5 Mistakes Bloggers Should Never Make

If you’re a blogger and especially if you’re starting out chances are you may not have even realised you are making these mistakes. Here are five things you should definitely avoid doing.

Not being active– If you are not active on other peoples blog than you can’t expect them to be active on yours. Blogging is definitely a two way street and being active can get you a much larger audience as well as followers. If you’re not active your blog will take longer to grow.

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Commenting– As I mentioned be active but don’t spam people with comments that have nothing to do with their comments. A lot of new bloggers end up leaving their link on other peoples posts and it really does not help to do that because it can get a little annoying especially when you do it constantly. Instead leave genuine comments about the post and that will be more likely to lead them back to your blog. If you do want to share your blog you can check if they have a share and promote page which would be the appropriate place to leave your link.

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Tags– As I always say tags are super duper important! Make sure you don’t overdo it with the tags though because WordPress will assume you’re spamming and leave your post out of the recommended tags section. I’ve realised that the perfect amount is ten but take a look at what works for you and tag accordingly.

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Copying posts/not giving credit to the source– This is a huge no. Don’t ever do this. It is horrible to take credit for another bloggers work. If you are inspired by it and want to share it there is always the option to repost/reblog the original post or if you decide to copy and paste make sure you have the bloggers permission and give them credit for their work.

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Spamming followers with posts- It’s great to post regularly but honestly the majority of your followers probably don’t want to see like 20 posts from you everyday. I would suggest don’t post more than once a day and definitely don’t post more than once an hour. You may end up getting traffic/followers for a while because you’re in the algorithm but it will mess up your blog on the long run and decrease activity.

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182 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Bloggers Should Never Make

  1. Yes, this a great post. Thanks! I guess I just need to set a scheduled day of when to post. Would be helpful to know how to set up a schedule if you can write about that!

  2. You are so my go to person when I need some help. Thankyou for sharing your tips. It is really daunting when you do your first blog, but you have answered so many questions already.

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