Advice For Younger Bloggers

Advice For Younger Bloggers

Introduction To Advice For Young Bloggers A little while ago, I received this comment on one of my posts: I found it very interesting because I usually write advice posts about a number of things but I don't recall writing anything specifically for younger bloggers or bloggers that are not yet adults even though I [...]

How To Give Your Blog A Makeover — Lifesfinewhine

Why You Should Give Your Blog A Professional Makeover A lot of times the reason your blog is not getting enough traffic or not growing as much as it should is partly due to the way that it looks. Your readers, potential subscribers and even potential sponsors may be turned off your blog if your […]How [...]

More Tips For Newer Bloggers

More Tips For Newer Bloggers


Newer Bloggers

I wanted to write a post for newer bloggers since I get a lot of comments and emails from newer bloggers asking for help. I think it’s a lot more difficult to blog when you first start and there are a lot of things you may not even be aware of yet so this kind of post may help you understand the world of blogging a little better.

Of course, this advice is just the tip of the iceberg and obviously there is a lot more to blogging then just the things I mentioned on this blog. I would recommend checking out my other advice posts that you can view by clicking here.


I think the most important thing when it comes to starting anything new is research. As you may or may not know I’m a history major which means that a huge part of my…

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Time To Upgrade Your Plan?

This is the last post I have about WP plans and I thought I would share it today. Hope they’ve been helpful!


Are You Thinking Of Upgrading Your WordPress Plan?

A lot of people have asked me about whether they should upgrade their plan and whether it’s even necessary to upgrade to a paid plan. A lot of times deciding whether or not to upgrade your plan can get a bit complicated and it is difficult to decide when the perfect time is for an upgrade. However, if you are seriously considering upgrading to a paid plan there are some factors you should take into account first. Yes, the payment and plan are reversible but that does not always workout. When I went from the Premium Plan to the Business Plan I was kind of disappointed so I decided to switch back to the Premium Plan. Unfortunately, during the process of switching back I lost all the likes/comments on several of my posts and the posts became duplicated for some reason. The…

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How To Balance School And Blogging

How To Balance School And Blogging

School And Blogging I know a lot of people are back at school and I've gotten a lot of messages, emails and comments asking me how I was able to balance university and blogging so I thought I would write an advice post about that topic. University and school in general can be very demanding [...]

Everything About WordPress Plans 2

I reblogged the first part of this post last week and thought I would also reblog the second part since I got some positive feedback for the last one. Hope you guys find it helpful!


If you’re not sure whether to upgrade or not read the first part of this post by clicking here.

So you’ve decided to upgrade but aren’t sure what plan would be perfect for you? Well than this post should help. I realised quickly that WordPress doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about it’s plans and to stop others from going through what I did I want to help you pick the perfect plan for you. I ended up picking the wrong one and having to downgrade which led me to lose my likes and comments for the posts I did while on my new plan because they promised to backup the data but for some reason it didn’t work out. It could have been a lot worse especially because the help team was literally like “yeah sorry we can’t help you we don’t know how to fix this…”…

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Everything About WordPress Plans


I don’t know if you guys remember but I upgraded my plan to Premium when I reached 10k and then stupidly upgraded again to Business which was a horrible idea and almost destroyed this blog I had worked so hard for. A lot of people do decide to upgrade their plan for the new year for multiple reasons however if you’re one of them I would urge you to read this post first so you can find out whether to upgrade or not. The second part of this post will help you find the right plan for you if you do decide to upgrade.

Income- As you may already know upgrading your blog costs money and you need to check whether you are making enough of an income through your blog to actually afford to upgrade. If you can afford to upgrade go for it but if you don’t make…

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How To Increase Traffic Via Links


Using Links To Increase Your Traffic

Using links is a great way to increase your traffic and to refer readers to other pages in your blog. If used well links can quickly generate more traffic to your page and can help you build a loyal audience. This can help change your readers from one time reader to loyal readers. Links are also a great way to get more traffic from places outside of WordPress and will help expand your audience. The following are ways through which you can use links to help increase traffic to your blog. 


Backlinks are the perfect way to diversify your audience and get traffic/readers from other sites. Backlinks are also great for SEO purposes and help increase your SEO. Backlinks are basically when someone adds a link to your blog on their page/site/social media/etc. That way their audience is referred back to your…

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How To Use The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog

How To Use The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog

Using The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog For more on what an algorithm is click here. I wrote a post recently where I mentioned the WordPress algorithm and how you can use it in your favour to grow your blog and a lot of people in the comments mentioned they would be interested to learn [...]

How To Manage Your Blog While Having A Busy Life


Managing Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

I took a survey/poll a while back and asked what you guys wanted to see on lifesfinewhine or if there were any specific blogging topics you guys wanted to see me write about and one of the suggestions I got was to write on how I maintain by blog while having a busy life.

I am a full time student at university at the moment and as a history major you can image how busy I can get sometimes with all the reading and writing that comes along with history. I also get super busy with blogging because over the last few years my blog has grown quite a bit and it takes a lot more time to respond to everyone and maintain my blog- not that I’m complaining because I truly do love blogging!

Here are some of the tricks I…

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