The Super Easy Trick To Get A Larger Following

The Super Easy Trick To Get A Larger Following

Even though a lot of bloggers out there don’t care that much about following, for those that do I’ve realised that there is one really important thing that can get you a larger following of organic followers. So here is the super easy trick to get a larger following…

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The secret is being active. A lot of bloggers join WordPress thinking it’s easy and that they just have to put out a post and before they know it they will accumulate a large following but it’s almost always not that easy. In fact, it’s so much more work than that. I feel like a lot of people don’t anticipate just how difficult it really is to gain followers on WordPress.

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Over time I’ve realised that when it comes to blogging and WordPress you need to make sure to be active on other peoples blogs as well if you want them to stop by on yours.

Luckily, the majority of bloggers on WordPress are super friendly and supportive so they are more than happy to support your blog if you support their which is amazing if you compare if to social media like Instagram where people are quick to follow and unfollow as soon as you follow them back.

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Full post on how to be more active on other blogs coming up soon! Till then, remember to be as active as you can be because that is the easy trick to get a larger following.

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91 thoughts on “The Super Easy Trick To Get A Larger Following

  1. Wise words, Pooja.

    One of the easiest ways to get people to come to your page is to go to check out their page and see what they have to say. .

    1. Yeah I found that a lot of them are long but don’t have a lot of information which I thought was annoying so I try to keep it to the point.

  2. I agree with you. Blogging is a hobby for me so my posts are sporadic and sometimes unpredictable. However, I’m trying to post more frequently despite my busy schedule. Today I made myself walk to MCDs and not move from my booth until I had published a post. And it worked! I was WAY more productive when I forced myself to do it rather than “do it when I feel like it.”

    Also, I’m an active commenter so I will visit blogs and engage with the bloggers despite not cranking out blog posts on a consistent basis. I care more about engagement and follower levels than the number of likes I get.

    1. Yeah I think engagement and followers are more important even when you blog as a hobby. I think forcing yourself a bit to stick to a schedule definitely also helps because at one point I was blogging randomly and it just was not working for me but once I started posting regularly on schedule my blog really started to grow.

      1. I used to get 0 comments back when I had a smaller following. I did not give up blogging because I mostly wrote for myself. The biggest mistakes I see with other bloggers is that they fail to acknowledge the people who do leave comments, or they don’t check out other bloggers’ content so their follower count doesn’t grow. Instead, they will leave obnoxious comments on their other 10 social media platforms such as IG and Pinterest telling people to go check out their blog. 🤦‍♀️

        Organically, I have managed to get more engagement by following the points you made in your blog post. I really do want to start posting on a more consistent basis but I already struggle with following a schedule. This is definitely something I could work on, and my therapist suggested using a schedule as well. 😅

        1. Yeah a lot of people leave check out my blog comments and spam people. But instead if they took that time to leave genuine comments/likes they would get so much more engagement. I usually get really mad when people spam me with such comments and end up avoiding their blog instead of visiting it.

          I think a schedule would help so much especially once you figure out your optimum timing!

  3. You are absolutely right. I do definitely see you liking and following my own things. And being active both in readership and posting has helped a lot.

  4. I think like most new bloggers, I’ve started with the goal not of a large following, but rather just being able to express myself and my creativity in a free format with the idea of possibly one day sharing them with those that I know.
    This post on the other hand makes me realize that I can put a little more effort into gaining a larger following by simply supporting other bloggers on here and in turn receiving support from the community too.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Yeah I started out that way too but I found it’s much more fun when you interact with others and use WordPress to not only express yourself but also support others expressing themselves.
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. I started with a wordpress website and then in the course I started focusing on Adsense, SEO, social media, etc. and did not realise the power of wordpress itself. My followers have hardly grown from word press and looking at your post, I feel it was a mistake. Well, it really helped.

    1. Yeah a lot of people get carried away with other things but I think growing your blog first is more important. I’m really glad it helped!

  6. Hey, great post. I have been promoted my blog through Facebook and instagram but never though about other writers. Great post.

  7. Loving the long line of comments and yes the wordpress community is fantastic. I’m blown away by the support offered up and collaboration. I blog for me. It’s therapeutic, but interacting with other blogs and people on them are equally as therapeutic.

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