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As you guys know, I absolutely love traveling. If I could, I would travel all the time and that would be all I do. Traveling helps open us up to new things, learn about stuff we’re unfamiliar with and grow as a human being. Traveling also helps us make memories and if you think about, at the end of the day our memories are the most precious things to us. We won’t think about work or money on our deathbed, we’ll think of the memories we make with those we love. And that why I decided to share some quotes about travel today.

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Image result for travel quotes

I hope this post motivates you to do some travelling and I hope you enjoyed the quotes!

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Did you enjoy these quotes about travel? Which of these quotes is your favourite? Do you enjoy traveling or do you like to travel when you’re able to? Or are you someone who prefer to stay where you are and enjoy that instead? When was the last time you traveled? Did these quotes about travel inspire you to travel more? What was the most fun place you have traveled to? Do let me know in the comments section below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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91 thoughts on “Quotes About Travel

  1. I once heard a joke that said, “My wife told me she wants to go somewhere she’s never been. I said, ‘How about the kitchen?'” But that joke seems chauvinistic so I’d never say it.

    1. I’ve actually heard that one before and yeah it’s pretty chauvinistic so yeah not the best joke to tell 😂

  2. ‘The world is like a book, if you don’t travel – you only read one page’. I’m not sure who famously says that, but it’s favourite quotation of all time! All these were really good 😊

  3. I started to Follow Dalai Lama’s advice of going to at least one place a year where I hadn’t been. Thank God – I did much more 😊🙏

      1. A friend of mine is visiting Cape Town and I was telling him today that Africa is the only continent I am yet to visit 😊 Let us see what plans He has for me

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