How To Make Your Posts More Interesting

Catchy titles– The title is the first thing your reader is going to read and you don’t want to lose them so make sure you use a catchy title that will make them read further on. Please don’t use annoying puns that are not funny because that’s just annoying…

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Images/GIF’s– using images and gif’s on your post are the best way to spice them up and keep the reader interested. Images/gif’s are a great way to keep your article light and increase engagement.

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Popular topics- Even though it is totally okay to write about more unique topics it would help to write about popular topics if you are interested in increasing your traffic/followers. They tend to get way more traffic especially if you’re using the right tags.

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Don’t try too hard– it’s totally okay to try and do your best but sometimes overthinking your post shows in your post. A lot of people don’t want to read something that overdone or has too many details because a lot of people prefer short, precise and direct posts so try to keep it short and to the point.

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52 thoughts on “How To Make Your Posts More Interesting

  1. ‘Catchy Titles’.

    🙂 From personal experience finding the most appropriate Title is perhaps harder than writing the Post itself!! It has to be brief, eye catching, and above all so SO interesting that you lol just have to ‘click’ and read.

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    1. What I think when using tags is: if it’s about gardening use #gardening, sports blog #sports. What I need help with is what other tags to use that will bring other readers to my topic. i.e. gardening #flowers, greenthumb, etc. How do you choose tags that aren’t directly what you’re talking about, but still on topic?

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      1. Well I would say add more general tags like with #sports you can also add #football #soccer. Also you can Google popular tags in your topic and find tags that have a larger audience.

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  2. I don’t like sticking to rules but I’m sure these will help! Sometimes the title is harder to create than the post, but if I don’t overthink it then I usually gain more traffic. I think you can tell when a title has been too well thought out! 😂
    Great post 💕

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  3. lol I’m definitely a wordy writer… especially when it comes to reviews because I never want to encourage someone to purchase something without giving a comprehensive review with all the pros and cons. But this is good motivation to challenge myself to provide the same level of detail in a more edited-down way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah details are always good but I’ve noticed people have less time/shorter concentration spans and tend to read shorter posts more than longer posts.


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