrated more on making money blogging rather than online in general because at the time I was taking some time off social media. I wanted to do a little updated version of the post because it’s been a while since that post and I thought I would rather talk about making money online rather than just blogging because some of my readers are not bloggers but do use social media and from the DM’s/emails I have gotten they would be interested in learning to make money from their social media pages too.

Here are some of my favourite tips and tricks on how to make money online, however…

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Use Social Media To Grow Your Blog


Why Social Media Is An Important Part Of Growing/Marketing Your Blog

We all know that social media has it’s pros and cons. Sometimes the cons can outweigh the cons, however, when it comes to growing your blog or marketing your blog social media can really make a huge difference. It can help direct traffic to your blog and in particular it will help you get traffic from outside the WordPress community. If used correctly social media can be used as a tool to help grow your blog and it can also be a great way to meet potential sponsors because a lot of sponsors do look at social media pages/find influencers to work with through their social media. It will also help you build a place to interact more with other bloggers and people interested in your writing and as I always say if you want to grow your blog…

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Popular Blogging Tips Bloggers Should Not Follow


Although there is some amazing advice out there for bloggers here are some pieces of advice I’ve heard often that don’t really work- at least not for me.

Tags– A lot of sites tell you to be very specific with your tags like instead of “food” tag it “lasagna” or “sandwich” but in my opinion this is a really bad idea for multiple reasons. First of all there are a huge number of people who would be interested in food or larger topics in general compared to the number of people interested in a specific thing. By being specific you are losing a lot of traffic. Furthermore, more people are likely to search a general topic on search engines like food rather then a specific one and so again you would be losing traffic.

Related imageNiche- A lot of people advice that you stick to one or a minimum amount…

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